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Phonak Roger Testimonials

Roger has Improved my quality of life +++++++. I am happier in work and at home and more confident. Having the equipment has opened up my social live and I am now confident going into environments that I would have avoided.

Roger Pen and Table Mic II

Roger Pen and Table Mic

I work in the criminal justice system (courts and police custody suits). They can be very busy environments with lots of background nose. I also speak with people in their cells though a small hatch in the door and it can be extremely difficult to hear what they are saying.

The Roger equipment has addressed the issues. I did not expect the Roger equipment to make such a difference. It’s AMAZING.

Will the trainer was extremely helpful. He took the time to understand the different environments I work in and the challenges I faced due to my hearing difficulty.

We looked at the equipment and how to get the best use them in the environments. He took his time (was very patient) when explaining the different functions and gave time for me to ask the questions I had.

As I had started using the equipment I was able to discuss some of the areas I had found problematic when using the equipment.

We where able to look at options and confirmed what was the best equipment to use in certain environments.

I found the training invaluable. Thank you FM Hearing Systems!

David, Formby, Nr Liverpool

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Table Mic II Twin Pack, Roger X 03 Band to use with Siemens Teneo M and Phone Adapter

Roger Select and Table Mic II

Roger Select and Table Mic II

I used to find making decisions during telephone meetings extremely difficult and stressful but since I have received the Roger equipment I can hear all the conversations so clearly and feel much more confident when making decisions as I now know I have heard everything being discussed.

The Roger Select is excellent in small meetings, even on my desk when catching up with my team members, I can now hear everyone clearly and also able block out some of the background noise.

The Table Mic is also really good in larger meetings and makes hearing those with quieter voices especially if they are behind me so much clearer.

Roger has certainly help me tremendously in both telephone meetings and face to face meetings. I am now looking forward to attending these meetings and feeling more confident that I can now make better decisions instead of feeling anxious and stressed about having to ask people to repeat themselves or miss important points being discussed.

The training was excellent as Colin was able to refresh me on areas that I was using but also provided further guidance on how to use the equipment to better suit my needs as well as answering some questions I had.

Elaine, Workington, Cumbria

Equipment supplied – Roger Select, Roger Table Mic II, Roger X 03 Band to use with Phonak Nathos S+ Micro and Phone Adapter

Roger Pen and Table Mic II

Roger Pen and Table Mic

Phonak Roger has took the strain off me with my hearing, before I had the equipment I was straining and suffering with headaches.

I missed a lot of conversation but I find with the Roger Pen I don’t miss anything. It’s sometimes tricky in a busy environment but once on the right setting I have no problems.

Apart from using it at work which has helped a lot I use it at home with my family and for social gatherings. My children have adapted to it and it’s been a great help in situations like the supermarket and in social activities.

I have taken Roger to a festival which was really loud place to be but it did what I needed it to do, especially communicating on a one to one with people.

Definitely a plus in a coffee shop, it works very well. I also do a lot of fell walking and I take it into the fells with me. I didn’t know what to expect but it is fantastic for when I am out walking.

I was lucky enough to have training with my NHS audiologist before Will the trainer came, but he went over everything with me again and answered any questions I had and set the telephone up in my office for me. Will was calm, chatty and friendly.

Kelly, Maryport, Cumbria

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Table Mic II, Roger X 03 Band to use with Phonak Nathos Auto M and Phone Adapter

Prior to receiving the training session with Amanda, I was unsure as to how the Roger equipment would work given that I have only got 1 hearing aid. I feared that the technology would not be advanced enough to cater for my specific needs.

Roger Pen in Colours

Roger Pen comes in three colours

I was very pleased with the level of support I was referred to by Amanda and being fully informed on the capability of the Roger Pen and supporting equipment available to me as a hearing impaired individual.

I had hoped for the support of the Roger Pen to improve my working life in general as I have taken the ‘ignore everything’ approach as I never know who is talking to me.

Not only did Amanda offer support and working knowledge of the Roger Pen but also my hearing aid settings as I was unaware of things like ‘the loop setting’ and would not have been educated about this if not for the Roger pen and training session.

Amanda was amazing. Very informative and empathetic of my disabilities relating and not relating to my hearing loss. I learned more about my hearing aid and and references for ongoing support in my training session than I did from anyone I have discussed my hearing loss with in the NHS.

Hannah F., Nottingham

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X 02 Band to use with Oticon Spirit Synergy and USB Conversion to Headset Pack


Phonak Roger Pen & Roger X

I felt compelled to put pen to paper to thank Shaun and all of the team (I have spoken to many of you!) about the outstanding service you have offered my organisation (and to me personally) in providing Phonak Roger Pen equipment through the Access to Work Scheme, after an aborted attempt with a previous provider.

FM Hearing Systems are very knowledgeable about the hearing assistance products they provide and nothing seems to be too much trouble . Thank you for your patience when I have asked “daft” questions ― for that, I am truly grateful! The You-Tube clips in particular have been great to watch and replay to get the gist of things!

From initial enquiry to ordering, to payment, to delivery, to set-up help and after-service ― the provision offered has been faultless. People are often too quick to complain but don’t give the same consideration to great service. Well done FM Hearing Systems – great work!

Michelle M., Cornwall

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X 03 Band to use with Siemens Teneo M+ and phone adapter

Dear Gill, I hope you are well! I said I’d write a testimonial once I’d established a pattern to my use of the equipment, and become accustomed to it. So, here goes :

I have profound bilateral hearing loss, with continuing loss in the frequencies relating to speech. This makes hearing what people say pretty challenging. My NHS audiologist suggested obtaining the Roger Pen through Access to Work in October 2018. I have been using my Pen, Roger 15 receivers and Clip-on Mic for around 6 months and most definitely feel I can understand a lot more, and cope better with background noise than with my hearing aids alone.

I use the Pen daily. At first, I had it on all day but found that to be unnecessary. I use it mostly for phone conversations for work, and also for speaking with family via mobile. I have an Apple and an Android phone and find it links more reliably with the Apple (my work phone).

Although my hearing loss means I’m not going to hear everything, I do feel I have to ask people to repeat less, and that what I can hear is clearer which enables me to better perform the hearing impaired mental ‘scrabble’, where you quickly try to fill in the lost letters in partially heard words.

I also use the Pen in meetings and in noisy places like restaurants or train stations. It is good at adapting to conditions and I don’t tend to manually switch microphone modes often. Recently I was in noisy restaurant with friend and she wore it around her neck and liked the result so much she would love her husband to try one! We visited a photography exhibition and could converse both facing the photos, so I wasn’t having to totally rely on lipreading which felt much more natural.

I find the Pen very helpful in car, where my husband wears it around his neck. If it’s on my neck I tend to hear a lot of background noises rather than what he is saying.

I like to wear the Pen when I’m out, and find that it is invisible but still works perfectly under translucent scarves, so most people are unaware I have it on. I did have a few odd looks due to the green light before I did this, and I think sometimes people think I’m recording their conversation as in my capacity as a carer I have to deal with care providers at times.

With the Clip-on Mic, I have found this most useful with the micro usb as it enables me to listen to radio via my phone. I have BBC Sounds app on both phones and so can hear quite a bit more using the Clip-on Mic or Pen. I still can’t listen to drama or soft voices, but for news and factual research it is good enough. I have tried connecting both Pen and Clip-on Mic to TV to see if I could follow programmes without subtitles, but sadly my hearing is too bad for that.

In conclusion, my hearing is still poor but Roger has made me feel more confident and enables my ears to capture a few more crucial sounds in order to make sense of what I’m listening to. I still need to lipread, use subtitles and am learning BSL for longer term back up as my hearing will continue to decline. But….hopefully the clever people at Phonak will continue to develop solutions and therefore my world will never be silent!

Thank you for all the help and advice Gill, best wishes, Rebecca P., Norwich

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Clip-on Mic, Roger 15 03 Band to use with Phonak Nathos S+ Micro

Roger Pen in Colours

Roger Pen comes in three colours

What a difference the Phonak Roger Pen has made to my hearing conversations again.

I was getting so frustrated with not being able to hear properly in family get togethers, trying to watch TV and not being able to hear all the dialogue and going out for a meal was a nightmare.

I am completely deaf in the left ear and have only limited hearing in the right ear, about 40% hearing remaining. I wear Phonak hearing aids and one is Cros, so hearing in noisy environments is all the more difficult.

But not any more now that I have got the Roger Pen. At first I thought it was very expensive and I wondered if all the information about it was just a selling gimmick, but then I read all the testimonials on FM Hearing Systems website and thought they could not all be wrong.

So I decided to take the plunge and contacted Paul at FM Hearing Systems to make an order, he was very helpful and it was sent to me within a day of ordering.

The Roger Pen arrived and it was so easy to set up after reading the instruction manual and now I am enjoying life again, it has made a huge difference, I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling along like I was.

As for FM Hearing Systems, well they could not do enough for me, a pleasure to deal with and highly recommended, they showed empathy and professionalism, its not very often these days that you can say that about a company.

So Roger comes with me now and is part of the family, welcome “Roger”.

Best Regards, John I., Chester

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X 03 Band to use with Phonak Nathos S+ M

I didn’t realize how much I was ‘just managing’ until I got this equipment, but now I realize how hard I had to work to be on an equal ‘footing’ with other people doing my kind of work.

Now I can enjoy, even relax, as I hear the words flowing into my ears, and I can focus my attention on responding to them (rather than trying to decipher what is being said) – I feel more confident in myself professionally.

The Roger equipment has enabled me to hear in presentations and meetings (large and small) including leading these meetings. I can now comfortably and confidently deliver training to groups of 30 to 100+ delegates, including taking and responding to feedback and questions.

I can hear and have conversations on the telephone, and with colleagues at work. I am surprised to find how many uses I have for the equipment and am constantly learning new ways to use it to enhance my work life.

I had already received some guidance (and tried out the equipment) from my local NHS Hearing Services, who were incredibly helpful. They set up my hearing aids in advance of me applying for the Roger equipment – so as soon as it arrived I found I was able to start using and benefitting from the equipment..

I was looking forward to the training although I thought I had already figured most of it out, and I also felt sure that the telephone (landline) adaptor would not work on our computer-linked telephone system.

Lisa was such helpful trainer – she taught me tips and tricks, and practical strategies to ensure that I get the very best from my equipment. She showed me how to troubleshoot some issues I had already come across, and some that I might encounter later.

I definitely would not have picked all this up from the instruction leaflets alone – and Lisa’s training has left me able to think creatively about different situations, and adapt how I am using the Roger equipment accordingly. In fact, I am continually learning every time I use it.

And the icing on the cake… the landline telephone system works a treat, and for the first time ever I am having successful telephone calls at work. Thank you so much, Lisa.

Kate D., Sheffield

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Table Mic II Twin Pack, Roger X 02 Band to use with Oticon Spirit Synergy, phone adapter

I use the Roger microphones at work and at home.

The Roger Table Mic has made it easier for me to hear in challenging environments at work. Meeting and training courses are much easier with the Table Mic.

Phonak Roger Pen and Table Mic II

Phonak Roger Pen and Table Mic II

The Roger Pen is great for when I’m out and about, it has become a companion device I always take with me.

The Pen is also great at home for streaming audio from the dock.

Roger has made certain situations more bearable i.e. noisy restaurants and improved other situations e.g. meetings and watching TV

The Roger microphones perform as expected and I am very pleased with them, I certainly feel lost if i forget to take them with me.

I found the training useful, Tracey clarified some confusion I had trying to use both microphones at the same time.

Scott G., Leatherhead

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Table Mic II, Roger X 03 Band to use with Phonak Nathos S+ M CROS, phone adapter

Having this equipment has made such a huge difference for me at work. I can now cope better in my daily meetings and when having a one-to-one meeting every week. I can hear the people talking much more clearly.

I am loving it. It’s made such a massive difference at work and I am no longer questioning what is being said all the time.

The Roger equipment has more than met it’s needs. I have to attend a daily meeting, and most of the people who attend are very quietly and softly spoken and I often would come out of the meeting that having a clue what was being said or what was going on.

Phonak Roger Select and Roger X

Phonak Roger Select and Roger X

Since having the Roger equipment it has given my confidence a boost in my hearing ability as I was feeling pretty low about it.

I can now hear what the quiet people are saying, I have tried using the Roger Select on directional mode, whereby I get the decision maker in the meeting to wear it, and I have tried it on the desk and found I can still hear clearly what is being said that way in the meetings.

