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Our Deaf Awareness Course is designed for people with hearing loss in the workplace and the people around them to fully understand all about hearing loss and how it impacts on the individual.

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It is very common for work colleagues of a person wearing hearing instruments to have a poor understanding of how hearing loss manifests itself, how distressing it can be, and how they can help.

Aimed at managers and colleagues of the employee with hearing loss, the workshop is an opportunity to understand both the challenges the employee faces, and how best they can support them in the work environment.

The main objectives of this bespoke and comprehensive course are as follows;

  • To raise awareness of disability, and promote inclusion
  • To discuss hearing loss in detail, including associated conditions like tinnitus etc
  • To discuss what solutions are available, and other communication methods
  • To raise understanding about the challenges faced by the colleague
  • To help promote a better and more supportive working environment for the colleague and help them work to their potential
  • To share best practice and learn about legal frameworks, including the Equality Act 2010
  • To identify what managers and teams can do to help the colleague so that the team works efficiently and productively
  • To encourage an environment where colleagues can communicate and share information with confidence

Our Deaf Awareness practitioner will communicate with the individual beforehand to ensure that the course is bespoke and relevant to their own needs and experiences.

The duration of our Deaf Awareness Course is 2 hours and is run via a video link (Zoom or MS Teams). Interactivity is actively encouraged. Ideally the session should be attended by 5-10 of the people who work closely with the individual, but more can be involved if necessary.

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