Paul Minikin

Hello, my name is Paul Minikin. I am the owner of FM Hearing Systems (part of the Digital Hearing Care group of companies). I am a practising hearing aid audiologist. With my dedicated team we run a very busy company and are active in a number of key hearing related areas.

I’m very passionate particularly about a technology that is close to my heart, generically known as radio aids. This technology adds an extra layer of quality to what hearing aids alone can provide.

It’s not as widely known about or supplied in the UK as we believe it should be. It’s our mission to spread the word about ‘The Best Kept Secret in Audiology’.

GillMy colleague Gill to the right as my deputy is very experienced in technical matters. She is very involved in arranging our UK wide team of trainers to deliver technical training of Phonak Roger equipment when it is required by the customer.

Gill has been involved with the business from the very early days. She has at one point or another been involved in every aspect of the supply of the equipment we offer. Gill has a particular interest in cochlear implants and BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aids).

She has a wealth of experience, having previously worked in the nursing profession. For a number of years Gill was employed as a workplace assessor enabling people with disabilities achieve their full potential, and specialising particularly in helping people with hearing loss.

ShaunAbly assisting me in the office is my colleague Shaun to the left, who undertakes a lot of the back office functions to make sure our very busy company runs smoothly at all times.

Shaun has a background in credit control and financial management, and is also involved in various aspects of business development.

If you phone or email the office you will often deal with Shaun, particularly for pricing and general advice.

Emma and JulieTo the right are Emma and Julie who are involved in the fulfilment of orders and dealing with enquiries.

It takes a high level of detail to make sure the equipment we ship is sent out of the door accurately with a minimum of mistakes. Emma and Julie do a great job of maintaining accuracy at all times.

We have a high quality team of Phonak Approved and Accredited Trainers that are based in strategic locations all around the UK.

Our trainers are very friendly and approachable with an in depth level of product knowledge that can not be found elsewhere. (We often supply workplace training for the equipment we supply).

We can supply a trainer for any part of mainland UK if required – just ask for details!

And…. here is the training team at a professional development day at the Phonak UK head office in late 2019. Missing are Nick and James.

Please do browse around our website, check out some of our Case Histories to find out what our clients think about us.

If you don’t quite understand what it’s all about have a read of our page Need Help Choosing.

If it all seems a little complicated and you want advice we have a handy Product Guidance Questionnaire to help you. Just fill in all the fields on the form with as much detail as you can and submit the answers.

We’ll get back to you very quickly with an appropriate mix of products and pricing suitable for your needs.

So why choose us, what sets us apart?

We’re a friendly, approachable bunch of people, that’s nice of course.

Also, within our team of experts we have;

  • Three fully qualified hearing aid audiologists with vast knowledge of the full range of hearing aid technology available
  • Three of our team wear hearing aids. One wears a cochlear implant and they all use the equipment we supply every day
  • Six of our team were previously employed elsewhere advising others on the best hearing equipment to assist in the workplace
  • We have three team members who have many years of experience employed with major hearing aid manufacturers / suppliers
  • One of our team is a customer we supplied who liked what we did so much that she gave up her old job to come and work with us!

This mix of skills and breadth of knowledge, as well as the sheer hunger to make a difference is unmatched in the UK.

We have a shared passion to help you hear better.