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What is a Radio Aid? 2016-12-14T21:56:19+00:00

A Radio Aid is a wireless communication system designed to help hearing aid wearers overcome understanding speech in some of the more difficult listening environments. Examples are hearing at distance, hearing in noisy and challenging environments, and generally helping the hard of hearing interacting with the people around them. Radio Aids can be thought of as a supplementary improvement to hearing aids, a way to turbo boost performance of hearing aids in difficult environments!

How does Radio Aid work? 2016-12-14T21:55:48+00:00

A Radio Aid consists of a transmitter, which can pick up speech and transmit it via radio waves directly to the receiver, and in turn in to the hearing instrument. The transmitter can also be used to send other sounds to the receiver like TV, telephone, MP3 players, Sat Navs etc. Some transmitters are capable of accepting audio via Bluetooth from mobile phones for instance.

What situations can be helped with a Radio Aid? 2016-12-14T21:54:52+00:00

Hearing in background noise is the most difficult listening situation for anyone with a hearing loss. The greater the degree of hearing loss the more difficult it is to hear in noise. Using a Radio Aid can make it easier for to hear:
I. in background noise
ii. when the speaker is at a distance
iii. when the room has a lot of echo (reverberation)
In particular users of hearing instruments complain about hearing in the car, listening to television and understanding speech in noise. All of these situations can be improved using a Radio Aid.

How is a Radio Aid paired up with a hearing instrument? 2016-12-14T21:54:00+00:00

A Radio Aid can either be used with an ear level receiver fitted to the hearing aid semi permanently, or by utilising the telecoil in the hearing aids along with an around the neck receiver.

Are Radio Aids compatible with all manufacturers hearing aids? 2016-12-14T21:53:21+00:00

Yes, you can use a Radio Aid with hearing aids from any manufacturer. Phonak hearing aids can make use of integrated receivers designed especially for particular models, and other manufacturers can make use of universal receivers with a special audio shoe to negate the need for a neck worn loop receiver.

Is it possible to connect a Radio Aid to a television or MP3 player? 2016-12-14T21:52:36+00:00

You can use the audio cable provided with the transmitter to make a ‘hard connection’ from any device that has an appropriate ‘audio out’. You may need an adapter to make it all fit together but these are very cheap and easy to find.

Can a Radio Aid be used in conjunction with a telephone? 2016-12-14T21:51:58+00:00

A transmitter can be paired via Bluetooth with most mobile phones so wireless and hands free high quality audio conversations are possible. We can supply a telephone adapter which effectively converts a landline telephone in the same way.

I want to use my equipment in an educational setting, is this possible? 2016-12-14T21:51:22+00:00

Should you wish your child to use their system in an educational setting, we advise that you contact your School/LEA Sensory Support Team in the first instance for advice on what equipment is currently used at school. After obtaining this information, and approval to use the system at school from the School/LEA Sensory Support Team, please forward any relevant information to us.

What frequencies does the equipment ship with? 2016-12-14T21:50:30+00:00

With Phonak Roger Systems there are no issues with frequencies worldwide. It used to be that with the older FM technology different frequencies were used around the world, but with Phonak Roger that is no longer a worry.

I want to use a single Roger transmitter and multiple Roger receivers for group presentations, is that possible? 2018-04-15T13:20:39+00:00

This type of scenario is indeed possible, a typical package to address this need might be a speaker wearing a Roger transmitter (perhaps a Roger Select, Roger Pen or Roger Touchscreen Mic), and members of the audience wearing Roger Mylink receivers (to a transmitting distance in ideal free field conditions of 20-30 metres). The members of the audience would need to have a telecoil program enabled on their hearing aids. This system would work with any brand of hearing aid worn as long as a telecoil was available and selected.

How secure is the Roger wireless signal? 2017-03-02T15:44:37+00:00

Roger is a Phonak proprietary protocol. Roger is tap-proof as the Roger Network ID is only known by connected Roger device. Tap-proof means that a Roger receiver which does not know the Roger Network ID of the Roger transmitter is not able to decode the Roger signal. It is impossible to connect a Roger receiver without receiving a connection from the Roger transmitter. So it is the owner of the Roger transmitter who determines which Roger receiver can receive the Roger signal.

