Phonak Roger bridges the understanding gap – Today’s hearing aid technology does an excellent job of improving speech understanding. However, even the most sophisticated hearing aids have limitations – especially in noisy places, reverberant environments, or at a distance.

A solution is needed to boost performance and bridge the understanding gap. This is where the Phonak Roger wireless portfolio truly excels.

The Phonak Roger portfolio consists of a variety of microphones and receivers that function by picking up the voice of a speaker and wirelessly transmitting it to the listener while reducing background noise. You can clearly hear speech in meetings or social gatherings, making hearing a pleasure.

Whether you are in a restaurant, at work, in an education setting or relaxing at home, understanding speech is important to leading a fulfilled life. Roger technology can help you enjoy crystal clear communications, without the stress and confusion that background noise brings.

Phonak Roger will integrate with the majority of brands and models of hearing aids, including BAHA’s and cochlear implants. Roger Booklet

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