The Roger equipment has also helped a huge deal in my phone work as well. I have to answer phone calls every afternoon, and sometimes it can be a struggle, especially if I am having a bad hearing day and I struggle to hear what is being said on the phone.

Now with the Roger I can hear much more clearly what is being said on the phone through my hearing aids. It also means that I no longer have to put the receiver against my hearing aid, which for me means less feedback and whistling.

I found the training with Gemma very useful and helpful. I was shown clearly what I needed to do, and it was explained to me everything I need to know to make the equipment suitable for my job.

Stephanie D., Newcastle under Lyme

Equipment supplied – Roger Select, Roger X 02 Band to use with Oticon Spirit Synergy P, phone adapter

It wasn’t until I had the training and started to use the equipment fully that I realised how I managed without it! Great sound quality and I feel more confident due to my hearing loss.

The phone adaptor has been particularly beneficial. I am yet to use the Table Mic but I’m am sure it will make a huge difference.

Roger has helped with every part of my job role – phone calls, meetings, noisy environments when I can reduce background noise while on the phone, I can also use my mobile phone and can hear better through the Roger Pen than holding my phone to my ear.

On a personal level it has made a huge difference too; I can connect the Roger Pen to my TV and mobile phone and the sound quality and level is much better.

The training was amazing. Lee was very thorough and very informative, patient and understanding. I wouldn’t have picked everything up just by reading a booklet.

Tina P., Bedford

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Table Mic, Roger X 03 Band to use with Danalogic iFit CS81, phone adapter

Since I got my Phonak Roger equipment it has made my job so much easier, and simpler for me to do. The equipment is simple to operate.

Phonak Roger Select and Roger X

Phonak Roger Select and Roger X

It has made operating the phone so much easier and simpler as I now do not need to take one hearing aid out. It has also meant that hearing people is so much clearer.

It absolutely has addressed all the areas I wanted it to and more.

The main areas I wanted addressed such as using the phone and intercom system and using the equipment in a meeting room environment.

It was very useful to have the training and Dan the trainer made things very easy to understand , and went through everything.

He was incredibly knowledgeable about the equipment and focused on what I needed the equipment to do. Dan was very friendly and professional.

Emma W., Bristol

Equipment supplied – Roger Select, Roger X 03 Band to use with Phonak Nathos Auto M, phone adapter

Before I found out about the Roger Pen I have been struggling with my hearing in face to face assessment and telephone calls and in meetings.


Phonak Roger Pen & Roger X

Phonak Roger has made a huge difference to my life.

The Roger Pen allows me to take part in meeting without feeling isolated and having to really look at people’s faces to lip read.

When I am carrying out face to face assessments the Roger Pen makes hearing through my hearing aid more clearly, louder and I know longer feel isolated and left out.

I want to thank all the support that I received from Lee the trainer with setting up the Roger Pen and being so patient with me.

Regards, Sharon K., Bedford

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X 02 Band to use with Oticon Spirit Synergy, phone adapter

Hello there, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone at FM Hearing Systems. The service I have received from you over the past few months has been above and beyond my expectation.

I was put in touch with you through Access to Work, who recommended that I have the Roger Pen and the Table Mic, as well as a headset to help me with on the telephone. I was sceptical that any of this equipment would work. However the advice, help and guidance you provided me with has been exemplary.

As a Kanso Cochlear Implant wearer, it’s been a real bonus to communicate with a member of your team who also wears a Cochlear Implant and can speak from her own experience with the equipment. You have been very patient with all my questions, and never at any stage have I felt pushed into buying something I don’t want.

Everything is so smooth and efficient. Questions are answered promptly, equipment is dispatched and arrives the next day. It just makes life so easy.

The setup instructions provided are very clear and thought has clearly been given to the existing hearing solutions I have (ie. pairing up the Table Mic, when I already have the Roger Pen).

Your subtitled videos are clear, concise and perfectly pitched. Not too long, not too short and NO mumbling or background noise. :)

I plan to buy the Select shortly. I only know about the Select because you suggested this could be something which could help me in certain situations.

This is something I will be paying for out of my own money (all previous equipment has been funded via Access to Work) and although the Select is currently on offer elsewhere at a lower price, I am happy to pay the higher price to FM Hearing Systems because I know I can rely on you to be there for me if something goes wrong, or if I need help and assistance.

So, onto the equipment. I was very sceptical about the Roger Pen initially, I really wasn’t sure anything could help. But I’ve come to realise what a sophisticated piece of equipment it is. I primarily use it for meetings at work. Paired with the Table Mic it’s amazing, so clear, picks up scraping cups and everything :)

I do still have to concentrate on listening, but I don’t find myself straining to hear any more. I don’t dread meetings now, because I know I will be able to sit and participate with relative ease now.

I’ve even found myself relaxing back into my chair sometimes, almost wishing for a recline button! The days of turning up, and hoping to just get through the meeting without looking like an idiot are gone!

Initially I started out with just the Roger Pen, and it was very good, but I found it just wasn’t strong enough in meetings of 6 people or more, which is why I went on to order the Table Mic a few months later. And it has made a significant difference – the extra oomph and power just takes it up to the next level.

And I’m using the phone again. I haven’t used the phone at work for over 20 years, isn’t that amazing!

The Roger system has helped me enormously. It’s enabling me to use the phone, and take part in meetings. I’ve even used it socially, when out for dinner with friends, and when I direct it at the speaker, I really can hear better.

Anyone with a hearing loss will know exactly what I mean when I say life in the hearing world is so difficult when you can’t hear. And whilst the Roger Pen is a compromise and will never replace “normal” hearing, it certainly makes a huge contribution towards better communication.

Whilst I’m very much ok with setting up and using modern equipment, I did find the initial training for the Roger Pen useful. The trainer Tracey was very knowledgeable, and very approachable. She explained everything from the basics up, and at the same time suggested some extra uses for the Pen, which I hadn’t previously considered.

As I use the Roger Equipment primarily at work, she suggested that I might want to buy an additional docking station for home, so that I could use it to watch TV. Something which I hadn’t previously considered.

At the point of having the training, I hadn’t ordered the Table Mic as I wasn’t sure about it. However, she had one with her, and was able to demonstrate to me how effective it is.

None of this was done in a pushy sales type manner. She was just making me aware of the possibilities available, and how they could improve my life. And as a consequence, I did go on to order the table mic a few months later.

It is so difficult to find a company now which offers a genuine personal customer service. It’s clear that you really do know and understand the hearing solutions business inside out. You have earned my trust and my respect, as well as my loyalty.

Regards, Charlotte O., Uxbridge

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Table Mic, Roger X 02 Band to use with Cochlear Kanso Cochlear Implant, USB Conversion to Headset Pack

I have really found the equipment useful, it’s helping me when I am meetings to fully hear the whole conversation, as it picks up those that are more softly spoken.

It’s meaning I don’t have to double check as much on my Dictaphone as I capture everything first time. It is helping both in larger meetings of around 10 people as well as conference calls.

The headset is a little bulky with all the different cables etc, and I am not particularly finding this helps all that much for Skype calls, it is actually clear placing the Roger Phonak receiver a little way away from the laptop and having the volume turned up on it, as long as I can get a room so I am not disturbing anyone else.

The connectivity to Bluetooth is also really good, is has helped with hearing phone calls on my mobile and my colleagues have commented they can now no longer hear the other person on the phone as I have been able to turn the volume down!

I didn’t actually realise how much I was missing of conversations until I got this equipment.

There were three main things I wanted this equipment to help with, meetings, when in areas with more background noise and using my mobile phone, and it has really helped all three.

It took me a while to get to grips with understanding which zones I needed to have on to try and minimise the amount of background noise from within the open plan office environment as the receiver was picking up everything which didn’t help that much. This is now better as I have come to understand the system better.

The training was useful, once everything was up and running following a few technical challenges at the start. Was delivered very simply and did find it useful to take someone else with me to also listen, as she has helped me afterwards when I have queried anything!

Jade B., Northampton

Equipment supplied – Roger Select, Roger Focus Receivers, USB Conversion to Headset Pack

FM Hearing Systems supplied my Roger Pen system a couple of years ago and provided a first class service.


Phonak Roger Pen & Roger X

Whenever I have contacted them with a query they are only too pleased to help. Can’t fault their customer care. Would highly recommend them.

Before having the Roger Pen system I had a FM Genie system, which I had for quite a few years but it started to need bits replacing.

Since having the Roger Pen system it has helped both at work & at home. Connecting to my mobile phone has made communicating easier.

The Roger Pen has helped me in meeting rooms & works very well. It has also helped in noisy environments such as restaurants.

I had Roger training, and having help with the setup and understanding the equipment was a great help.

Chris P., Henlow

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X 02 Band Receivers, DAI shoes for Oticon Spirit Zest P

I’ve been using the equipment for 2 weeks and so far have used it for morning huddles (brief team communication), training courses both external and internal, large department meeting and technical workshops.

Roger Select and Table Mic II

Roger Select and Table Mic II

It made a big difference to me for the training courses and the large department meeting. The main difference is I find myself being able to follow the speaker more and in addition to lip reading I am getting far more information than previously.

I find myself enjoying the training courses now and look forward to them, whereas previously I found them tiring and stressful.

The equipment is also helping in the training environment. Not tried it for Skype training yet but anticipate it will help as I currently don’t sign up for Skype training and the use of the headset lead will allow me to listen in without having to wear headphones.

Dan provided my training and he was brilliant, the training was informative, useful and easy to follow. In addition to this Dan was very knowledgeable about the Roger system and its capabilities.

Miriam W., Bristol

Equipment supplied – Roger Select, Roger Table Mic II, Roger X 02 Band Receiver, DAI shoe for Oticon Dynamo SP10

Hello all, my Roger system – feels like I’m emerging from a lost world!

I am especially pleased with the way I can now hear on the phone which has transformed my life. An added bonus is that I can now listen to music, radio, iplayer and podcasts. Equally the rest of the family doesn’t have to endure the TV being turned up loud so that I can hear.


Phonak Roger Pen & Roger X

I can now follow the news and drama story lines and able to hear the aside comments which I felt excluded from before. To be honest I haven’t watched films for years on TV as I missed so much.

I have more practice to do on work team meetings but the Pen was good yesterday for picking up different team members comments. Must remember not to leave Pen on table when I walk away though – can be subjected to rustling of papers and hear conversations I may not want to hear! All of which can be disconcerting when speaking face to face with someone else 20 metres away.

The other thing is that when you walk around the house and garden – even popping to the loo – you can still hear the TV at the same volume! Probably too much information and friends and family need to remember that too!!??

I had Roger training which got me up to speed quicker and probably showed me things I wasn’t aware were there. 3 hours is good but I know it will be hard to remember it all even with my note taking but know I have you tube videos to watch and backup support if needed as well as my instruution booklet.

My Roger Pen has already been really good and hadn’t really realised how much I was retreating into my own little world due to hearing issues. I can see as ‘Roger’ and I get to know each other better that it will only improve things.

Kate H, Market Bosworth

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X 02 Band Receivers, DAI shoes for Oticon Spirit Synergy and Phone Adapter

Hello Paul, I have been using a Roger Select with my hearing aids for two months now and it has certainly made a difference in the situations I have used it in.

Phonak Roger Select

Phonak Roger Select

We had a family wedding recently and the general hubub from 90 people at the reception made even people with normal hearing have difficulty with conversation round the table.

Using the Select helped a great deal and I got quite used to selecting the appropriate positions on it.

I have also used it in restaurants where it was also a help but would advise choosing one without background music if possible as this did affect the performance a bit.

An unlooked for benefit arose when I visited a very ill person whose voice had become very weak – I tried the Select and it made a huge difference without me asking the patient to speak louder.

I have also used it with television with good effect and it has allowed me to dispense with subtitles mostly.

The help and advice from FM hearing has been very efficient, and questions have been answered in record time by Paul.

Excellent customer service! Altogether a help in difficult situations.

Best wishes, Margaret, Orpington, Greater London

Equipment supplied – Roger Select, Roger X 03 Band Receivers, DAI shoes for Siemens Octiv M

Hello Gill, I really want to give some feedback about my experience with FM Hearing Systems and the hearing equipment that you supplied and also about Will, the trainer.

I have to say Gill, I was very sceptical about the equipment suggested by Access to Work, I didn’t think anything could help in this building.

I’m not in a position to be able to afford this kind of equipment and I just thought, they can claim it be as good as they like but how would I ever know whether it is or not………well now I do and I’m happy to eat my words or humble pie. It is just fantastic.

