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Please watch the videos to hear our Phonak Roger clients Bev Gray and Trish Crowther explain what a huge difference Phonak Roger equipment has made to their working lives. Below the videos you can read how this fantastic technology has changed the lives of so many people throughout the UK!

Recent Phonak Roger Written Reviews

I haven’t used the Roger Pen to it’s full potential yet as I am still working from home due to Covid. However the training was excellent and Lee explained everything very clearly and was able to answer my questions.

I realised that I would benefit from the USB conversion to headset which was not purchased at the time of ordering the Roger Pen but Lee was able to demonstrate it and let me try it out before I went ahead to order it.

Here I am two weeks later with the headset which is amazing and a lot better than the traditional headset I was using that was not comfortable sitting over my hearing aids all day.

I had a teething issue with the equipment and Shaun in the office was very helpful and quick to resolve the issue. The aftercare is second to none.

The Roger Pen has addressed my needs and has gone over and above my expectations and provided me with more use than was originally anticipated.

The training was very useful as Lee was able to help me download the app and showed me the different things I could do which would not have been possible via virtual training.

He came with a wide selection of accessories which enabled me to see what more I was able to do with the Roger Pen.

Cheryl W., Loughton

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X 03 Band, USB Conversion to Headset Pack and Phone Adapter

I am very happy with the Roger equipment. Struggling with the face mask has proved difficult especially working at the hospital.

Using the Roger equipment has helped enormously , helping me to understand what is being said.

The Roger equipment has helped me to gain confidence in helping me to communicate with work colleagues and patients, especially with the background noise.

I have used the equipment outside work socially and it is great! It is good to be able to join in conversations in restaurant and pubs, being able to hear over the background noise.

The favourite is being able to hear music more clearly, that is such a bonus. Thank you!

Tracey the trainer was so helpful and friendly. She showed how the equipment works and explained everything in great detail making sure that I understood everything and gave some few helpful tips, thank you Tracey.

Beverley P., Farnborough

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Select, Roger X 03 Band, DAI shoe for Phonak Nathos Auto SP and Phone Adapter

The service was amazing, I received responses from emails within an exceptional time. I felt that my needs were the primary focus throughout.

The training was provided on a compassionate and understanding level which allowed me to ask honest and at times personal questions.

Overall, I cannot be happier with the entire process; the equipment has allowed me to finally be able to complete my role within the workplace to a satisfactory level. THANK YOU!

Roger now gives me the ability to communicate much easier with colleagues. It was allows me to use the phones effectively but also with the settings in place, I am able to ‘drown’ out that background noise to really hear the phone call to the best of Rogers ability.

I am able to hear in meetings much clearer using the directional setting on Roger!

Finally, given the recent situation with COVID-19, it has become mandatory to wear face coverings in my workplace, this caused a huge amount of distress due to being a lip reader.

Roger has now given me the ability to hear through the masks!! I can honestly say; this has all been amazing and thank you!

The training was very informative. I had Dan and Nick arrive and provide me with the training required. I felt I could ask questions on all levels, personal, work related, etc.

The gentlemen also helped me to set everything up, connect to all devices necessary and I made a CLEAR phone call in my workplace for the first time in 8 months!

I couldn’t be more satisfied at this level of training. The trainer was very professional, understanding and passionate about his role and the information he provided. Thank you!

Amy T., Wareham

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X 02 Band, DAI shoe for Oticon Synergy Sense and Phone Adapter

I’m pleased with how straightforward the process of setting up my Phonak Roger equipment was. Dan the trainer was very efficient and helpful in his role as a trainer.

I think the equipment overall is very good, I’m impressed by how helpful the equipment is to me on days where my hearing is more impaired and I am unable to use my standard headset equipment.

I am also pleased with how Dan instructed me on the equipment’s compatibility with devices at home, or in meetings, explaining to me how useful it can be in other social situations or when I watch tv where my hearing may be impaired and how I can utilise the equipment.

Dan also specified for me the additional program that my hearing aid doesn’t already have that will be beneficial for me in cancelling out background noise, because I work in an open plan office that is particularly chatty and busy, he adapted to this for me and explained the benefits of having the audiology department add this onto my hearing aid to further help me.

My primary needs have been addressed, and it has helped in multiple areas I did not expect – It was more straightforward than I expected.

