Regardless of the situation, Roger is always easy to use and enables you to fully communicate, participate and contribute at work. Modern work life is highly demanding, especially on people’s ability to communicate.

Meetings often cause hearing difficulties for people with hearing loss. Some of the main obstacles are due to side conversations, surrounding noise or the distance between you and someone at the other end of the table. Hearing on the telephone can be a big problem. Roger Booklet. Roger helps to overcome such issues as below and more;

Even small meetings can be overwhelming for people wearing hearing aids. Simply place a Table Mic in the centre of the meeting table and you will hear your colleagues better.

If you participate in larger meetings, two Table Mics will do an excellent job picking up all the voices at the table. Transmit speech to your hearing aids from where the voice is coming.

Presenters often stand at a distance from the meeting table. When the presenter wears a Roger On that works with the Table Mic you can hear the speech clearly from everyone.

When surrounded by distracting noise, the most effective approach is to hang Roger On around your colleague’s neck or clip it to their lapel or collar.

Making calls is a challenge for people affected by hearing loss. By connecting Roger to your phone you can hear calls directly through your hearing aids.

Technology like video conferencing and internet calls are often used at work. Roger makes hearing all audio easy. Connect Roger to bring sounds to your ears.