Regardless of the situation, Roger is always easy to use and enables you to fully communicate, participate and contribute.

Many people with hearing loss would love to hear well and understand speech in busy social settings. In these situations, Roger is the ideal solution to help you stay connected regardless of the listening situation.

Roger helps to overcome such issues as hearing at distance, where reverberation is an issue, and when in background noise. Roger helps with conversations in the car, speaking on the phone and watching TV. Roger Booklet. Roger addresses all the issues below and more;

Dinner tables and restaurants can pose a real listening challenge due to the complex mix of chatter, background music and clinking cutlery and glasses. Roger helps to reduce distracting noises and helps you capture every word.

When music is playing and people are talking and laughing, Roger delivers the conversation direct into your ears. Roger is ideal for these listening situations, it looks great and is very easy to use.

At home, Roger reduces distracting background noise like the rattle of kitchen equipment or the blare from a TV. This allows you to fully enjoy conversations with your family members and friends.

Engine sounds, road noise and passengers facing away make conversation challenging. Bringing the speakers words directly into your ears helps overcome the communication challenges.

Making calls is a challenge for people affected by hearing loss. By connecting Roger to your phone you can hear calls directly through your hearing aids.

Roger can easily be connected to your TV’s audio output. This makes it possible for you to hear your favourite programs without having to increase the TV set’s main volume.

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