Radio Aids can be acquired in a number of different ways;

Buying as a private individual – as long as your hearing aids are compatible with Radio Aid technology you can purchase direct from our website, it’s very easy if you know the product you wish to buy.

Examples of where a purchase might be considered is for pre-school children with hearing loss, for children who already have Radio Aid equipment supplied by the Education Authorities for school who want to take advantage of the benefits of Radio Aids at home too, and adults with hearing loss that are looking to improve on the perfromance of their hearing aids.

One thing of note, if the purchase is privately funded (ie from your own funds) and for personal use (not used for work purposes), as long as you fit the criteria you may be able to purchase zero rated for VAT purposes. No VAT! Please see this link.

Access to Work (AtW) – If you are in the workplace, or about to join the workplace after being unemployed, and have hearing loss that could potentially affect the performance in your role, you may be entitled to funding towards Radio Aids to help you perform your work duties.

The Access to Work scheme is a government sponsored grant scheme with a remit to help enable people with disabilities into the workforce. Typically the Access to Work scheme and your employer between them will jointly fund the purchase of equipment on your behalf.

The Access to Work scheme is administered by Jobcentre Plus under the remit of the Department for Work and Pensions. Please see this link.

Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) – Radio Aids are often provided on loan to help hard of hearing and deaf school children with their needs by the Education Authorities.

Once adulthood is reached and students enter Further Education this assistance stops. However, grants are available via the Disabled Students Allowance scheme (DSA) towards the supply of Radio Aids (as well as other equipment) to help in environments that can be very challenging for hearing impaired students.

Please see this link for England, this link for Scotland, this link for Wales, and this link for Northern Ireland.

If you want to arrange purchase Radio Aids but are unsure what bundle of products please read this page and complete this product guidance questionnaire which will help us to efficiently and with confidence advise you on the best mixture of products to match to your specific needs.

You can also email or telephone if you prefer to ask for advice.

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