Phonak Roger X Universal Receiver



Phonak Roger X Universal Receiver (03 band) – £260.00 (ex. VAT) – £312.00 (inc. VAT)

Phonak Roger X Universal Receiver (02 band) – £475.00 (ex. VAT) – £570.00 (inc. VAT)

If for personal use (not business) you may be able to purchase ex VAT – see below for details.

Product Code for 03 Band = 052-3215-D03P6. Product Code for 02 Band = 052-3113-D02P6.

Phonak Roger X miniature universal receiver – Phonak Roger X is a miniature universal Roger receiver that is compatible with virtually every hearing instrument and cochlear implant speech processor on the market.

Simply connect Phonak Roger X with a Roger wireless transmitter to bring industry-leading speech-in-noise performance to any person with a moderate to profound hearing loss.

Phonak Roger X benefits from these features;

  • Industry’s best ever speech-in-noise performance (proven improvements of up to 54% over other FM and digital systems, and 35% over Dynamic FM)
  • Additional adaptive gain
  • AutoConnect
  • Effective stand-by mode

Also available with 02 band;

  • EasyGain adjustment
  • Check to read/manage device data via Roger inspiro
  • Link quality measurement

Phonak Roger X is available in colour Silver.

Should I choose 02 band or 03 band and why? If you will be using Phonak Roger X with a cochlear implant you need to select an 02 receiver. If there is a possibility that the equipment will be used in an educational setting, or used with Roger Inspiro transmitters, Soundfield etc, you should choose receivers based on 02 band. However if there is no educational aspect where you might need to use the equipment, and if you are going to be using Roger Pen and / or Roger Clip-on Mic as transmitters you are safe to order receivers based on the 03 band. As a rough rule of thumb, if the user is under 18, 02 band will probably be most suitable, if over 18 you are most likely to require receivers based on the less expensive 03 band. If unsure, please ask!

N.B. Did you find us via a recommendation from your local NHS audiology clinic? If so please click here.

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This product attracts a two year RTB (Return to Base) manufacturers warranty which you can extend to five years for an extra fee of £150.00, please ask if required.

If you are unsure about anything else please contact us.

Customer Reviews

4.74 Average

50 Reviews

Sarah B

Amazing customer service and life changing products


Excellent communication. Emails responded to almost immediately. Very helpful and very friendly responses to questions.


I have been using FM Hearing since last February and found both their sales and support service absolutely brilliant. I was encountering several issues at work last year and within minutes of speaking with them they told me exactly what equipment I needed and explained how these would make my life so much easier in the work place and indeed it did. I purchased my Roger Pen and streamer through them, the advise given prior to purchase was extremely valuable. They sent me training material, including a video link on how to use the roger pen and were also very helpful when I called for further help. Both the Roger Pen and particularly the streamer has made a huge difference to my confidence both in the work place and socially. I have recently been encountering issues with my steamer and within minutes of leaving a message, Paul called me to discuss how they could assist me. Paul was brilliant and remembered me from last year and also remembered how I have come to rely on my streamer and how I can no longer function without it. Paul immediately arranged for me to return this to be repaired. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to anyone who requires any form of hearing equipment and will continue to use them for any future purchases. Thank you to all the team at FM Hearing, especially Paul for being so compassionate and understanding. Keep up the good work from Harsha M - London

Gary D

see my comments at


While the Roger pen is really excellent in any number of ways I can rave about, it does have drawbacks. 1. The levallier is far too short and the bigger the person wearing it the higher up his or her neck it is. 2. The levallier is insecure... the way it clips onto the levallier makes it unsafe if the owner/user is using the levallier to 'carry' the pen when they have no pockets in their clothes. I've had my pen a week and its dropped off twice already. As it works for quite a long way you can be quite far from a pen before you know its missing, and in a busy office it could be trod on by then. 3. Getting the pen into the docking station for use with an older landline is fiddly & if like me you need that to be super quick for work purposes, it will be a total pain... the arrow indicating the way round to dock is almost invisible. 4. turning the flippin thing off can be a nightmare to remember how to do if its paired to a bluetooth phone etc. 5. It is hard not to press buttons you are trying to avoid pressing because of where they are on the pen. It is not designed for someone whose job it is to have their hands full whilst tearing about unless they wear clothes with pockets all the time. I am now having to resort to all sorts of ideas to try to carry it about safely with easy access in order to connect it to a landline. Frustrating and worrying. 6. The only way of connecting the pen to anything is a plastic integral clip. If that breaks you are stuffed. The pen itself however is second to none in terms of technological advancement and performance.

Nadine K

I am really impressed with the equipment My link & Roger pen it has really exceeded my expectations, I was sceptical whether this equipment would be suitable for me due to my unfortunate level of hearing loss. But I can honestly say I am optimistic to start using my equipment to resume my working role soon. I was able to receive onsite training to support me in being able to use my equipment effectively and to the best of my ability, the trainer Lisa Caldwell was really nice, she was patient and understanding and really took her time to ensure that I understood all the features of my equipment so I get maximum benefit. The fact that Lisa was also able to contribute additional advise due to a mutual hearing problem I really feel rest assured and confident in the advice she was giving me, I was also able to obtain tips and information on suitable gadgets for my condition which was an added bonus. Lisa’s training was through and in depth and great care was shown in demonstrations as well as reassurance that she was only a phone call /email away if I needed her (very reassuring). The customer service I have received at FM hearing systems was out of this world I have had to contact customer service for a few minor hiccups I have had along the way and I can confirm that the care shown to their customers is 100%, the staff are caring, approachable and responsive a totally efficient. I would like to express a special thank you to Gill Pickford she is an absolute diamond she has literally gone above and beyond for me on more than one occasion I cannot thank her enough, she is a real asset to FM hearing services and I endeavour to recommend you all to as much people that I can that require your specialist equipment. Your company, the equipment, training and superb customer care/support/aftercare are second to none. Nadine Kellyman Birmingham city council employee

