Phonak Roger Room System

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Phonak Roger Room Systems can be used in a variety of group settings with accessibility and inclusivity in mind. A carefully curated blend of clever technology that is designed for simplicity in use, a Phonak Roger Room System helps people in group settings that struggle to hear (whether they wear hearing aids or not) to hear better, to listen easier, to communicate and participate more effectively.

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Our Room Systems can be used effectively in meeting rooms, training rooms, smaller venues, care and retirement settings, education and in so many other areas. Simply put, in group situations our Room Systems ensure a higher level of accessibility and inclusivity for all.

We have a number of different pre-designed configurations that fit many group situations and room sizes. Easily expandable to cater for specific needs and challenges if appropriate. If unsure, please ask!

The pricing for our room systems compare favourably with induction loop installations whilst also offering many more additional benefits. No need for troublesome wiring or ripping up of carpets, our Room Systems can be up and running with absolute minimal disruption. The equipment is wireless, straightforward to install and easy to use.

Included in the package is an on site set up visit with familiarisation training. Ongoing support during office hours is only a phone call or email away, along with helpful support videos and PDF documents being available 24/7/365.

Our standard Room System bundles are available in three variations of room size with options to vary if required –

  1. For a room size up to 100m² with a DigiMaster 5000 v2 speaker
  2. For room sizes between 100 to 200m² with a DigiMaster 7000 v2 speaker, and
  3. For room sizes between 200 to 300m² with a pair of DigiMaster 7000 v2 speakers

A Room System is designed to support a group of people that might struggle to hear whether hearing aids are worn or not and in more challenging acoustic environments, enabling better participation in communication and activities.

Apart from the variation of DigiMaster speaker our Room Systems have other specific, well thought out components as standard – a Touchscreen Mic primary transmitter that can be worn around the neck (on a lanyard) of a main person speaking, a Pass-around Mic transmitter that can be used in the room for active participation of all present, and a MultiMedia Hub transmitter that can be hooked up to a TV or other audio / media device permanently or temporarily.

All these transmitters work in a network and wirelessly send high quality, interference free audio direct to a DigiMaster smart speaker that is enhanced for people with hearing loss and broadcasts to all in the room. Audio can also be streamed wirelessly direct to individuals via Roger Neckloops, offering extra help to hearing aid wearers and non hearing aid wearers still struggling to hear. The Neckloop receivers can be used in conjunction with the loop setting of hearing aid wearers or a headset / earphones with additional volume adjustment if loop enabled hearing aids are not available.

Equipment and Prices Included in a standard Room System package
1x Roger Touchscreen Mic
1x Roger Pass-Around Mic and Stand
1x MultiMedia Hub
1x DigiMaster Speaker with Tripod (version dependent on room size)
3x Roger Neckloop 02 Band Receivers
2x Charging Racks
5x Pair of disposable earphones (can be re-ordered as required)
1x Lightweight sturdy custom made case to allow for ultimate portability and storage
1x On site setup and training session

Standard Room System for a room up to 100m² with DigiMaster 5000 v2 – £3495 ex VAT
Upgrade – Swap to DigiMaster 7000 v2 (room size from 100-200m²) – £3795 ex VAT
Upgrade – Swap to 2x DigiMaster 7000 v2 (room size from 200-300m²) – £4795 ex VAT

Additional Options – variations to match additional need;
Additional Roger Neckloop 02 Band (each) +£250 ex VAT
Additional Pass-around Mic (each) +£410 ex VAT
Discreet Meeting Pack Small Meetings Addition (Roger On Personal Transmitter for small groups to 7-8 people) +£695 ex VAT
Discreet Meeting Pack Large Meetings Addition (Roger Table Mic II for tables up to 15 people) +£1685 ex VAT
Discreet Meeting Pack Extra Large Meetings Addition (Roger Table Mic II x2 for tables up to 25 people) +£2815 ex VAT

Additional Options can be added to the shopping cart via ‘You may also like….’ below, ordered later as required or purchased separately as a personal purchase for individuals.

A warranty extension can be applied to the standard Room System configuration to increase from the generous standard 2 year manufacturers warranty to 5 years – £1095 ex VAT
N.B If ordering from Additional Options and with Warranty Extension please ask us for additional pricing before placing the order. The warranty extension must be purchased at the same time as the equipment and can not be added later.

Support Videos and PDFs

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