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My Roger equipment doesn’t seem to be working.

If both your transmitter(s) and receiver(s) are powered up and you rub the microphone port on the transmitter with your finger you should hear a noisy rubbing sound in your ears. If you do not hear the noisy rub in your ears try pairing the transmitter to the receivers.

Pairing-RogerPress and hold the ‘Connect’ button on the transmitter and hold it close to the receiver (within 10cm / 4 inch). After a couple of seconds the light on the transmitter will turn solid green for a couple of seconds before returning to a slow flashing white or green light. Repeat for each receiver you wish to pair.

Sometimes a bluetooth or wifi connection in close proximity to the transmitter and receivers you are trying to pair will interfere with the bonding process, try moving away from any sources that might be causing the problem, such as a bluetooth mobile phone or wifi router.

I charged my Roger equipment yesterday / a few days ago and came to use it today, how come it isn’t working or has a low charge?

It is quite easy to think you have turned your Roger device off and not realise that you have muted it instead, or that it actually isn’t turned off at all and still actively working and discharging its internal battery. We recommend regardless that on day of use you put your Roger device on charge first thing so it will be there for you when you need it! N.B. charging your transmitter from the USB port of a computer is not advised, sometimes it works depending on the drivers on your computer, but the best charge and most robust way to charge your transmitter is directly via a wall socket.

How do I delete the pairings of the receivers and any secondary transmitters that are paired to my primary Roger transmitter?

To unpair all transmitters and receivers from your lead transmitter (usually a Roger Pen) press and keep holding the ‘Connect’ key for around 10 seconds until after the light turns solid red, all transmitters and receivers paired will be disconnected. make sure you re-pair once you have done this!

Phonak Roger Troubleshooting Video

I am having problems with some features using bluetooth with my FM / Roger transmitter.

Bluetooth standards are notoriously variable from phone to phone and not all features will work with all mobile phones. Try pairing the transmitter with other mobile phones and see if the issue persists.

I want to pair my mobile phone to my Roger Pen by bluetooth.

Press and hold the ‘Accept’ button on the Pen for about 10 seconds until it starts flashing rapidly blue. It is in pairing mode. Go into your phone menu and bluetooth settings, search for the Pen, select it and accept the pairing. You can pair to multiple mobile phones but the Pen remembers the pairings on the last two you connect to. Probably easier to pair to one mobile at a time and delete and re-pair as required!

I want to delete all Bluetooth pairings with my Roger Pen.

To delete a bluetooth pairing, go into the Bluetooth menu on the mobile phone you want to delete and select “forget device”. To delete all pairings from the Roger Pen, press and hold the Accept, Decline and Connect button on the Pen for about 10 seconds until the indicator light turns orange.

How do I switch on / off the bluetooth facility on the Roger Pen?

To enable bluetooth on the Roger Pen, press and hold the Accept phone button for 2 seconds until you see a blue light, to disable bluetooth on the Roger Pen, press and hold the Decline phone button on the Pen until the indicator light goes blue then fades off.

When using bluetooth with my Roger Pen battery the battery is not lasting as long as expected.

Using bluetooth with your Roger Pen will deplete its battery far more quickly than if not using bluetooth. We recommend turning off bluetooth on the Roger Pen when not required.

When I switch my Roger Pen off the indicator light is still flashing blue.

You need to turn off the bluetooth on the Roger Pen before switching the Pen off, otherwise the Pen will still be connected via bluetooth and actively draining the battery. Here’s a video.

Phonak Roger Pen ButtonsMy equipment is misbehaving, I want to re-boot my transmitter.

With Smartlink and Zoomlink press the three microphone buttons at the same time and hold. With Inspiro press the four side buttons simultaneously and hold. With Easylink press the on/off button and the pen push button at the same time. With Roger Pen press the on/off, the microphone, the accept and the decline call buttons all at the same time and hold for about 10 seconds. With Roger Clip-on Mic and Roger EasyPen press the on/off and the connect buttons at the same time and hold again for about 10 seconds. With the Roger Touchscreen Mic press and hold on/off and mute buttons simultaneously for at about 10 seconds.

Can my transmitter pair with many devices at once via bluetooth?

Phonak Roger Pen and Smartlink+ both have the capability of connecting with bluetooth devices. Smartlink will pair with one device at a time. Roger Pen will pair with up to 8 devices.

I’m using a Mylink+ / Roger Mylink and audio is very quiet.

Try altering the volume control situated at the side of the device. There is a ‘+’ and a ‘-‘ button down the side for you to make adjustments and you may have accidentally turned the device too low.

I can’t work out how to set up my telephone adapter.

Click here download a useful guide to show you how to set up your phone adapter and have it working with your equipment. If you are using a headset click here.

What do the flashing indicator lights on my Roger Pen mean?

In general use and in normal operation ideally you want to see a slowly pulsing white or green light, if you see a solid purple light your Roger pen is muted, just a short press of the on/off button will switch the microphones of the Roger pen back on.

Phonak Roger Pen Microphone BehaviourHow does the automatic microphone mode work on a Roger Pen?

Roger Pen is a very sophisticated directional microphone with a built in accelerometer that reduces background noise automatically before the audio it send to your hearing aids even arrives. It performs all this automatically and intuitively without you having to think about it, it’s very clever technology! The image to the right gives you some indication of how the Roger Pen behaves based on whether it is sat on a desk, held in the hand at an angle, or on a lanyard hung around a speakers neck. The more vertical the Roger Pen the more directional it becomes.

Can I upgrade the firmware on my Phonak Roger equipment?

You can indeed upgrade the firmware on your equipment, if a firmware upgrade is available you can find out how to do it here.

The range of the equipment is limited.

With FM transmitters if you are using a Smartlink without the lavalier attached, transmitting distance is around 2 metres, with it attached transmitting distance is up to 50 metres in free field optimal conditions (in practice less with obstructions). With Zoomlink and Easylink lavalier is permanently attached. With Inspiro if you think the transmitting distance is not what it should be make sure you have completely unwound the iLapel mike, it acts as a wireless aerial as well as a cable to connect the mike to the transmitter. With Roger Pen the antenna is internal (no lavalier cord required to increase transmitting distance) with a transmitting distance of 20 metres in free field optimal conditions (in practice less with obstructions). Roger Table Mic has a transmitting distance of roughly 30 metres in optimal conditions.

I have attached an audio cable and when I removed it the transmitter has stopped working.

When you plug an audio cable into the charging / audio interface if you then remove the cable the transmitter does not switch out of audio mode for at least 40 seconds. With FM transmitters such as Smartlink and Zoomlink you can either press the ‘omni’ microphone button (the bottom one) on your transmitter to enable audio to be picked up by the transmitter microphone at the same time as the audio source, or switch the transmitter off and back on to enable a quicker switch over to standard microphone mode. With Roger Pen / Clip-on Mic simply lift the Pen / Clip on Mic out of the docking station and place it back in for an immediate switch to microphone mode.

I want to use my equipment in an education setting, will the frequencies be correct.

Should you wish your child to use their FM system in an educational setting, we advise that you contact your School/LEA Sensory Support Team in the first instance for advice on what FM frequencies are currently used at school. After obtaining this information, and approval to use the system at school from the School/LEA Sensory Support Team, we can change the frequency on your equipment should it be required. With Roger systems of course everything is much simpler, but we still advise contacting the support team in the first instance.

I still can’t see how to resolve my problem.

User booklets for most of the products are listed and can be downloaded in handy PDF format here (with comprehensive troubleshooting tips towards the end of the booklets), alternatively contact us for help.

N.B. You can also download a more comprehensive copy of the troubleshooting guide here that you can print out for later.