FM Hearing Systems made things so easy by giving clear advice/instructions about what needed to be done and by sending everything together in the one parcel.

I really don’t know where to start about Will, he was brilliant from start to finish! He was very clear in his advice before the training and when the training was taking place.

He was so patient and very clearly explained all the pieces of equipment and how they all worked.

He was aware of my hearing loss and made sure he waited until I was looking at him before talking but he did this in a very natural way, there were no long pauses while he waited for me to finish trying something.

Phonak Roger Select

Phonak Roger Select

He demonstrated how all the equipment worked too and then made sure that I tried each piece of equipment, until I was sure I knew what I was doing.

My daughter had come along to take notes and Will pointed out key pieces of information that needed to be noted, to ensure we didn’t miss anything important.

We had lots of questions and he answered all of them very well. When we asked about buying other/extra pieces, he was able to explain that this could be done through FM Hearing Systems website.

He also explained that I could e-mail at any time, with any questions and either he or FM Hearing would try to help and support. It was all very reassuring.

I’ve been using the equipment for a week now and Will was quite right when he said it would change my life, for a start I can use the phone again and I have already had two voicemail messages that I have been able to hear perfectly well on my own and haven’t needed to get a colleague to listen because I couldn’t catch it all.

‘Roger’ and I are inseparable now, I take it with me if I’m just popping into another office to speak to someone.

I have already been asked to meet with another colleague, who also has hearing difficulties, to explain what happened to me and let them see the equipment that I have.

Thank you so much for a great service and please thank Will for his patience on the day of my training.

Kind Regards, Trish, Halifax, West Yorkshire

Equipment supplied – Roger Select, Roger Table Mic Twin Pack, Roger X 02 Band Receivers, DAI shoes for Oticon Spirit Synergy P and Phone Adapter

I have been totally deaf in my right ear for over 20 years. I currently have a CROS hearing aid system consisting of an NHS Phonak Nathos S+ Micro W in my left ear, receiving from Phonak Bicros in my right ear.

This combination has been a great improvement over my previous simpler Siemens aids but is neither directional nor sufficiently filtered to be of great use in group situations such as a discussion in groups, with friends at restaurants or for instance in conducted tours where the guide is speaking to a group of us – I just get everything amplified including the background noise so differentiation is impossible.

Furthermore, I was finding even in a household situation that I would require a greater volume from audio equipment than was comfortable for my family. As a result I was becoming a recluse not wishing to attend meetings or parties, feeling excluded at dinners at restaurants, and causing friction over TV and audio volume levels at home.

Reading the literature on Phonak instruments included with my Nathos device, I discovered the Roger Pen System. I needed to be really convinced the purchase would be worth it. It absolutely was. And much thanks go to FM Hearing Systems for the support and input to convince me to make that decision.

THE ROGER PEN SYSTEM – OVERALL VIEW (after over 2 years of use)

A superb device which has revolutionised my life in many ways – improving my hearing, my social activities and my family life both in the home and outside. Although expensive, it does work very impressively and I can justify it for me by the markedly improved quality of life.

There was quite a learning curve to get best use out of it – emphasising the need for reliable, detailed and accurate support from the supplier and that I was grateful to receive from the passionate and knowledgeable people at FM Hearing Systems.


I started off with the Roger Pen transmitter which comes in a choice of colours and looks just like a pen. It must be used with an additional suitable receiver and I use a Roger 15 integrated receiver which is colour coordinated to my hearing aid.

I later added a Roger Clip-on Mic to the system which acts as a second input to the hearing aid receiver. It is by no means essential nor a substitute for the Pen except for one to one situations as it has only a single microphone input for voices within around 8 inches of the device. But it may suit some people and having two microphones just adds more flexibility to my personal use of the system in certain situations.


  • Microphone effectiveness for one to one use – With the Pen worn round my wife’s neck on the lanyard it allows clear communication under severe extraneous noisy situations. We used it for a recent holiday when it improved our communication in the noisy airport, during the flight and on transfer buses. Engine noise, especially on the plane, had previously made it difficult or impossible to hold any sort of conversation under these circumstances. Indeed I used to wear ear plugs to reduce the engine noise and tinnitus effects. The pen is also extremely light in weight and the wearer is unaware of it when used for long hours around the neck. My rating here has to be a very impressive 5/5.
  • Microphone effectiveness for lecture use – With a tour guide wearing the pen on the lanyard, I could clearly hear guided tours given both inside and outside – at a winery, on a bus tour, at an aloe vera farm etc. The range of use was impressive – probably 4-5 metres at least – I am over six foot tall and could remain at the rear of other guests to allow them to view the guide without my bulk blocking their view, but I could still hear clearly everything said – probably better than they could in parts. This was additionally really impressive as speech was not lost by the speaker turning their head slightly during demonstrations nor when noisy machinery was running in the background vicinity. My rating would again be an amazed 5/5.
  • Microphone effectiveness in a small group scenario – At a restaurant with my wife or with a small group of friends, we placed the Roger microphone horizontally on the dining table and I could effectively hear conversations and converse with them in spite of background conversations and noises of waiters and cutlery – something I had great problems with in the past. Again the selective nature and versatile intelligent switching of microphone actions of the Roger pen was a great improvement over conventional CROS hearing aid systems where there was little if any selectivity over what was being amplified and so no discrimination between irrelevant background noises and the immediate discussions of friends. I did find this was not quite as effective and successfully when used in my house with six of us around a wooden dining table for some reason. The problem here being an amplification of the cutlery used by my guests not being filtered out from the conversations. I suspect the smaller room and acoustics were the cause here as it had worked better in a larger restaurant scenario and placing the pen microphone on a cork table mat improved the audibility somewhat. My rating here is therefore 4/5 – tempered by the above comments.
  • Use as TV/Hi-fi/PC audio link – With the charger/docking station plugged into the headphone socket of my TV, the Roger pen can transmit audio from the headphone socket at whatever level I require without interfering with my wife’s enjoyment of the programmes at a lower level to suit her. My rating here is again an impressed 5/5 – but (and this is nothing to do with the Roger system) I just wish TV stations could have a standard volume for broadcasting programmes without having to adjust the output volume of my TV (usually both my wife on the loudspeaker and myself on the much more time consuming TV headphone adjustment) from one station to the next (and even from a national to a local news programme which is always louder). Not to mention the balance between speech and background music which seems inappropriate more often than not – and why do we need loud drum music to introduce nature or sports programmes !!! – so I give a rating of poor 1/5 for Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, LG and other TV manufacturers who dwell to much on undetectable picture quality and not enough on sound performance !
  • As Bluetooth mobile phone link – I have tested it connected through Bluetooth to my mobile phone, but not really found a need to use it much. Connection is fairly simple, like any other Bluetooth device, and sound quality is excellent. However, I did not find it easy to remember the buttons to press or the indicator light combinations on the pen which would need more frequent use and so did not benefit from this functionality. Furthermore, I cannot use my mobile phone on speaker as well as Bluetooth – so cannot speak with distant family using the Roger system alongside my wife, as I would want to. I may be harsh as I have not become accustomed to using it in this mode and others may find it invaluable, but I would only rate this as 2/5.
  • Battery life – The Roger Pen can be charged within a couple of hours using the charger or a direct micro-USB cable. Being a rechargeable battery device, and realising how mobile phones seem to have built-in obsolescence due to limited recharging battery life – let alone the many disposable hearing aid batteries I go through – I was concerned whether the Roger Pen would be defunct and non-chargeable in a year or two of use. I was firstly reassured by FM Hearing Systems that the battery could be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new device (under £100). However, in practice I have in 2 years so far not been aware of any reduction in the fully charged state of the battery (around 6-9 hours). So 4/5 rating for this – just a feeling that it just may begin to fail in the coming months after 2 and half years of intensive use. But I would consider that an overall cost of under a £1 per week when the battery needs replacing is excellent value for money to reap the benefits of the superb Roger Pen system.


  • Build quality – The Pen was initially somewhat disappointing on delivery – from the price (and the sales photos) I expected a machined aluminium device in the style and quality of an Apple iPhone. It is instead an entirely plastic body with plastic pocket clip which made me concerned that it could be damaged by being dropped or if the clip snapped off. I have been ultra careful but accidents happen – and they did. My rating 3/5 here. I was informed by the supplier (FM Hearing) that apart from one Pen being trodden on by pupils when a teacher purchaser inadvertently left it on the floor during a PE lesson, that they have received no complaints of damage through being dropped from hundreds of customers now regularly using the pen devices since its launch. I can only only concur with that in my experience after two dropping episodes over the 2 years in use – once on a hard wooden floor and once in a car park (latter in its leather case but the former without the case). There are no signs of damage in either appearance or performance. But I will continue to treat it like delicate glass and hopefully minimise any accidental drops in future ! I advise utmost care – it is so easy to drop it.
  • Problem with water protection – Another comment from FM Hearing was that from their experience and complaints file “I need to be careful as getting the Pen wet was a greater problem than dropping it” – and in use I can understand this. Dangling from the lanyard around someone’s neck could easily lead it to be dipped into a glass of water or wine when leaning forward. Similarly, with the device lying horizontally on a dining table in a restaurant scenario could make it extremely vulnerable to liquid spillage by waiters or other guests. Interestingly, the hearing aid Roger receiver I purchased is rated to be safe in splashed water or rain (IP67), while the pen has no water safety rating. If mobile phones can be made to be showerproof, let alone waterproof to 1 metre depth for 30 minutes, then surely this Roger Pen device could be made waterproof similarly, if it is so vulnerable. The Phonak warranty is void if immersed in water or “on exposure to chemicals” (presumably alcohol constitutes a chemical). No one would sensibly swim with the Roger pen but some built-in water resistance from momentary accidents would surely be sensible.
  • Ease of use of the Pen and need for support – The manual is comprehensive and 76 pages long. However, getting your mind around the buttons and colour light combinations is not easy. This emphasises the incalculable value of support from the supplier – and I commend FM Hearing for their performance in this respect. Getting a rapport and answers to queries to the depth required and in a timely fashion is crucial to making this purchase worthwhile. Otherwise it could become a disappointing and redundant waste of money if one couldn’t get it to work as one expected. My rating for simplicity of use of the Roger device is only 2/5 and I still need to keep the user guide to hand to recall the buttons and colour indicator settings, but for the support from FM Hearing my rating is a highly deserved 5/5.
  • Ergonomic design – The design of the device is elegant, but I would not say ergonomically based. Illustrations in the manual clearly warn of the problems user’s can experience if holding the pen incorrectly and possible covering the microphones in use, and also in attempting to press the function buttons if you don’t hold it properly since the phone buttons are diametrically opposite the on/off and microphone buttons. So obviously the design limitations are known to the manufacturer’s – so why did they not design to remove them? 2/5 for Phonak here.

In conclusion, the Roger Pen system is a life changer. I use it daily, wouldn’t be without it, and wish I had it available years ago as I would have found it invaluable in so many areas of work and home life when I suffered from my hearing loss. It’s expensive, not perfect, easily lost and has a significant learning curve to get the best out of it.

But that potential benefit is truly outstanding and with the support and passionate advice of people like FM Hearing Systems, what this Roger system has to offer is undoubtedly worth every penny to my own and my family’s daily lives and well being. Regards, Graham G., Bicester

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger 15 03 Band Integrated Receiver, Roger Clip-on Mic

Hi Amanda, well it has been almost 2 months since I had my training with the Roger equipment, so I thought I should give you an update.


Phonak Roger Pen & Roger X

Without being too dramatic, it has had a massive impact on my life. I can’t thank you all enough for introducing me to Roger!!

I am still amazed by the fact I can actually hear, both on the phone and with normal conversation and (as you pointed out) I can hear better than most when in a noisy environment.

Thank you for the troubleshooting guide, but so far, I haven’t needed to use it as the equipment is so easy to use.

I tell everyone who will listen (or hear me) about Roger and how it has changed mt ability to hear. I would recommend the equipment to anyone.

Thanks again, Gill B., Bedworth

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X 03 Band Receivers, DAI shoes for Siemens Teneo M and Phone Adapter

I received my training yesterday from your trainer Lisa and I’d like you to pass some feedback to Lisa and her manager for me.

Punctuality was spot on, and everything that was arranged beforehand was adhered to. Communication to arrange and confirm the training was excellent both from Lisa and your entire team.


Phonak Roger Pen & Roger X

The training itself was outstanding – I think it helped that Lisa uses your Roger Pen system herself, as she seems to have a very in-depth knowledge of both how the system works and the challenges that using even the best of specialist equipment entails.