What types and models are available and where can I buy Radio Aids? 2016-12-14T21:42:54+00:00

We can supply everything that is available on the market including products from Comfort Audio, Oticon and Widex, however Phonak are by far the market leader and our supplier of choice.

Are orders to overseas destinations outside the UK possible? 2017-03-02T15:40:21+00:00

As a UK based company we only ship our products to UK addresses. Sorry!

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Maxine B

Great equipment, great service, great staff, quick to deal with questions and patiently respond in a polite manner. Always reply to my emails. A great team

Anthony F

I got in touch at very short notice to locate replacement batteries for my CI. Paul was able to locate and replace them in two days!! Fantastic service!!

Barry M

Because of the speed and helpfulness of communications and detailed explanations. Once ordered, the speed of order despatch and receipt of the products were extraordinary. It then took a while to achieve the hospital appointment for programming the Roger Phone, but now done and am in the process of establishing whether the system is going to assist my hearing loss. Be happy to review this later in July.

John A

Very helpful and friendly in dealing with my queries.

Peter F

Fast, friendly and efficient as always. I would strongly recommend this company for their high level of service and support.

John A

Answered my queries promptly and very helpfully. Then supplied product at fair price and very speedily. Recommended.

Martin S

Roger Select, roger x 02 and Oticon Streamer for my Baha hearing aids, these items received well packed and by registered post FM Hearing kept me informed when posted , Excellent service all round.

MIchael P

Bought a phone from them. They clearly laid out what hearing aids were compatible with what phone. Delivery was quick and problem free

Jane F

Their patient responses to all my queries about the Roger Pen before I purchased it.

Philip S

Efficient and helpful. My hearing is much improved through Pen and Mic

Antonio C

I had previously conversed with Paul from FM Hearing on Action For Hearing Loss web forum when he answered several questions I had thrown out there to the community. It was a nice surprise that Access for Work put me in touch with him to obtain my Roger gear and as expected Paul and his team gave me me fantastic service with good advice and speedy responses to my messages. Initially I was given a Roger Pen, X3 receiver and an audio shoe for my Phonak HA, however I did not like how much length this set up added to my hearing aid as well as the fact the HA was now no longer resistant to rain. Paul was happy to swap out the X3 and shoe for an integrated receiver which is so much more pleasing to the eye and retains the water proof nature of my HA. The Roger Pen itself is an awesome bit of kit that has helped me at meetings and especially in regards to using my mobile phone. I have yet to have an audiologist to fine tune the set up to my hearing aid but am certain when that is done I will be even more impressed. FM Hearing provide easy to follow instructions that you hand to the audiologist so that the HA can be set to work at it best. I would just like to add that I found the integrated receiver gives are more pleasing tone than the X3 and audio shoe combo which to me seemed way to bassy and had a bit of an echo effect. This is just my own experience and your mileage may vary. Many thanks to Paul and his team for the professional way they conduct their business.

Mary B

Excellent customer service. Helpful and knowledegable when I phoned with a query. Very quick delivery.

Premvati P

Excellent customer service!

Graham C

Great product, great service.


Very quick to respond to my query and to provide a solution. The DAI shoes were ordered and in the post super quick, and I recieved them the next day. Great service, thank you.

Mary B

Excellent and friendly customer service during a telephone query. Prompt and well packaged delivery of the item I ordered.

Chris P

I needed replacement shoes for my hearing aid & exchanged emails with Gill yo get the order correct. I was very impressed with the advice & brilliant customer service. The shoes arrived the next day.

Gillian F

I received excellent service and prompt delivery of a replacement Roger pen, Thank you

Linda P

The Trainer was very helpful and friendly explained everything I needed to know. The Roger Pen would be in great use for answering calls and also in meetings. I will be able to hear more without having to struggle and it would help my confidence in the work place. Would definitely recommend.

Tina L

Because I can hear the phone which I was not able to until I purchased some new shoes for my hearing aids


Was advised on which product I needed to purchase. It arrived quickly and well packaged.