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Here at FM Hearing Systems we are very passionate about radio aid systems, technology that adds an extra layer of quality to what hearing aids alone can provide. This technology is not as widely known about or supplied in the UK as we believe it should be. It’s our mission to spread the word about ‘The Best Kept Secret in Audiology’.

The main product we supply is a range by leading Swiss hearing aid manufacturer Phonak, and this range is called Phonak Roger.

We have a diverse range of people in our team at head office and based around the UK. Our team includes audiologists, hearing aid wearers, cochlear implant wearers and people with years of experience in workplace needs assessments.

Our experienced team of approved and accredited trainers based in strategic locations around the UK ready to deliver on site setup and training where required. They have a vast experience of how to make the equipment we supply interact with on site technology, such as telephony, computer systems and audio equipment.

If you contact the office you will often deal with Shaun, Emma or Mark below who are the leads at our head office and distribution centre in Silsden.

Please do browse around our website, check out some of our Case Histories to find out what our clients think about us. If you don’t quite understand what it’s all about have a read of our page Need Help Choosing.

If it all seems a little complicated and you want advice we have a handy Product Guidance Questionnaire to help you. Just fill in all the fields on the form with as much detail as you can and submit the answers. We’ll then get back to you very quickly with an appropriate mix of products and pricing suitable for your needs.


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Our UK Wide Training Team

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