Every question I had was answered promptly and confidently, and several topics that I had never even considered were addressed.

Lisa was really friendly, open and pleasant to talk to throughout the entire session, listened really well, and answered clearly.

It really was a pleasure to meet her and learn about the equipment. She also welcomed me to get in touch if I thought of any questions that were not addressed at the time.

Overall, it has been a real pleasure to deal with Lisa and your company. I find it’s rare these days to get competent, friendly service, which made your professionalism really stand out.

Regards, Richard R., Chesterfield

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X 02 Band Receivers, DAI shoes for Oticon Spirit Synergy and Phone Adapter

I use a Roger Phonak Pen at work and at home – it’s fantastic and has made an enormous difference to me.

It connects with my phone so I can easily hear without awkward whistling noises

It also connects to my laptop so I can easily join video conference calls around the world and it sits near the tv so I can hear without my neighbours having to listen too!

The team at FM Hearing Systems have been absolutely lovely and really willing to help with all my queries.

Sophie B., Brighton

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Clip-on Mic, Roger X 03 Band Receivers, DAI shoes for Phonak Naida V SP and USB Conversion to Headset Pack

I have a degenerative hearing impairment and I can’t believe the positive difference my Roger Pen and Table Mic have made to my life both at work and at home from day one.

Phone calls and meetings are much easier for me now at work as I am not missing out on chunks of conversations, constantly asking people to repeat themselves or mis-understanding people in animated conversations around large tables.

I didn’t realise how very stressed these situations made me until I got my Roger Pen and Mic.

Don’t underestimate the debilitating neurological stress of having to concentrate so hard on just hearing what people say, this made my job unnecessarily stressful impacting on my home life too as I often arrived home exhausted not knowing why.

Roger Table Mic

Phonak Roger Table Mic

Now this has greatly reduced helping me to enjoy what I do at work even more.

At home it has helped me no end with occasions like family meals where I can now take part in the conversations.

I feel much more relaxed when out with my partner as I can now have private conversations with him rather than him having to shout over background noise in environments such as busy restaurants making me feel embarrassed and avoiding having conversations or ‘pretending’ I had heard.

I had become very good at lip reading and mirroring facial expressions when not really understanding the conversation fully, leading to further embarrassment, as well as being able to hear the conversation in a car – previously the road and engine noises were difficult to hear over.

Marvelous technology, very intuitive to use and using it has become second nature – just like putting in my hearing aids in the morning.

Phonak Roger has helped with hearing in background noise. meetings, phone calls, social group occasions and one to one communication.

My Roger training was very helpful, I had a knowledgeable and empathetic trainer. Amanda was very patient and extremely thorough.

She asked questions and listened to my needs. Her training style met my needs very well, she went through everything step by step and didn’t move on to the next thing until I was confident. A great experience.

Ria S., Northampton

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Table Mic, Roger X 03 Band Receivers, DAI shoes for Phonak Nathos S+ Micro and phone adapter

I purchased the Roger Pen and Roger 11 receivers having visited Paul in his office in Keighley where not only did he give me a super demonstration of the equipment. Not only did he show me the equipment but he listened to my difficulties in hearing in lots of situations and then went on to recommend the items that would help to resolve some of my hearing problems.

Phonak DECT CP1This included the Phonak DECT cordless phone. This is just amazing. For the first time in I don’t know how many years I can now have a landline telephone conversation without using the speaker and every second sentence from me being “sorry I missed that”. It has made so much difference.

The Roger Pen is also very good when connected either by cable or Bluetooth to my mobile phone. I can hear perfectly.

I have been to meetings and asked the speaker to wear the Pen on the lanyard and this is perfect. I think the only problem then is that I can’t hear when a member of the audience asks a question but I can hear the reply and can guess fairly well what the question was.

At other “round the table” type meetings I get the best results by holding the Pen and pointing it at who is speaking rather than placing the pen in the middle of the table.

I am finding that the more I use the Pen the better I am at dealing with various situations and my hearing overall has improved compared to just using my hearing aids.

What can say about Paul and his team at FM Hearing Systems? They have proved so helpful not only during the purchasing of the equipment but in helping with any small problems that I have had after. Paul has even been in direct contact with my audiologist at the hospital to help him to change the settings on my aids to improve how they interact with the Roger equipment. My audiologist is now recommending FM Hearing Systems to anyone who asks about the Roger Pen.

That makes it sound like a one man band and that is just not the case at all. Whenever I email a question I get a very rapid and helpful reply from one of the ladies on the team if Paul is not available. It has been so easy to deal with all of the team and I would not hesitate to recommend FM Hearing Systems to anyone who struggles to hear in difficult situations

Best regards, David B., Stoke on Trent

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger 11 Integrated Receivers for Phonak Nathos S+ SP W with Phonak DECT CP1 wireless phone

Everything that you have supplied; Roger Pen, ComPilot, optical cable for TV listening have all enhanced the quality of my life.

Phonak Roger ComPilot Bundle

I really am so pleased with the way everything works. The set-up and demo was invaluable too.

The staff are definitely really knowledgable, efficient, helpful and friendly.

Definitely improved things at work, in the general office and in meetings.

The trainer Lee was brilliant; knowledgable, easily understandable and made the equipment seem much less daunting.

I can’t recommend him highly enough. He’s a very likeable guy.

Linda D., Warwickshire

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X Receiver with Phonak ComPilot

Dear Tracey at FM Hearing Systems and Audiologists at King Edward NHS (sorry, I’ve forgotten your names),

I just wanted to give you all an update on the Phonak Roger equipment – they have been absolutely transformational!

In the two weeks since Tracey’s extremely comprehensive training session following the prescription programming (which King Edward completely rescheduled to fit in around the start of the school term following a road accident my husband I had in Rhodes), I have the following successes:

Phoank Roger TransmittersTelephone clarity is stunning – I am quicker at switching programmes when there is an incoming call and I can just about hear what else is going on whilst speaking on the phone (sufficient to be able to ask the phone caller or speaker to ‘hold’ whilst I speak to the other, which is what you would do anyway). This has increased my confidence dramatically as I can now concentrate on listening rather than on ‘hearing’. No longer do I fear Ofsted! (Slight exaggeration, but I’m sure you know what I mean!).

I have used the Roger Table Mic’s in small meeting situations, including prayer groups in church where some speak at a whisper (I can now hear their every word), and find these more effective than the Roger Pen at eliminating the distraction of my own voice being amplified. Speakers around the table/group are initially fascinated by the technology, but are now moving beyond this and ignoring their presence.

My iPhone links brilliantly to the Roger Pen and for the first time ever I can stream music direct to my aids, plus listen to podcasts / watch film clips discreetly. For example, I enjoyed playing around doing this on a train journey and was also able to mute if there was a train announcement. This is revolutionary in itself, as in the past it was a case of removing in-ear aids and replacing with headphone buds – which I hated doing – or wearing headphones, which I also disliked as it was too much tech (aids plus phones).

I still need to use both microphones in a large boardroom setting (and have the confidence to announce what I am doing) and have a plan to trial the Roger Pen in a school assembly by passing it to individual children when they want to ask a question – think I will start off with 30 in the room before I do it with 600! I also need to play around with the remote control.

Of course, there are those occasional moments when it feels like all the chickens have escaped at once (phone rings, someone walks in the room and asks a question, battery starts bleeping, I mis-switch a programme), but I am already conscious that the more I use the technology, the better I will be able to cope when this happens. I am determined to be quick and slick! You never know, Tracey, I might yet advance to that ‘override’ facility …

Thanks you all once again – audiologists for putting me onto Access to Work funding and the equipment that is available, then setting up; Tracey for the training; my employer for additional funding and support.

Kind regards,

Debbie R., Maidenhead

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Table Mic Twin Pack, Roger X Receivers with DAI shoes for Siemens Tenoe M+ and phone adapter

Hello James and Gill, I am overwhelmed with the difference a day makes, the Roger system has opened up a whole new world to me.

Last night to be able to listen to music and have the clarity of the words (and learning that the words I thought they were saying they weren’t …so funny …because it actually made more sense) – TV without subtitles…. and today in the office – heard everything, being able to use the telephone like everyone else, not use my mobile phone on loud speaker and not to have to keep saying I’m sorry can you repeat that please.

I struggled daily working in the office taking telephone calls, in meetings and on a 1:1 to basis, just about anything that required me to absorb information from oral communication.

I found myself using up so much energy and being general fatigued at the end of the day because I had to concentrate and focus so hard on what people were saying to me. I also found that I was missing out on office banter, even though my colleagues were / are fantastic and kept me included in everything.

One day made a total difference – I could hear people clearly, I could answer the phone and hear so clearly – (surprised at how some people sounded- didn’t match) – it is just awesome.

I was not aware that the Roger Pen could do so much more- I could hear my music and understand what was being sung and to watch TV without subtitles – opened up a whole new world

Roger has helped with everything to do with communication in the work environment, social environment and with music / TV.

James, thank you so much for your patience yesterday… you are an excellent tutor, extremely patient and taking the time to explain how everything works and that I was comfortable with what I was doing. You put me very much at ease.

Best of all…. I had the whole office in stitches…because I’ve played pranks on them. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Warm regards

Bev G., York

**Update – I am so over the moon with everything – I was in a large meeting yesterday and introduced the Roger Table Mic, first time of using and it was fantastic – bit scary a couple of times with new sounds but amazing.

A good feeling to be able to participate and contribute because I wasn’t worried that I would mis-hear what was being said – done my confidence the world of good!

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Table Mic, Roger X Receivers with DAI shoes for Phonak Nathos S+ SP W, headset and phone adapter

I’m using a Roger Pen as well as the Roger Table Mic. The Roger Pen is great, discreet support in small meeting scenarios. So much so that people pick it up thinking they can write with it!

Roger Table Mic

Phonak Roger Table Mic

The Roger Table Mic is fantastic in much larger meeting settings giving me the confidence to hear and contribute to the discussions, something that I struggled to do with just my hearing aids.

I’ve attended conferences, training events, seminars, lots of meetings of various sizes and feel like I can contribute in the ways I used to before my hearing impairment – the equipment is that good! A real confidence boost.

This equipment has addressed my primary needs at work but also helps me to enjoy television again and social activities with friends and family.

I also had on site training. Just great – very reassuring.

The Roger Pen is easy to use but it’s good to get hints and tips outside of the instruction booklet to really make the most of it.

In particular, how you can pair it with other Pens, or Table Mics to get the coverage you need.

Daphne R., Norwich

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Table Mic, Roger X Receivers with DAI shoes for Phonak Nathos S+ Micro and phone adapter

I wanted to drop you a quick line regarding the Roger Pen and associated bits that we purchased from you recently via an Access to Work grant.


Phonak Roger Pen & Roger X

It really is an incredible piece of kit. For me, it has made simple tasks in my daily work so much easier and more normal – my continued hearing losses had made be shrink back from talking on the phone and the Roger has completely turned that round.

The clarity of the sound is amazing – having lost almost all my high frequency sound, and changed to aids that changed the sound into mid frequency where I have better hearing, the Roger makes answering the phone at work so hassle free and simple.

I love it so much that I have bought myself a second docking station to be able to sneak it home and use it with my telly – I haven’t heard a TV programme so perfectly for many many years!

Very best regards, Rebecca K., Woking

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X Receivers with DAI shoes for Phonak Nathos S+ M and phone adapter

I’ve been to the Tate Modern and St Pauls Cathederal for guided tours. Each time I asked the tour guide to wear the Roger Pen. This enabled me to hear. Stand where I liked. Be part of the whole thing! Amazing.

Just one weird thing happened – when down in the crypt, the vicar gave a sermon (or talk) upstairs and this was transmitted using the T setting. Freaked me out a little until I realised what was happening!!

Phonak Roger Pen and Roger Mylink

Phonak Roger Pen and Roger Mylink

Meetings at work – much easier when there are more than 10 or so attendees and particularly for my softly spoken presenters.

I understand it can help with calls – so I need to re-visit the hand book and familiarise myself with that functionality. Particularly useful for when there are planned conference calls.

My trainer Amanda visited me at home (I work from home) on 31st January. She was amazing. Because of her, I made massive leaps in accepting using my hearing aids.

She got me to understand the benefits of doing so and encouraged me along. This, along with the Roger Pen, has made a massive difference to me.

I wear them most of the time now, sometimes not realising until I lie down to sleep that they are in.

Recently I popped them into hear the dawn chorus. (sad – but significant!)