Sandra P

I have been having hearing problems most of my working life, Since I was given the Phonak Roger pen it has transformed my working environment. I do a very emotional and supportive role with patients ,attending meetings and education sessions, thanks to the pen I can be more involved and hear everything, In one word Brilliant!!!

Jennifer H

A very easy shopping experience from FM Hearing Systems and they were very helpful throughout the whole process. With regards to the Roger Pen this is a neat set up that is easy to set up and has improved sound clarity for myself particularly in meeting situations. I also have the pen plugged into my phone system with a headset. The Pen itself has helped me follow phone conversation and made communication on the telephone a bit easier. I don't think that the headset is the best product, it feels obtrusive wearing it around the neck and if the microphone is not set at the correct angle the caller can have problems hearing me talk, it would be nice to see a device that was better designed for this role.

Jackie E

Absolutely fantastic...I have been using the Phonak Roger equipment for the past few months and it is very easy to use. I was having major difficulty at work hearing on the telephone in an open plan office and in large meetings, this has resolved any issues I had discreetly. Also amazing for the TV at home, no wires, crystal clear every time, even use it in my caravan, you can have the TV turned down to 0 if no one else watching and you can hear every single word. I cant say how happy I am and what a difference this had made to my life. Would highly recommend this equipment. Only thing I would like is for the shoes that need to be attached to my hearing aids to be a bit smaller, but this does not cause an issue.

Mark C

The Phonak Roger pen and supporting equipment is easy to use, holds its charge well and the sound quality is excellent.

Kath E

The service I received was very good - the was some confusion with my Audiologist but this was addressed by the team and sorted

Julie M

The Roger Pen works wirelessly with my hearing aids and has made a vast difference when I'm on the phone with clients, the sound is absolutely clear there's no requirement to ask them to repeat what they've said. In meetings I can sit anywhere and still here all the conversations . Amazing product wish I'd know about it sooner I've already recommended to a number of my colleagues

David S

Service and knowledge are both quite remarkably excellent and more importantly willingly given. I have even had, on many occasions, emails/texts for help late at night answered in detail within minutes. To avoid me having to take unpaid leave for a consultation they even arranged to open out of hours! There are not many organisations that will do that for their customers. Well done, it is easy to see why your business is flourishing.

Sarah V

i have the roger pen which i use in a clinical setting. Overall the equipment is fantastic makes such a difference to my hearing. I feel more confident face to face. Its very easy to use & charge. Its very discreet & portable. The downside for me is that it doesnt work with the telephone. Overall though highly recommended

Ashley T

Today I had a First Aid refresher and the system was very effective. The main speaker used the Rodger Mic and I used the pen for the group discussions. This was the first time I felt part of the full group within the session and could engage and participate. I find it effective in the car to use the system to communicate and listen to the people in the back and before using the Rodger Pen system wouldn't have been able to engage in conversation.

Jean C

Why didn't I know of the Roger Pen ages ago, its been the best gadget for me.Its made my job so much easier and my confidence has grown.Its small enough to be discreet and powerful enough that I can hear someone talking way across the room. I can hear things I hadn't realised I was missing ie birds singing, the rain on the roof and people when they talk to me without constantly asking them to repeat.Just the best ever. James a mention for you as you were helpful and didn't make me feel like an idiot.Then the after care from the team second to none. Many thanks I have my life and my hearing back.

Sheila S

The product is excellent. Phone calls are now very clear. It can also be used in meetings, something I always struggled with, as the Roger Pen can be directed to pick up individual speakers.

Amanda H

I have found the system really easy to use and has really made a difference to the sound difference when I use the phone at work. It was great to have the face to face training and guidance. I would recommend this product to anyone with a hearing aid as it is very useful in everyday situations in life.

Julie T

Excellent customer service. Fantastic product. Very pleased.

Jane T

My Roger Pen has revolutionised my hearing experiences. I find it invaluable for making telephone calls, both landline (using adaptor) and mobile (using Bluetooth) - it is amazing how much I can now actually hear. One-to-one conversations where there is background noise are also a lot easier to make sense of (when one person is wearing Roger round their neck) but sometimes using it in group settings where there is a lot of background noise can be difficult as it picks up lots of sound which can be distracting and becomes too much to cope with at times. Listening to the television and music is great with excellent quality of sound; however it is challenging to hear other conversations at the same time (even when my hearing aids are set to 'FM + microphone'). Overall though it is an excellent bit of kit, despite the few drawbacks highlighted above.

Marise H

The service provided has been excellent. The training was done on site and focussed to my own needs. The Roger Pen has made a huge difference to my ability to do my job well. I had not realised how much of a problem I was having until this product made things so much easier. Phone calls are no longer a major problem with the telephone adapter and hearing people on a busy waard is so much easier now. I would recommend this company and this product without reservations. Thanks to everyone!