Phonak Roger Table Mic II



Phonak Roger Table Mic II (x1 with remote) – £2028.00

Phonak Roger Table Mic II Twin Pack (x2 with remote) – £3378.00 (*Extra saving on a pair of table Mic II)

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Phonak Roger Table Mic II is a wireless microphone especially designed for meetings, enabling people with a hearing loss to focus on work rather than on hearing.

Meetings can be a challenging listening environment. By simply placing a Roger Table Mic II on a meeting table, it transmits clear speech directly to your hearing instruments, allowing you to fully participate.

The audio processing parameters in Roger Table Mic II are fine tuned for meetings. It selects the person who’s talking and switches automatically between the meeting participants.

One Roger Table Mic II is perfect for a smaller meeting environment. For larger meetings a twin pack of Roger Table Mic II’s is more appropriate. It is possible to connect several Roger Table Mics and also other Roger transmitters like Roger Select for the maximum benefit.

Choose the way you hear in large meetings – some meetings are noisier than others. The adjustable pick-up range allows you to adapt your listening comfort and choose the way you hear with the provided remote control. Select a broad pick-up range for little background noise, or a more focused pick-up range when background noise is present.

With a battery capacity of 16 hours you will never have to worry about the operating time. Roger Table Mic II is very easy to use. Connecting the receiver to Table Mic II is done by the simple push of a button. Table Mic II can also transmit the sound of multimedia e.g. computer audio

Please note that Roger Table Mic II is a transmitter, and as such needs Roger receiver(s) also to work, a Roger Table Mic II will not transmit directly to hearing aids without Roger receiver(s) in the equation. Please read this page if unsure.

Phonak Roger Table Mic II can also be used alongside other Roger transmitters in a microphone network. (Not Touchscreen Mic, Pass-around Mic, Inspiro).

Phonak Roger Table Mic is supplied with a remote control, UK wall plug with USB to MicroUSB charging lead, a storage pouch, 3.5mm and RCA / phono audio cables to connect to media and a User Guide.

This product attracts a two year RTB (Return to Base) manufacturers warranty which you can extend to five years for an extra fee of £150.00, please ask if required.

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