The Pen has also helped me get over the vanity barriers. I just get on with it now. My thanks to Amanda -and the team for getting me here.

I’ve gone on to advocate for those with hearing loss in my region – at a time when the commissioners are seeking to reduce funding in Adult Hearing – I’ve stood up with others and been a voice. I am hopeful that they change their plans.

Esther C., Milton Keynes

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen and Roger Mylink

Prior to getting the Phonak Roger equipment I was having tremendous difficulty answering the phone and keeping a conversation going that I was unable to hear very well.

I was delighted that once the equipment was installed and I was shown how to use it that I now have no trouble at all using the phones at work.


Phonak Roger Pen & Roger X

I can hear the caller perfectly and am no longer straining to hear sounds. I was looking for help with the phone only and my primary needs have been addressed perfectly.

It is a bonus for me to be able to use the pen in meetings as well. Although I only had very slight trouble hearing everyone in a meeting, I now have no trouble at all.

It is an extra bonus for me, and highly amusing, that I can leave my pen at one end of my workplace building and walk to the other end still hearing whatever conversation that is going on near my pen.

I had on site training and William the trainer was very helpful and explained the Pen and its uses to me very clearly.

Gail B., Bury

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X Receivers with DAI shoes for Oticon Spirit Zest+ and phone adapters

Having only recently learned about the Access to Work scheme, I was fortunate to have provided by Gill and Paul: a Phonak Roger Pen, Roger X receivers, a Roger Clip-on Mic, a Roger Table Mic and telephone adapter.

Quite simply, this equipment is life-changing. There are three areas of my life that present considerable difficulties, as I’m sure most hearing-aid wearers would agree: Telephones, noisy environments, and meetings with multiple parties.

Roger Table MicThe Roger ‘system’ works brilliantly in all of these situations. I now have stereo sound beamed into my ears from the telephone. In conjunction with a headset microphone, calls are now a pleasure rather than something to be avoided at all costs.

In noisy environments, particularly that old adversary, the loud pub, my wife (or friend I’m with) wears either my Roger Pen or the Clip-on Mic, and even if we are some feet apart, I can hear them with crystal clarity. The Pen and Clip-on Mic work equally well in, say, a restaurant, with clinking glasses and cutlery.

Meetings have been transformed with the Roger Pen and/or Table Mic. Smaller meeting with the Roger Pen itself work well – I lay the Pen on the table and pick up each speaker clearly. The Table Mic works exceptionally well in larger meetings.

The only criticism I would have, if any, is the connection between the Roger Pen and Clip-on Mic can sometimes be a bit fiddly, and may take a couple of goes to connect them.

The customer experience has been first class- whenever I have had a query, Gill or Paul always respond the same day, usually within an hour, to answer them.

I would highly recommend FM Hearing Systems to anyone with hearing difficulties, whether for advice, or, with equipment.

Simon M., Nottingham

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Clip-on Mic, Roger Table Mic, Roger X Receivers with DAI shoes for Oticon Spirit Synergy and phone adapter

My specific problem is hearing high pitched voices in a busy environment. I work in a school and I was struggling to hear individual children speak or read when there was background noise rolling around high ceilinged victorian classrooms.

The Phonak equipment has really helped this. I can put the Roger Pen down in the middle of the table and it really improves my listening experience.

Roger and Oticon Streamer Bundle

I am still aware of the background noise but can hear the children who are often quiet or who speak in high pitched voices.

I have also used the equipment in meetings. Trainers have been willing to wear the Pen on a lanyard making everything clear and accessible.

If we split into groups to work I can place the pen on the table and take a full part in conversations.

It is also effective in a social setting in the same way such as in a restaurant. I can relax so much more as I am not concentrating so hard trying to follow the conversation.

The equipment does not help in the school dinner hall due to the noise levels and high ceiling. I understand that this is very difficult to combat.

James came to the school to train me and was absolutely excellent. His experience and knowledge was evident.

He talked me through everything I needed to know and went at my speed. He was able to answer all my questions and gave me time to experiment with the equipment whilst he was there. He was sensitive and supportive.

Jennifer K., Bingley

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X Receiver, Oticon Streamer Pro for Oticon Spirit Synergy

I had lived with my hearing loss without any aid for such a long time, believing that there wasn’t much that could improve my situation.

I have no hearing in my right ear and had managed this by positioning myself on the ‘good’ side in all situations, whether standing/sitting next to people and choosing the most advantageous seat in group/meeting situations.

I suffered further hearing loss in my left ear and following a conversation with a friend, was prompted to explore what was available. Two years on, I have the Phonak V90 with Cros and just recently the Roger Pen with the Mylink.

Phonak Roger Pen and Roger Mylink

Phonak Roger Pen and Roger Mylink

I work as a Minute Clerk and was struggling to capture details of conversations during meetings, particularly in large, reverberant environments.

When my Audiologist recommended I try the Roger Pen I was reluctant, not wanting to draw attention to my hearing situation.

I decided to trial it for a couple of months and was by the end of this period, I did not want to return it.

I don’t know how I would manage without it now in meeting situations and at work where I work in an open plan environment.

The sound does take some getting used to but the amplification provided (which can be easily controlled with volume buttons on the Mylink) has helped me tremendously.

It has given me confidence to know that I will be able to hear people in groups and I no longer have to arrive at meetings extra early in order to ‘bag’ the best seat!

It has definitely helped in meetings and in group situations; I work in an open plan office on a bank of desks – it has helped me hear all my colleagues.

It helps with hearing the TV and I no longer need subtitles for every programme.

I had training which was very useful. James provided my training and explained everything very clearly.

Therese M., Manchester

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger Mylink Receiver

I can’t believe how quickly the Roger Pen has become indispensable to me.

I’ve never been able to use a telephone either at work or home before and was very nervous and sceptical about the idea, but I’ve since made numerous business phone calls and managed them easily.

Phonak Roger 10

Phonak Roger 10

Whilst the Roger is never going to be able to completely eliminate the gap between deaf and hearing people it does go a remarkable way towards closing it.

I’ve used it with both a mobile and a landline as well as in several large meetings of 15+ people, and was amazed by how much more of it I could follow.

I also had a colleague wear it in the car on lanyard mode during a business trip which meant we could actually chat on the way, whereas before I wouldn’t have been able to hear him over the background noise of the road.

I take it everywhere now! I honestly never believed I’d be able to use a telephone, and now I find myself chatting away and actually enjoying it.

I didn’t have any on site training, but am very grateful to Gill for all her support via e-mail, every time I’ve had an issue or question she’s responded quickly and helpfully, and is extremely friendly and patient.

It’s always intimidating using a new hearing technology, but it took a lot of the fear out of it knowing there was someone ready to help without getting impatient or judgemental.

Sarah B., Solihull

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger 10 integrated receivers, Phone Adapters and Extra Docking Stations

Feedback ….thanks for the training today at my workplace, I had opened the box containing all the equipment connected with the Roger Pen and was, frankly overwhelmed!

Phonak ComPilot

Phonak ComPilot II

Lee was brilliant, talking me through the video, showing me what wire connected with what piece of equipment, in language my mature brain could digest!

Made it easy for me to quickly realise the benefits of such amazing equipment, and very grateful for his help.

I have already realised the potential for improving my working environment in a very positive way this afternoon at work, especially with the telephone and used my mobile to great advantage.

Sat watching the rugby now, and the commentary is loud and clear…all we need is a Welsh win…under 20’s tonight and seniors against France tomorrow….Cymru am Byth!

Thanks again to Lee, a great trainer ..made it very easy for me today…

Janet G., Neath

Equipment supplied – Roger Pen, Roger X, Phonak ComPilot II and Phone Adapter

I received the Roger Pen and integrated receivers last November 2016 and can confidently say these have helped massively in me being able to use the telephone at work independently.

Phonak Roger 11

Phonak Roger 11

Before Roger, I was unable to use the telephone sufficiently, even with my Phonak hearing aids. Most of the time, it was a guessing game as to what had been said, and whether I relayed the correct information or not (more so not)!

Utilising the program to mute all background noise on my hearing aids, together with the Roger Pen, means I now no longer have to ask for people to take calls for me, or explain I am hearing impaired etc.

I have also been using the Roger Pen as a microphone at work, when in training or struggling to understand when there has been background noise.

I also prefer having the integrated receivers as these are less heavy on my small ears, and I managed to get the colour matched with my hearing aids!

I am very grateful to Paul and Gill who were both knowledgeable and patient when I had questions about whether the system would work with my Middle Ear Implant too, and what the various settings I needed to get at the Audiologists were.

Thank you very much to FM Hearing Systems! Many thanks,

Nuala D., Halifax

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen, Roger 11 Integrated Receivers, phone adapter

Roger has really helped me at work by linking into the digital dictation system that I have to listen to and type from. Before I received Roger I was unable to do this part of my work as I wasn’t able to wear a conventional headset since starting to wear my hearing aid in June 2016.

USB Conversion to Headset Pack

I now have a one eared headset on my right ear and Roger sends dictation straight into my hearing aid in my left ear so I am now able to hear and type digital dictation again.

Roger also helps when I receive/make phone calls at work as I insert him into the Phonak base for my phone and can hear the person on the other end of the phone more clearly than before as their voice is transmitted directly into my hearing aid and not through the phone ear piece.

I also take Roger home with me every evening and weekend. My son helped me to connect the wires to the TV to connect Roger to, but I have found this doesn’t work consistently, so I just place Roger near to the TV and this enables me to have the volume turned down quite low compared to life before Roger!

It also helps when I leave that room and someone can still speak to me as Roger picks up what they are saying.

I found the on site training very useful as I would have been unsure how to set all the equipment up without it. The trainer Gill was very helpful and explained everything thoroughly to me and spent quite a lot of time with me to make sure I understood everything correctly.

From Janice L., Manchester

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen, Roger X Receiver and DAI shoe for Oticon Spirit Synergy, phone adapter, USB Conversion to Headset Pack

Following retirement 4 years ago, I have embarked on a Ph.D.course at the University of Manchester. As I have some hearing loss, I did have a worry that I would not be able to hear clearly in lectures, tutorials and meetings.

Although I wear 2 Oticon hearing aids but this did not appear to totally resolve my fears. I then found out about the Phonak Roger system which was explained to me and the benefits which I would receive.

Phonak Roger_Clip_On_Mic

Phonak Roger Clip-On Mic

I received my system, which consisted of adaptors to clip onto my hearing aids, Roger Pen, Clip on microphone and various connecting wires.

I first looked at everything and wondered where to start. When the trainer came and demonstrated everything I was surprised how simple and straightforward everything was to set up and use.

I now use the systems during lectures and other teaching sessions, using either the clip on microphone or Roger Pen as appropriate.

It is totally fantastic, I can hear extremely clearly with the system being unnoticed by a vast majority or people.

There are additional benefits where I can attach the system to my mobile phone, television or anything with an audio output so that I can now hear everything as clearly, if not better, as I could when I was 20.

The summary is simple – how did I manage without it?

From Roy C., Manchester

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen, Roger Clip-on Mic, Roger X 03 Band Receivers and DAI shoes for Oticon Spirit Synergy

I have been using my equipment from FM Hearing Systems since last February and found both their sales and support service absolutely brilliant.

I was encountering several issues at work last year and within minutes of speaking with them they told me exactly what equipment I needed and explained how these would make my life so much easier in the work place and indeed it did.

Roger and Oticon Streamer Bundle

I purchased my Roger Pen and Oticon Streamer Bundle through them, the advice given prior to purchase was extremely valuable.

They sent me training material, including a video link on how to use the Roger Pen and were also very helpful when I called for further help.

Both the Roger Pen and particularly the Streamer has made a huge difference to my confidence both in the work place and socially.

I have recently been encountering issues with my Streamer and within minutes of leaving a message, Paul called me to discuss how they could assist me.

Paul was brilliant and remembered me from last year and also remembered how I have come to rely on my Streamer and how I can no longer function without it.

Paul immediately arranged for me to return this to be repaired.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to anyone who requires any form of hearing equipment and will continue to use them for any future purchases.

Thank you to all the team at FM Hearing Systems, especially Paul for being so compassionate and understanding. Keep up the good work.

From Harsha M., London

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen, Roger X 03 Band Receiver, Oticon Streamer Pro for Oticon Spirit Synergy and phone adapter


Phonak Roger Pen & Roger X

Phonak Roger, it’s fantastic! How did I manage without it? With my hearing loss, I was unable to use the works phones to take and or make calls, now I can take and make calls very easily.

