Jabra Evolv2 65 UC with Stand

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Jabra Evolv2 65 UC Mono with Stand – £185.00 ex VAT – £222.00 inc VAT

Jabra Evolv2 65 UC Duo with Stand – £195 ex VAT – £234.00 inc VAT

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Jabra Evolve2 65 USB-A UC is a wireless headset for PC and smartphone with dual Bluetooth connection dongle USB-A. Available as Mono (single sided and Duo (two sided).

The Jabra Evolve2 headphones are specially designed for all working environments and users. Evolve2 65 is a professional, high-quality headset for intensive use. It is particularly suitable for use when you need to isolate yourself from the environment to focus on conversation and reduce ambient noise. It is an improved version of the well-known Jabra Evolve series, with many updates and extra functions.

Extra long battery life

With its 2 charging modes, the headset guarantees that you will never be without a battery. In 15 minutes of charging, it has 8 hours of autonomy thanks to the fast charging function. A full charge gives you up to 37 hours of autonomy.

Wearing comfort all day long

The Evolve2 65 headset is comfortable to wear for a long time with its 176 gram feather weight, it is stable, well distributed and comfortable. Thanks to the use system with adjustable headband, it can be adapted to the morphology of each user. The headset’s ear cushions are made of artificial leather and have memory foam for optimal wearing comfort and to prevent physical fatigue during use. They are easily interchangeable to extend equipment life and provide the highest sanitary quality when shared with multiple users.

Perfect sound quality

The large ear pads of the Jabra Evolve2 65 provide passive isolation from ambient noise for perfect sound quality and experience. This way you can clearly hear the person you are talking to. The volume can be adjusted directly on the earpiece for ease of use.

The headset ensures perfect transmission quality with its three-voice pickup microphones on the adjustable rod. Your interlocutor is assured of a perfect representation of your words. These microphones are equipped with an anti-blow and anti-noise system for use in the most noisy environments.

Call management control on headset

With the volume control, adjustable microphone boom and integrated 360 ° warning light, you can fully concentrate on your caller without the risk of being interrupted, whether you are working from an office, an open space or from home. One click is enough to mute the microphone and another click will unlock it. Placing the microphone boom vertically activates automatic mute.

Compatible with all softphones

The Headset is fully compatible with all softphones like Microsoft Teams and has a Plug & Play installation. Jabra you also have PeakStop acoustic peak protection. Thanks to the high sound quality and built-in controls, you can listen to calls in the blink of an eye.

A headset with multiple connections

The headset can be connected directly to your computer, tablet or smartphone via the built-in Bluetooth. You can also use the included USB dongle to connect it to your communication tool if it doesn’t originally have Bluetooth capabilities.

Multi-point Bluetooth technology allows you to pre-connect multiple devices and choose to use up to two at the same time.

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