USB Headset Conversion Pack for Phonak Roger



USB Headset Conversion Pack for Phonak Roger – £102.00

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Our USB Headset Conversion Pack for Phonak Roger is available to enable you to use a headset where the only option you have is plugging in a USB corded headset, usually with some kind of PC telephony system, for example Zoom, Microsoft Teams or similar.

We supply a replacement headset setup that does not interfere with your hearing aids and unlike using a traditional headset in the normal way does not cause discomfort for hearing aid wearers.

N.B. This bundle is not supplied separately and is only supplied as part of a Phonak Roger bundle along with other equipment we are supplying or have already supplied.

This solution is specifically for replacing USB corded headsets where you need to be able to use a Phonak Roger system in conjunction with a headset via PC based softphone telephony.

The audio from calls will divert through your Phonak Roger system and directly into your ears resulting in crystal clear phone conversations. The use of this equipment in the right way will be far more comfortable than wearing a traditional headset, absolutely fine for hearing aid wearers.

The setup is really straightforward, we send an easy setup diagram with the pack and are here to help if you get stuck.

If you are unsure about anything else please contact us.