When out or in meeting and there was any background noise I was unable to follow conversation or join in, now I am able to use the Roger Pen to follow conversation.

I was unable to use the phone, or join in conversation and now neither of these are a problem.

I had training which was very useful, William the trainer made things a lot clearer and gave useful examples of when and how to use the device.

It’s very difficult to put into words the fantastic difference its made both for me as the user and others that need to communicate with me, it’s just been brilliant.

Regards, Gary D., Altrincham

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen, DAI shoe and Roger X receiver for Phonak Nathos SP, Roger X receiver for Med-El Sonnet Cochlear Implant and two phone adapters

My hearing is generally okay with my hearing aids but issues arise when I have to use the landline telephone at work.

In this regard the Roger Pen and Smart Connect equipment have helped enormously by sending the audio from the telephone direct to my hearing aids by Wi-Fi signal.

Smart Connect

I no longer have feedback or hearing problems and can isolate the phone even more by switching the external hearing aid microphone off.

This effectively turns them into ear plugs, excludes exterior interference and noises, making it much easier to hear the person speaking to me on the phone.

The Pen has helped enormously with my primary need, as mentioned above, my main issue was with the landline phone. However, I have found I use it to listen to media files on computers as part of my role requirement.

The training I received was extremely useful and demonstrated the practical uses of the equipment in a one-to-one environment where I was able to ask relevant questions as I learned.

I feel this is a must for anyone purchasing the equipment. My trainer James was competent, patient, extremely knowledgeable and gave clear and concise instructions.

Mark H., Leeds

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Roger X 03 Band receiver with Smart Connect Streamer and Phone Adapter

The Roger Pen is amazing, so much so if I see someone with a hearing aid, I tell them how amazing it is and how it has changed my life. I can hear things I have not heard in a long time as it amplifies what I can hear.

Although it will not replace your hearing loss, the Roger Pen is tremendous and helps with confidence, enabling me to speak out as I have heard what has been said.


Phonak Roger Pen & Roger X

It has enabled me to be the outgoing person I have lost since my hearing loss. I am no longer lonely in the silence of not being able to hear.

I required the Roger Pen to aid me with back ground noise, meetings, within the work place, one to one meetings, speaking to colleagues around the desk/office and within my home and social life. All aspects of your working and normal life.

The on site training was excellent. Not only did James put me at ease, he was so extremely patient and understanding with regards to not being able to hear.

He discussed everything and my personal issues with my hearing and took time, to train me without me feeling rushed or stressed, making sure that I understood everything and going over things again where necessary.

I felt I could ask any questions without hesitation, and he was so very helpful as were the staff whom I have emailed.

This company and the staff have the most excellent service and their customer service skills are out of this world. I can thoroughly recommend them a million percent.

Sarah D., Bradford, West Yorkshire

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Roger X 03 Band receivers with DAI shoes and Phone Adapter

Phonak Roger 15

Phonak Roger 15 integrated receiver

Hi Gill, nice to hear from you and I can confirm that ‘Roger’ is working with no concerns.

Absolutely brilliant product providing a much needed clarity to my hearing impairment in both the workplace and home.

I will be changing jobs soon – I have acquired a role as 999 call handler.

My new hearing ability has opened so many doors for me and my confidence has been restored.

Since it will be non stop telephony work I’ll be using ‘Roger’ with the telephony system.

Kind Regards, Kuly, Leeds

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Roger 15 integrated receivers and Phone Adapter

I am really impressed with the equipment Roger Pen and Mylink, it has really exceeded my expectations, I was sceptical whether this equipment would be suitable for me due to my unfortunate level of hearing loss.

Phonak Roger Pen and Roger Mylink

Phonak Roger Pen and Roger Mylink

But I can honestly say I am optimistic to start using my equipment to resume my working role soon. I was able to receive onsite training to support me in being able to use my equipment effectively and to the best of my ability, the trainer Lisa Caldwell was really nice, she was patient and understanding and really took her time to ensure that I understood all the features of my equipment so I get maximum benefit.

The fact that Lisa was also able to contribute additional advice due to a mutual hearing problem I really feel rest assured and confident in the advice she was giving me, I was also able to obtain tips and information on suitable gadgets for my condition which was an added bonus.

Lisa’s training was thorough and in depth and great care was shown in demonstrations as well as reassurance that she was only a phone call / email away if I needed her (very reassuring).

The customer service I have received at FM Hearing Systems was out of this world I have had to contact customer service for a few minor hiccups I have had along the way and I can confirm that the care shown to their customers is 100%, the staff are caring, approachable and responsive a totally efficient.

I would like to express a special thank you to Gill Pickford she is an absolute diamond she has literally gone above and beyond for me on more than one occasion I cannot thank her enough, she is a real asset to FM Hearing Systems and I endeavour to recommend you all to as much people that I can that require your specialist equipment.

Your company, the equipment, training and superb customer care/support/aftercare are second to none.

Nadine Kellyman Birmingham city council employee

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Roger Mylink receiver and USB Conversion to Headset Pack

Phonak Roger 15

Phonak Roger 15 integrated receiver

I just wanted to drop you all a note saying thank you for helping me get the Roger system.

It is a really brilliant piece of kit, and it has already proven its worth for me in conference situations and on the shop floor.

I had to attend a product review in a noisy environment last week and I asked the lead auditor to put the pen round his neck so I could hear him clearly, and it worked perfectly – even picking up bits he would rather I hadn’t!

Thank you all again!

Robert W., Coventry

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter and Phonak Roger 15 integrated receiver

Roger Pen in Colours

Roger Pen comes in three colours

Absolutely fantastic…I have been using the Phonak Roger equipment for the past few months and it is very easy to use.

I was having major difficulty at work hearing on the telephone in an open plan office and in large meetings, this has resolved any issues I had discreetly.

Also amazing for the TV at home, no wires, crystal clear every time, even use it in my caravan, you can have the TV turned down to 0 if no one else watching and you can hear every single word.

I can’t say how happy I am and what a difference this had made to my life.

Would highly recommend this equipment. Only thing I would like is for the shoes that need to be attached to my hearing aids to be a bit smaller, but this does not cause an issue.

Jackie E., Durham

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger X 03 Band Receivers with DAI shoes and phone adapter


Phonak Roger Pen & Roger X

Hi Paul, the new gadget is amazing!! Taking a bit of getting used to as I now have sound and voices in my head but its excellent.

James the trainer was great yesterday and especially at Audiology. It was very obvious that there werent many staff around at the time to help.

But I was saved by the audiologist that came to our rescue after some patter and a little guidance from James.

I thought I had been connected up 2 weeks ago, but the info hadn’t been saved.

Anyway, into day one with my new ears!! I can hear!! I haven’t had to ask a single person to make a phone call for me!!

AND I don’t have to lock myself away into an empty room to make a call. (As prior to my Roger Pen I would need loud speakers on full volume and still struggled). Anyway thanks so much, its brilliant.

UPDATE 1: Day 2: supporting a patient in the car and I could hear what she was saying to me!! Without having to turn and face her. I’m so excited!

UPDATE 2: Morning Paul. Just to add my first weekend with ears was brilliant, I dusted off the cds and have been dancing and singing ( badly I might add) to my fave songs.

Havent been able to do this for sooo long. In fact Id given up ever hearing music ever again. I can hear things Id forgotten about i.e. the water in the kettle boiling, the doorbell and the birds singing outside. Life just gets better.

UPDATE3: Hi Paul, attended 2 meetings yesterday, the first was in a small cramped office and people squashed in everywhere, discreetly placed my new mate Roger on a desk and could hear every word.

The second was a team meeting at work (Roger was sat on the table) and I’m still amazed at being able to hear.

I’m still looking at people’s faces as they speak which is a bit weird but Ive done that for so long Im not sure that will ever stop, I didn’t have to embarrass myself once by asking someone to repeat themselves!!

And I was able to join in the discussion instead of hiding at the back of the room. This just gets better.

Thank you again

Jean, Scarborough

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger X 03 Band Receivers with DAI shoes and phone adapter

Phonak Roger Pen and Roger Mylink

Phonak Roger Pen and Roger Mylink

Hi Gill, I just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant service.

Not only did you have the equipment sent to me quickly and well packaged, you kept me in the loop and sent the trainer James, who was great.

He actually knew what he was talking about and was able to explain a lot to me with him being an audiologist as well.

He even helped me out by sorting out the buzzing noise I’ve been currently experiencing with my hearing aids. So thank you.


Sarah H., Newcastle upon Tyne

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger Mylink 03 Band Neckloop Receiver and phone adapter

The Phonak Roger Pen and Clip-on Mic are real innovations in assisting the hard of hearing and have improved my quality of life considerably. Obviously one cannot get natural hearing back but this equipment certainly helps to boost the performance of hearing aids in most situations. I can now clearly understand my wife when shopping on the high street in spite of the traffic noise.

Restaurant meals are much pleasanter in spite of many places having poor acoustics or being very noisy. While sitting in the rear of a car, I can easily hear even a quiet conversation in the front seats and am also able to hear the car radio clearly.

Phonak Roger_Clip_On_Mic

Phonak Roger Clip-On Mic

It does take a bit of experimentation to work out how best to set up and use the equipment for communication to suit your circumstances but the effort is certainly worthwhile. An NHS audiologist was able to set up the necessary programmes on my Phonak Nathos S+M hearing aids with the aid of helpful notes from FM Hearing Systems. I still have more to do as I need to work out how best to ‘pair’ the equipment and use it to answer the telephone.

After almost giving up listening to my CD collection as I found headphones uncomfortable for any length of time, I find I can really enjoy hearing recorded music again and (fortunately) am still able to hear my wife!

I can usually hear the sound and dialogue better on the television than my wife by just leaving the Pen or Clip-on Mic on a coffee table near the screen. My listening experience as a regular concertgoer has been made much more enjoyable – it’s almost as if I’d never heard familiar pieces of music before.

When I attend large meetings or adult classes, I can hear well if I am able to point the Pen at the speakers. Cocktail parties and conversations in pubs still tend to be difficult situations but that is true for the majority of older persons. Other social occasions are generally not as exhausting as before because I can usually follow the conversation so that I can respond intelligently.

Previously I found it difficult to understand even the person next to me and peoples’ voices would gradually fade away with time as my brain tired.

Paul Minikin has really given me exceptional service and advice with ultra quick responses to email enquiries at all times (day or night – does he ever sleep?). All the equipment has been promptly delivered in good condition. Any problems have been sorted out quickly and efficiently and one could not have wished for better treatment.

Many thanks Paul for your great support – nothing has been too much trouble and it has been a pleasure to deal with you. Your concept of customer service is really how things should be done ideally!

Regards, David R., Carnforth, Lancashire

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger Clip-on Mic, Phonak Roger X 03 band Receivers with DAI shoes and phone adapter

Phonak Roger 10

Phonak Roger Pen and 2x Roger 10

Hi Lisa, the Roger Pen is proving to be a success :-)

In the car the radio is more clear and I can understand the passenger better. Still need to experiment with people in the back of the car.

I have used it all day for the last 2 days in meetings and this has generally been good. I think the room layout was not ideal as in a lecture room rather than round a table. I still got a lot of the essential information so pleased overall.

Have tried one TV in the bedroom (via the mic option as the audio out did not work) but have not tried the main TV in the lounge yet. The sound was much more direct.

As for the mobile – this is the best use for the pen so far and has greatly improved conversations over using the loop :-)

Regards, Jo S., Bristol

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger 10 03 band Integrated Receivers and phone adapter

Hi Gill, I’m finding my Roger equipment very useful thanks!

I’m using my Pen regularly in meetings and at home – it’s very useful it lots of situations and it’s really handy how portable it is, I take it everywhere! I really like having the flexibility to switch between settings too.


Phonak Roger Pen & Roger X

It took a few days to get used to (finding out you can hear conversations downstairs when you’ve left the pen downstairs is weird and amusing!), but I got used to it easily.

I’ve found that there are some situations, for example, meetings, where it works really well and is such a fantastic thing to have, whereas in other situations, for example, in a busy canteen, it picks up too much background noise to the point where it’s actually making hearing conversations on the table harder to hear.

I understand that limitations to the technology are to be expected though and it’s all about learning how to deal with which situation.

The cables to connect it to the tv and phone is useful and works well. I’ve not managed to test it with my work telephone receiver or with Bluetooth very well because I think my audiologist hasn’t changed my settings correctly (the trainer who visited me told me this was the problem).

