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Set-Up-and-TrainingWhat is a Work Based Assessment (WBA)?

A work based assessment is where, at the request of an employer or their contracted occupational health provider (Line Manager, Occupational Therapist, HR Department etc.) a specialist assessor will visit an employee who has a hearing loss or other disability, for a face to face meeting in their workplace setting. The assessor will look at any issues or difficulties the person might be experiencing, and recommend potential solutions including a clear route to purchase recommended equipment.

Why should your company offer an assessment?

The Equality Act 2010 means that as an employer you might have to review and amend your existing policies and procedures for your staff members who have a disability, ensuring that employees are adequately equipped to carry out their role, and that you as the employer have made all ‘reasonable adjustments’ necessary to support them. As well as supporting the employee, this additionally benefits the employer, through:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased staff loyalty and better retention of staff
  • Improved recruitment processes
  • Compliance with the Equality Act 2010, reducing the potential for future litigation

Basically, legislation means you must enable your employees with a disabilty in their workplace to make sure they are happy and most effective, and actually its the smart thing to do anyway.

Digital Hearing Care Solutions Ltd (trading as FM Hearing Systems) are hearing specialists. We are involved in providing work based assessments to the corporate marketplace as an alternative to the (sometimes cumbersome and administratively time consuming) Access to Work route. Particularly if your organisation has in excess of 250 employees, for a relatively small cost we can provide an ‘up and running’ solution within a matter of a few weeks (depending on how quickly your organisation can move!) instead of the 4-6 months typically through the Access to Work route. We can be stellar fast!

Why pay for a WBA when the Access to Work scheme will offer an assessment for free?
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