Phonak Roger DigiMaster 7000 v2

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Phonak Roger DigiMaster 7000 v2

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056-4008 – DigiMaster 7000 v2

For larger classrooms, lecture halls and auditoriums, Roger DigiMaster 7000 v2 is the Roger SoundField System of choice. The loudspeaker system can transmit crystal-clear speech sounds over more than twice the area of a Roger DigiMaster 5000 v2, around 200m². For larger areas simply increase the number of Roger Digimaster 7000 (up to 20) accordingly to create a network.

Featuring no less than 15 individual high-quality loudspeakers, all housed in a robust aluminum frame, this single-loudspeaker system offers the ultimate in instant sound performance. This item would typically be purchased where at least one Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic is already in use, or additional Touchscreen Mic(s) and Pass-around Mic(s) purchased at the same time.

A typical bundle for a larger room might be a pair of Digimaster 7000 v2 speakers with a Roger Touchscreen Mic.

The DigiMaster should be considered a ‘speech enhancement system’ as opposed to a PA system. DigiMaster measures the speakers voice and the ambient room noise and adjusts itself accordingly. Via the speaker array column sound is beamformed into the room rather than bouncing around and is less affected by distance than a traditional speaker.

People in the room wearing hearing aids with Roger connectivity receive audio wirelessly, those without hear sound from the DigiMaster directly. DigiMaster can also be used very effectively for speakers suffering from voice strain.

When audio is streamed to DigiMaster via a Phonak Roger transmitter (like a Touchscreen Mic or Pass-around Mic) it should be understood that enhancement of speech is the primary function and lower frequency and general noise will be attenuated.

For full bodied media (like music etc) the Digimaster v2 system will accept a bluetooth audio stream (from a mobile phone or laptop for instance), or perhaps via a Roger Multimedia Hub.

Roger DigiMaster 7000 v2 features

  • Unique line-source configuration featuring 15 high-quality loudspeakers for crystal-clear sound
  • Automated dynamic behaviour for optimal signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs)
  • Adaptive automatic frequency hopping for interference-free sound
  • Operates with Roger microphones like Touchscreen Mic and Pass-Around Mic
  • Sleek design with wall-mount and floor-stand options
  • 3.5mm audio input and output (3.5mm output can be used to enable 03 band compatibility)
  • Size 1045 x 72 mm
  • Installation is very simple, pretty much plug and play
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty

Roger SoundField for Education

Digimaster 7000 v2 Datasheet

Please note that as per Phonak’s standard terms of sale, Digimaster units are a non-creditable item. If you are unsure about anything please contact us.

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