The one thing I would say that would be most helpful is if my audiologist knew more about this kind of equipment or at least the settings that need changing – he told me that he’d never heard of anything like it and didn’t have any clue about how it worked with my hearing aids (I was teaching him haha!), although this could just be the audiologist I saw.

I haven’t had any problems with the equipment itself, and I’m very grateful for all of the help received throughout the process of receiving and using my Roger equipment; it has been very friendly and supportive.

To sum up, it’s fantastic (though not without it’s limitations) and I wouldn’t do without it from now on!

Many thanks, Charlotte W., Cambridge

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger X 03 band Receivers, DAI shoes, Phonak Roger Clip-on Mic and phone adapter

Hi, I am finding Roger great, really great! Roger and I are getting along fine, obviously I have been trying out various options, and seeing how things work.

Roger Pen in Colours

Roger Pen comes in three colours

I can’t praise it, and the service from yourselves, highly enough. I watched TV the other night without subtitles! And my hearing friends even asked for the volume to be turned up!

My son does have a Roger Pen too, and he is amazed at what he can now hear! When we all wear one, he can properly join in the conversation, which is something he has not really been able to do before.

I just have to remember to disconnect his from mine, before he heads off to school! He also finds it much easier at school, as he has greater control with the pen, and it’s far more flexible.

Last week I went shopping in IKEA with some friends they wore Roger, and inevitably we got lost, but I soon found them, as I could hear them! I do think that sometimes a two-way Roger would be helpful!

Best wishes

Andy K., Stoke on Trent

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitters x2, Phonak Roger X 03 band Receivers, DAI shoes and phone adapters

Roger Roger! I have severe hearing loss in both ears, both on high pitch range! I am 55 .. Losing your hearing is one of the most frustrating things that can happen ..

After several visits to audiology and them trying to tweak my NHS hearing aids I decided to go private .. I won’t mention where , but I was told the aids ranged from £1000 to £9000 depending on how many channels I needed ..

Roger and his bikeI signed for some costing £3000 , when I returned home I started more searches, I found out that theses channels are just a case of plugging into a computer and they can be turned on ..

So no more technology for £9000 than £1000 that wasn’t already inside the hearing aid .. I felt ripped off . My disadvantage was being taken advantage off .. Not a chance, I phoned next day and cancelled .. So I searched again .. That is when I found the Roger Pen! Interesting name .. Lol .

Ok so what would I need, first trip was back to NHS Audiolog , now this can be a postcode lottery, but I was in luck, they would supply the aids needed, but not the receivers or pen ..

I emailed Paul Minikin at FM Hearing Systems, the good looking chap in the videos as he refers to himself. Paul is not only very switched on as to how it all works, but is also very helpful, and I mean very helpful.

Because when I have questions I have a lot .. He answered every email , and still does .. The pen will cost £500 , the receivers £250 each ear ..

The pen is a clever bit of kit, it does not give you your full hearing back .. Nothing can do that , in very crowded places I can have a conversation with the person holding the pen, and no one else, unless they pass the pen round. This because my hearing loss is severe, it would work better if my loss wasn’t as bad .

If we go out for a quiet meal I can talk to more people at the table depending how far away they are sat .. At home my wife can be upstairs with the pen and I can hear her and answer from downstairs …Hmmm ok maybe this is a disadvantage ….. TV , I’m still to buy a DA converter, at the moment I lie the pen down by the TV, it’s not ideal, but I hear most of it .. Programmes differ one to another in sound quality ..

I cycle a lot, in fact I just cycled Lands End to John o Groats , the pen connects to blue tooth and I can answers the phone using the pen which is very handy when Bluetooth works , it can be a tad hit and miss .. I’m sure depending on how bad your hearing is the Roger Pen will have huge benefits.

I didn’t expect it to replace my damaged hearing and neither should you, but if it helps in some small way then it’s money well spent . Don’t waste money on £9000 hearing aids , they are no better than NHS , in fact often not as good .. I’m sure there are places you might be able to trial the pen for 30 days …

Talk to Paul , he is more than helpful .. It’s just a pity it’s a Parker pen they give away just for enquiring and not a Roger Pen!

Kind regards, Roger A. Flintshire

Footnote – Roger has achieved international recognition, generating news articles as far as Canada and New Zealand because of his cycling exploits.

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger 11 Integrated Receivers

Hello Adie, I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful and amazing ‘training’ this morning with the Phonak Roger Pens, bearing in mind your travelling time.


Phonak Roger Pen

You are someone who cares passionately about disability with importance on hearing loss – what a gentleman – what a guy.

When you first let me listen to music this morning via the ‘phone – it tore me to shreds. It transported me to a different world.

I was somewhat shocked to learn that with the ‘right equipment’ one can hear music, bearing in mind I have not heard ‘music’ for many years and yet I used to play the violin with Joe Loss (Hammersmith) many, many years ago.

For the past 15 or so years i just went into my ‘bubble’ – words fail me because saying THANK YOU – is not sufficient or adequate.

I must say here and now – it was such joy – and delight to meet with you – you certainly have something very rare these days – Customer Care and Customer Focus.

You put me at ease – no pressure – this was so appreciated by me.

Thank you Adie and thank you too Paul and your staff for being there for me.

Daisy Day, Epsom

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitters, Phonak Roger 10 Integrated Receivers and Phone Adapter

I was recommended the Roger Phonak Equipment through access to work assessment and I have found the equipment has been extremely helpful in my home life and in my day to day duties as a nurse.

Examples of situations where Roger Phonak Equipment has been beneficial to me are, ward round, ward handovers, training days, staff meetings and in discussions with patients, parents or carers.

Phonak Roger_Clip_On_Mic

Phonak Roger Clip-On Mic

It has been particularly advantageous when making and receiving telephone calls in a noisy or busy office environment.

The equipment has been helpful also in my home life too – When watching a programme without subtitles I no longer have to worry that the next door neighbour might complain that the volume of the TV is too loud.

The other day I could even hear the television when I was making a cup of tea in the kitchen during the programme interval!) Other areas include hearing others talking when in the car and when using a mobile phone in noisy places.

When out with friends and when meeting new people I no longer have to rely on my partner to repeat conversation because I can rely on my new ‘BFF’ (Best Friend Forever)…. Roger!

I wish I had met Roger sooner : – )

Kind Regards Bev – Nottingham

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger Clip-on Mic, Phonak Roger X Universal Receivers, DAI shoes and Phone Adapter

Phonak Compilot Roger Pen and X

Phonak Compilot, Roger Pen and Roger X

Hi Gill, my hearing aids are Phonak BiCros BTE and Phonak Audeo Q90–T RIC.

I am close to the threshold for a cochlear implant (in the clarity test; my straight audiogram is still about 10dB north). My audiology department at Addenbrookes said my aids were set up optimally, and were particularly enthusiastic about the Roger Pen – which is why I was looking forward to this.

I have Comfort Audio set up, but I gather the Roger Pen runs on much more effective Signal to Noise software.

I have fired up the Roger Pen and it has met my high expectations: I used it at a whole-staff meeting – 50 people, big hall, breaking into discussion groups around tables; I could hear more, and more clearly, than with the old system a couple of years ago, when my hearing was much better.

I am more than happy for you to use that endorsement of the Roger Pen – the more people know the better so you could add: “I wish I had known of it earlier!”

Mark, Clacton

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger X Universal Receiver, Phonak ComPilot and Phone Adapter

I’m 26 years old and I just wanted to let you that Roger is fantastic! I really like the red Roger Pen. I much prefer it over the silver. Having one that’s a little bit funkier means a lot and feels more aesthetically pleasing to the eye around strangers, friends and family.

Roger Pen in Colours

Roger Pen comes in three colours

Adie Platts came to see me to set up the Pen, Adie was fantastic, very knowledgeable and had plenty of time for my questions. I told Adie about my disappointment in having to have the Silver pen.

Adie contacted you and you happily swapped the silver for the ruby red.

So far using the Roger Pen at home has been brilliant! I love to watch the MotoGP and for the first time for example I heard the commentary!

Using the Roger Pen with my iPhone is also brilliant! I could go on…

I did have an issue that you helped resolve. When on the phone at work my hearing aid microphone (Oticon Spirit Zest) was still on. In the noisy office environment at work it made it difficult to hear the phone conversation.

With your I found out how to change the settings to allow me to hear on the phone with FM only which has made a huge difference.

Thank you for all your help and guidance, so far it’s been brilliant! I’ve already recommended the pen several times :-D

Chloe B, Nottingam

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger X Universal Receivers, DAI Shoes and Phone Adapter


Phonak Roger Call Centre Bundle

Hello to all the team at FM Hearing Systems. I would like to offer you some feedback if I may having recently been involved with yourselves via Access to Work in helping me continue with my job!

I now have the Phonak Roger Call Centre package installed and up and running. I can honestly say it is great!! and if it wasn’t for this package I would not be able to do my job!

I admit I had never ever heard of a thing called a Roger Pen before and was intrigued to say the least. I was a new user to wearing bilateral hearing aids ( I have the Phonak Micro ones) I found it all a very daunting situation.

When I was assessed by Access to Work I did not know if there was anything out there that could help me at all, I use audio typing at work and could not use the traditional headphones, I also have to use the telephone a lot. The possibility that I could still do my job with the right equipment was very comforting to me and now I can listen to my computer and type via the Roger pen using the Roger transmitters with an audio shoe attached to my hearing aids, using a special FM setting set up by my audiologist.

I use a 4 way audio splitter to switch between my computer and telephone. It’s all very clever! It’s a bit weird at first, it felt like I was hearing voices inside my head!! Was I going mad!! possibly, but I got used to this new experience in no time.

I was given some great help and advice throughout my adventures, It was reassuring that there was always a point of contact and I spoke to Paul Minikin on numerous occasions when I needed something explaining. I always found him to be very personable, patient and above all else very helpful when in the beginning I really did not know what I was going to do with all this new equipment I had.

I soon received some very helpful training from Gill Pickford who came out to see me at my workplace at the hospital. Nothing was too much trouble. She was very patient and spent a lot of time with me. She was very knowledgeable about the product and how it worked which to a novice like me was a godsend and also very comforting.

All in all the service I have received throughout was excellent and whenever I have had to contact I have always felt reassured and never made to feel I was a nuisance. There has always been someone at the end of the phone or through email. The videos on the website I also found very helpful and explains the set up very well.

I have felt supported all the way by everyone involved. Thank you again to you all!!

Kathy, Chesterfield

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger X Universal Receivers, DAI Shoes, Audio Splitter and Phone Adapter


Phonak Roger Pen & Roger X

Hi Gill, last year as a team we had 2 hour stints of taking calls as in a call centre and I really struggled.

Not only could I not hear or understand what the customer at the other end of the phone was saying we are in an open plan office and this was interfering as well.

During this period my confidence took a knock and I dreaded coming into work the days I did that job.

Now using the Phonak Roger Pen I cant believe the difference it has made. My confidence is high again and how clear the person at the other end is.

In group situations like board meetings it is easy to cut out the background noise of other teams having their meetings as well and concentrate on the person talking. I tend to hold the pen when stood up for meetings.

Kind Regards, Karen F., Liverpool

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger X Universal Receivers, DAI Shoes and Phone Adapters


Phonak Roger Pen

Hi FM Hearing Systems, I’d just like to say that ‘Roger’ and I are inseparable now, I find it very helpful at meetings.

I also use it by just placing just in front of the radio, TV or music system speaker and for the first time in years have been able to enjoy listening to music and TV all around the house.

I have been caught out a couple of times when I have fully charged the pen but not used it for a day or two and then when I have tried to use it, it has no power and needs recharging. Now I am aware of this I ensure I recharge regularly.

Overall, a brilliant system which I greatly appreciate. I know I am not yet using it to its maximum potential and look forward to getting myself organised to enable me to do so.

Thank you, regards, Wendy M., Nottingham

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger X Universal Receivers, DAI Shoes and Phone Adapters

Phonak Roger 13Paul, thank you. I think my main question over the Pen is how I did without it. I use it most of the time now.

Whilst working from home I can now make and receive calls without having to constantly ask to repeat.

In meetings I can now keep up with conversations; including one meeting in a noisy cafe with a customer with a strong Chinese accent.

I also had the confidence to make calls whilst walking between meetings in London with the noise of traffic in the background.

Internal meetings at my HQ are now so much easier and I found I could even leave the meeting room and walk some way away and still hear clearly what was said.

Overall, I could not do without it. Thank you all.