When I picked up the equipment I firstly thought there was quite a lot of equipment and I thought it was going to be somewhat complicated, however the simplicity of the equipment and Dan’s efficiency really put my mind at ease in this sense and I found everything very easy to understand.

I found the on site training to be very useful as I got to see my equipment being set up from my desk, as well as a test of the equipment being used.

I got to trial this with both my softphone on my computer, and my deskphone. I specified to Dan that I was happy to still have access to both phones as my hearing ability fluctuates due to the lack of oxygen in my middle ear – sometimes I don’t feel the need to use additional equipment and I am most comfortable having the option to use it or not to use it depending on how I’m feeling and hearing.

Tayla, Cardiff

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X 03 Band, DAI shoe for ReSound UP977 and USB Conversion to Headset Pack

I’m a physio, so being able to listen to clients is critical. I’ve been single-sided deaf (for the last 18 years), so I could still manage, but it was pretty exhausting. I hadn’t realised, but I had gradually started to withdraw from social situations, especially eating out, having people round to the house etc. I did a lot of sports coaching, but found sports hall environments a nightmare to hear in. I could never hear my husband if I was the passenger to his driver in the car, unless he spoke in a very high-pitched voice!

Then I found out about the Roger system, got myself a Roger Pen, a Roger X receiver and an audio shoe on my NHS Phonak Bolero V50 aid.

Then I got some training from Amanda on behalf of FM Hearing.

Total life-changer. I can hear in group situations; I can hear my clients; I can hear my husband in the car; I can hear what the kids are saying when they talk fast.

I’m not great with technology, and so the training with Amanda was perfect. Amanda was patient, explained everything clearly and tailored the session to my particular needs. Not only that, but she helped me out with information re Roger that is pertinent to my bilaterally deaf dad, in the hope that we can bring him back to some sort of social life too (and save my mum from all the shouting/repeating!).

I didn’t think the training would be needed, as FM’s YouTube guidance and troubleshooting section on the website is excellent, but the training was worth every penny, both at the time, and in follow up queries.

FM Hearing have been prompt, responsive, clear, supportive and thoroughly professional in all their interactions with me, and I’m delighted with the product, the services, the personnel but mainly with the BRILLIANT improvement in my quality of life. Thank you.

Also the ability to listen to a podcast on my phone through my hearing aids: that was amazing! And to be able to walk the dog and phone my mum (tiring to do with only one hearing ear, pre Roger) has been great.

I’m self employed sole trader (physio), so “on site training ” was at my house with Covid parameters in place. Amanda came to my house, carefully prepared me for necessary parameters, brought her own drink, hand sanitiser, facemask and maintained social distancing at all times.

Training was excellent, added bonus of info re research into the product too, which I found fascinating. There were many more possibilities than I had anticipated for use of the Roger equipment, and I wouldn’t have thought of trying them had it not been for Amanda.

Jo R., Altrincham

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X 03 Band and DAI shoe for Phonak Bolero V50 P CROS

As my family live some distance away and abroad, being able to hear them properly during video calls on my laptop is essential.

Now that I can use the audio facility on my Roger Pen their voices are much clearer which is wonderful.

I was also helped enormously by Dan, my accredited FM Trainer, to be able to watch and listen to my television by streaming it directly into my hearing aids.

This is very effective and I can now hear every word!

When at work I now understand how to maximise my ability to hear which is invaluable. Dan was patient, clear, helpful and invaluable with all he helped me with.

Cynthia S. Lyme Regis

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X 03 Band and DAI shoe for Phonak Nathos Auto M, Phone Adapter

I’ve not been able to use a landline phone in an office setting with any confidence until I had this equipment installed!

It’s easy to use and all the additional programmes on both the Roger equipment and my hearing aids, for example the Pen only setting to cut out back ground noise, is fantastic.

I also feel confident to join in group discussions and be able to following large meetings and training sessions with the Table Mics without getting so exhausted.

Unfortunately the bluetooth connection to my mobile phone was faulty in the Pen but this was quickly identified and a replacement arranged. I am looking forward to using this when I am out and about and feel confident I can set this up.

Roger has really helped with the back ground noise cancellation, this is always a huge problem and can be so exhausting. Being able to use the office phone again is great, it includes me in the team. I can join in chit chat in the office better, so feeling less isolated.

