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As a UK based company we only ship our products to UK addresses. Sorry!

This type of scenario is indeed possible, a typical package to address this need might be a speaker wearing a Roger transmitter (perhaps a Roger On or Roger Touchscreen Mic), and members of the audience wearing Roger Neckloop receivers (to a transmitting distance in ideal free field conditions of 20-30 metres). The members of the audience would need to have a telecoil program enabled on their hearing aids. This system would work with any brand of hearing aid worn as long as a telecoil was available and selected.

Should you wish your child to use their system in an educational setting, we advise that you contact your School/LEA Sensory Support Team in the first instance for advice on what equipment is currently used at school. After obtaining this information, and approval to use the system at school from the School/LEA Sensory Support Team, please forward any relevant information to us.

A transmitter can be paired via Bluetooth with most mobile phones so wireless and hands free high quality audio conversations are possible. We can supply a telephone adapter which effectively converts a landline telephone in the same way.

You can use the audio cable provided with the transmitter to make a ‘hard connection’ from any device that has an appropriate ‘audio out’. You may need an adapter to make it all fit together but these are very cheap and easy to find.

Yes, you can use a Radio Aid with most hearing aids from any manufacturer. Phonak hearing aids can make use of integrated receivers designed especially for particular models, and other manufacturers can make use of universal receivers with a special audio shoe to negate the need for a neck worn loop receiver.

A Radio Aid can either be used with an ear level receiver fitted to the hearing aid semi permanently, or by utilising the telecoil in the hearing aids along with an around the neck receiver.

Hearing in background noise is the most difficult listening situation for anyone with a hearing loss. The greater the degree of hearing loss the more difficult it is to hear in noise. Using a Radio Aid can make it easier for to hear:

I. in background noise
ii. when the speaker is at a distance
iii. when the room has a lot of echo (reverberation)
In particular users of hearing instruments complain about hearing in the car, listening to television and understanding speech in noise. All of these situations can be improved using a Radio Aid.

A Radio Aid consists of a transmitter, which can pick up speech and transmit it via radio waves directly to the receiver, and in turn in to the hearing instrument. The transmitter can also be used to send other sounds to the receiver like TV, telephone, MP3 players, Sat Navs etc. Some transmitters are capable of accepting audio via Bluetooth from mobile phones for instance.

Roger is a Phonak proprietary protocol. Roger is tap-proof as the Roger Network ID is only known by connected Roger device. Tap-proof means that a Roger receiver which does not know the Roger Network ID of the Roger transmitter is not able to decode the Roger signal. It is impossible to connect a Roger receiver without receiving a connection from the Roger transmitter. So it is the owner of the Roger transmitter who determines which Roger receiver can receive the Roger signal.

We have a really good page on the website, Click Here, it explains in laymans terms how a Roger system works, what it all means and what it all does. If you need more infiormation after reading that page, and clarification on price / the ordering process etc, the send us a message in the first instance via our Quick Contact Form to the left.


You can order our equipment via our Online Shop, (link in the navigation bar above), or (for businesses) you can request a pro forma letterhead and once received pay us by direct transfer or card payment over the phone. Alternatively we can accept an official purchase order with strict 30 day terms. We can accept payment by credit / debit card and PayPal. Everything is shipped direct to the door UK wide FREE with track and trace facilities, usually within 2-3 days of placing your order.

Anything you purchase from us has a (flexible) 30 day satisfaction guarantee – if things don’t work out and we receive the goods back in original condition as we sent out (all present and placed back in its original packaging) we are happy to credit in full. However, we have VERY few returns, we offer lots of support and most issues can be easily resolved. If you do feel you need to return anything to us, either for repair or credit, please email us in the first instance.

Phones are manned Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm, emails are monitored outside these hours.

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