Regards, Peter F., Cambridgeshire

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger 13 Integrated Receivers, USB Headset Conversion Pack


I work on an audit team in a call centre, my main role is listening to sales calls via the pc. This meant wearing headphones on top of my hearing aids, wearing spectacles too was starting to make my ears sore.

The Roger system has given me the freedom to listen to the calls wirelessly via my hearing aids.

I can audit the calls confidently and be comfortable in my job – I have a device that can also switch to using the phone with one simple switch of a button.

We also have sessions in a meeting room where 10 of us listen to the call and discuss the outcome – how fantastic that I can get involved in these sessions as I’m not missing what’s been said. What a massive confidence boost!

Thank you, Joanne, Call Centre Worker, Nottingham

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger X Universal Receivers, DAI Shoes, Audio Splitter and Phone Adapters

Hi Paul, as promised here is my feedback. I have been a hearing aid user for over twenty years now and as my hearing has deteriorated over the years, I have felt excluded from so many social and work related activities.

Phonak Roger_Clip_On_Mic

Phonak Roger Clip-On Mic

I’ve often said, ‘well what’s the point of going to… if I can’t hear the conversation?’ Absolutely no point in starting a conversation, as I couldn’t hear the reply. Meetings at work were a nightmare, and as for anyone on my weaker (left) side, well I had no chance.

Right up until a few weeks ago that was, as now I am benefiting from a Phonak Roger system supplied by FM Hearing Systems. With so many possibilities, I am now looking forward to going out socially and I now feel a part of the organisation that I work for.

Telephone conversations are now possible and I can hear the television with zero sound coming from it, the audio goes directly to my ears. I can hear the radio at home and walk around the house, not missing a thing! When driving, I can hear passengers clearly, even those in the rear seats!

Quite simply, Phonak Roger has re-opened a new life for me and I couldn’t be more delighted. I would also compliment Paul for his expert help and advice. The equipment training session with James was invaluable, his easy going manner made for both an enjoyable and educational session too.

Kind regards,

David Bransby, Personal Computer Training, Leeds

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger Clip-on Mic Transmitter, Phonak Roger X Universal Receivers, DAI Shoes and Phone Adapters

Phonak Roger Pen and Roger Mylink

Phonak Roger Pen and Roger Mylink

Hi Gill, I just wanted to let you know that I’m getting on really well with my equipment and that it’s hugely beneficial to me. After using it a couple of times I’m getting more familiar with it and learning how best to use it in different circumstances. I went to a meeting today where there’s a colleague who speaks very quietly and for the first time in two years I could actually hear what she was saying!

Thank you for your training which gave me all the information I needed and also lots of very useful tips as well.

Using this equipment really has given my confidence a boost– wearing it doesn’t bother me at all and it’s very easy to use.

Thanks again

June, Derby

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter, Phonak Roger Mylink Receiver

Hi Gill, firstly a big thank you for your quality time and patience, and above all your understanding when you visited me for my training with Phonak Roger. I thought you were like a guardian Angel, extremely understanding, patient & empathetic to my needs. I think the main thing we have in common is we have a good understanding of deafness and how it affects our everyday life.


Phonak Roger Pen & Roger X

Just like to say the Roger equipment has made a considerable difference in more ways than one. The clarity of sound is far better than any other equipment I’ve used. I think its vitally important. As I’m sure you are aware, most people who haven’t any understanding think its about volume.

Also the Deaf Awareness Training will take place soon, so hopefully this will give my fellow work colleagues a better understanding of how deafness can effect a person in their everyday life in more ways than you can ever imagine.

The Roger system has made a considerable difference to my working life in particular both within the office and the Community.

The Roger Pens are lightweight, rather stylish I think, as it looks like a pen. Far less cumbersome than some hearing equipment.

There are times when I experience some hot spots, although few. More importantly the amazing electronics in this little beauty makes a world of difference.

Obviously doesn’t replace normal hearing but it’s a great step forward as you are aware “Communication” is the key to everyday life.

I would recommend the Roger Pen with confidence.   Regards, Carole, Chelmsford

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen Transmitters, Phonak Roger X Receivers with DAI shoes

I work in Higher Education and my role involves managing staff, chairing staff and employer meetings, lecturing in large lecture theatres and holding seminars in traditional classrooms. I am also a Doctoral student which requires me to attend lectures at Universities to inform my studies. I have had a 50% hearing loss in my left ear for 20 plus years and now earlier this year a sudden 60% loss in my right ear, and my Karen SweetingGP recently told me that I might not be able to return to my job. A devastating prognosis as I am 55 years old and had always planned to continue my job, which I love, until state retirement age of 67.

What next? I got a GP referral to the local hospital to have hearing aids fitted. I made an appointment with Occupational Health at work and they referred me to Access to Work to see if any reasonable adjustments could be made which would allow me to continue in my role. The Access to Work practitioner recommended the Roger Pen, the Roger Clip-on Mic and the phone adapter which was authorised and funded jointly by my workplace and Access to Work – what a revelation!

I now use my Roger Pen when I attend lectures; I ask the lecturer to either wear the pen around their neck or put the pen on the lectern dependent upon their delivery style and I now hear their every word. For my own lecture delivery I wear my Roger pen around my neck which allows me to walk up and down the steps of the lecture theatre so that I can maximise my engagement with my students. My student groups include many international students, the Asian girls are often very softly spoken but I can then use my Roger Pen as a microphone, the integral gyroscope makes it such as flexible tool to cover all situations and meets my every need.

When I chair meetings, I just place my Roger pen in the middle of the table and I hear every member of the group – even those who think they have whispered under their breath, I miss nothing!! When I invite a guest speaker to talk to my students I ask them to wear the Clip-on Mic and I continue to wear my Roger Pen around my neck. Their talk goes straight to my hearing aids but I can still fully engage with the student audience via my Roger Pen.

When I am at my desk, the phone attachment means that I can answer the landline using my Roger Pen with no need to lift the handset, the callers voice goes straight to my hearing aids and I speak into my Roger Pen.

I met with OH again and I have now been declared, once again, fit for the workplace and due to the equipment I don’t even need to declare my disability. No forced early retirement for me after all.

I have since made adjustments at home too. I use the USB cable to attach my Roger Pen to either my iPhone to listen to my music and have it played direct into my hearing aids without my family having to endure my choice of music, or my iPad so that I can listen to my favourite podcasts in the same way.

I also have a scart cable and audio cables to attach my Roger Pen to the TVs in my house – gone is the need for subtitles or driving my family crazy with having the sound so loud as the sound just plays discreetly and directly into my hearing aids.

The equipment provided by FM Hearing Systems has given me my life back both at work and at home. People keep telling me that I look 10 years younger which is due to the complete removal of the stress of feeling different and of being in a near silent world. Now I feel normal again and, in fact, I often hear things that my friends and family miss and they ask me what someone has said!!

Thank you FM Hearing Systems.

Karen Sweeting 20/12/14

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen, Phonak Roger Clip-on Mic, Phonak Roger X receivers with DAI shoes and Phone Adapter

I have worn hearing aids for about twenty years and currently wear Phonak Naida which make a big difference. However I still find great difficulty in following TV programs or films.

My NHS audiologist advised me to look at Phonak’s ComPilot and TV Link. The result was overwhelming, the sound quality was better than I could remember for many years, not just good quality stereo sound but I could listen at a volume that I enjoyed and my wife could continue watching with the sound at a comfortable level for her.

Phonak Roger_Clip_On_Mic

Phonak Roger Clip-On Mic

Once I realised that good quality sound was still available to me, I began to be disgruntled with the hearing problems that I had principally when in meetings at work or listening to the sermon in a church that had terrible acoustics.

Again after taking advice and after trawling the web I read of Phonak’s Roger system. On the face of it this would answer all my unresolved hearing problems and as I already had a ComPilot I could plug the tiny Roger receiver into that rather than having to buy one for each hearing aid.

I purchased a Roger Pen and a Roger X receiver from FM Hearing Systems and by making a VAT declaration was able to avoid paying VAT so a good buy. The Roger Pen is a very sophisticated microphone. When laid flat in the middle of a table it picks up all voices around the table and transmits them to my ComPilot which is hanging round my neck. If we are being addressed by a speaker I can give him the Pen which he hangs round his neck and it then acts as short range microphone with a very narrow acoustic beam. And if I hold it and point it towards a speaker the microphone again changes to suit. This is either done automatically or by selection.

Well it worked well for me in meetings but I really wondered how it would cope with the poor acoustic and reverberations within a typical Spanish church which we attend when abroad. Well two weeks ago I attended the installation of a new chaplain for The English Speaking Church in Ibiza and managed to follow the whole sermon and readings for the very first time. Wow.

Being so pleased and on a bit of a roll I bought a personal Roger Clip-on Mic for my wife so that she does not have to constantly turn to face me when speaking.

I’m very pleased with my purchases as they have all done just what I needed and appear to be of good quality. More than that my wife is a happy bunny too.

David Screaton

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen, Phonak ComPilot, Phonak Roger X and Phonak Roger Clip-on Mic

Just a quick email to say thank you so much for all your help, support and patience with getting me up and running with this fantastic equipment. It really has given me a new lease of life.

Call-CentreI cannot recommend this equipment enough.

I have been using the Roger Pen and Phonak Roger and USB Headset Conversion Pack in relation to making and receiving work calls. I work in safeguarding. The calls I receive and make are high profile and sometimes can be very lengthy when I’m in a case conference.

The Roger has enabled me to hear calls very clearly and enabled me to concentrate on the details of the conversation rather than guessing what I think is being said and missing parts of conversation. I am no longer stressed about making/receiving calls as I no longer need to get embarrassed having to ask people to clarify or repeat what they have just said. Everything is just so much easier and clearer.

My calls are received and made through my laptop therefore trying to find a piece of equipment that would be able to assist me I thought was an impossibility but Paul and FM Hearing Systems didn’t fail.

An added bonus is that I don’t even have to wear the headset around my neck, the headset is such a high quality I now work, answer and make calls hands and wire free – what a great piece of equipment which I would recommend to anyone!


Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen, 2x Phonak Roger X, Phonak Roger and USB Headset Conversion Pack

As you get older you are sometimes aware of the changes that happen with age but others creep up on you like something out of a Stephen King novel.


Phonak Roger Pen

It was about 3 years ago when my family noticed that I was not hearing them to well or having the TV far too loud. I pretty much ignored it as my Dad was very deaf and the reality of going the same way was not something I looked forward to.
I ignored it to the point that I was becoming isolated both in social and working environments.
At work I got more and more frustrated about asking people at meetings to speak up, and felt like I was becoming a liability. I became frightened that I would mishear someone and that my response would be inappropriate. It was becoming a real disability.

Then came the innovation, a Phonak Roger System.

The equipment took a while to be sourced and delivered but it eventually came. A box full of really technical stuff, scary. However I went through the manual and got myself set up in just a couple of hours. What a difference. I took the portable equipment (the size of a pen, the signal is picked up by two small receivers which attach to both my hearing aids) to a meeting and I had no trouble at all hearing, I was able to contribute effectively. The equipment is also digitally connected to my telephone so I can now hear it really well without getting any whistling from my hearing aid, what a joy.

I would encourage anyone who has a problem with their hearing which affects their work situation to act. It’s made a huge difference to my work and home life. The only thing I do take objection to is the name of the device….ROGER…!!!!!

Dawn A., Nottinghamshire

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen, 2x Phonak Roger X, Phone Adapter

Well what can I say! Having used my Phonak Smartlink for the last few years and being very pleased with its performance, I was very interested to hear about the new technology Phonak were bringing out.

My hearing aid man Paul had told me about it and I wanted to see if it was any better. It’s certainly a lot neater, I don’t feel self conscious using it at all.

I have to say it’s a BIG improvement, I thought it might be a little better. The Smartlink was good but now I am using my Roger Pen and it’s a lot better.

I can join in conversations around the table even when its noisy. I went to the pub for a meal and I can honestly say I could hear better than my husband!

Walking around town doing some shopping it was a great help, I could hear the shop assistants clearly and I could hear my husband even with all the traffic noise.

It’s really good in the car too. I could hear the indicator ticking and the windscreen wiper for the first time! I can also hear my son chomping on his food which maybe isn’t such a good thing!

Overall I would say that there is a good improvement with the Phonak Roger equipment, I would highly recommend it, it’s fantastic!

Mrs. O. B., Keighley

Equipment supplied – Phonak Roger Pen, Phonak Roger Mylink

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