Using the equipment at home as well as work means I can clearly hear my children again, they get so frustrated after I’ve said pardon 3 or 4 times!

The on site training was invaluable. Dan is an excellent communicator and he explained everything really well at a pace that suited, he is very knowledgeable and clearly has lots of experience with the equipment. He could answer all my questions.

Amber B., Falmouth

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Clip-on Mic, Roger Table Mic Twin Pack, Roger X 02 Band and DAI shoes for Oticon Spirit Synergy, Phone Adapter

I have the Roger Select and the Roger Table Mic II, they both link together for meetings or lectures.

The Roger Select easily and cleverly links to the phone systems enabling me to answer the phones quickly and efficiently while not altering any phone settings so as other members of staff can still use it too without detaching my select connector bases.

I have the system as I work in an office with 6 other members of staff and at times listening to each other let alone answering the telephones can prove to be extremely challenging for me.

The Roger Select has helped in that it can be used to concentrate on one person talking. It doesn’t silence the others around me totally but it does amplify the person the Select has picked up.

The training was very useful. James explained the whole system to me and how they can all link together and be used separately.

He explained everything you could possibly need and how to connect them to the phone system.

The instruction books are good and the videos on YouTube are great but the one to one on site training was fantastic and I learnt things that I hadn’t read about in the books.

James explained all the kit and wires and then gave good practical instructions on how to use it while I try to repeat the processes myself with him watching what I am doing.

Sarah S., Leicester

Equipment supplied – Roger Select, Roger Table Mic II, Roger X 02 Band and DAI shoes for Oticon Synergy, Phone Adapters and Extra Docking Stations

The equipment is great! I have hearing loss in one ear and I was concerned about how It would benefit me considering I have natural hearing in one ear but it has been great so far.

Roger Pen is great for using with the phone as I can clearly hear the person I’m speaking to.

It has also addressed the needs of helping me to hear colleagues around the office and this is something I wasn’t expecting. I’m looking forward to using it in meetings and feeling more involved knowing I can hear everything that’s being said.

The trainer I had was amazing. Gemma was incredibly friendly whilst still being professional and I felt at ease with her. She was great at explaining clearly how to use the equipment and was thorough allowing me to process it all.

You are also offered the opportunity to have someone with you in case you want them to take notes or if you’re not good with technology and I think this is a great idea.

Gemma checked if I had questions and ensured I was happy before she left and I felt as though the training was informative and I fully understand how to use my equipment now.

Danielle M., Swindon, Wiltshire

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Table Mic II, Roger X 02 Band and DAI shoe for Oticon Spirit Synergy, Phone Adapter

I have profound hearing loss in one ear and severe loss in the other and recently bought a Roger Select iN device to use with my Phonak Marvel hearing aids.

The Roger Select iN has been life changing! I have used it in a variety of settings so far and the clarity and volume of sound that I can now hear is absolutely amazing.

I have used it at a dinner dance with 300 guests and live music and was able to hear and join in the conversation at the table with total ease, and some others at the table commented that I could hear better than they could over the background noise!

I have used it in restaurants with background music and noise from other diners and have totally forgotten that it is even on the table and just been able to join in the conversation with everyone. Being able to select directional microphones depending on who is speaking is really helpful and allows me to focus on individual conversations around a table when I want to.

I also use Roger Select iN at work. I work in court rooms on a daily basis, many of which are large and have poor acoustics. I put the device on the desk in front of me and am able to hear everyone in the court room with clarity, even if I am not looking at them and do not have the benefit of lip-reading, which is what I relied on previously.

The device is so small and portable that it now just lives in my handbag and I can take it out and use it whenever I find myself in a situation with loud background noise or where I am trying to hear voices at a distance. My friends and work colleagues are all now fully acquainted with “Roger” and expect to see him at the table whenever we go out!

I cannot sing its praises highly enough – it has opened up a whole new world for me of being able to attend social events without worrying, and being able to concentrate on my work without having the added stress of making sure that I can hear everyone.

The help and support that I had from Paul when choosing which Roger device to buy was second to none. He listened to my needs and my priorities and went out of his way to help me secure the best device for me and to understand how to use it, and I would have no hesitation in going back to him for any future needs even though he is a 2 hour drive from where I live – thanks again Paul!

Cheers, Zoe, Sedgefield, Co Durham

Equipment supplied – Roger Select iN