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rogerpenandreceiverRadio Aids is a generic term to loosely describe FM and DM assistive technology. Radio Aids are one of the most important strands of hearing aid technology to help people hear in challenging, noisy and reverberant environments. Here is how they work;

The microphone of the transmitter picks up a speaker’s words. This audio is sent via a high quality wireless radio signal directly to receivers connected to the hearing aids of the person using the Radio Aid. The resulting high sound quality ‘direct audio input’ is widely accepted to lead to greatly improved hearing benefits for the wearer.

Comfort Digisystem RangeThe sound that the wearer hears is in its optimal state, free from attenuation (natural volume decay over distance), reverberation and distortion, and (by making use of some very sophisticated technology ) the most intrusive aspects of background noise. Some ambient sounds are usually still picked up by the hearing aid microphones so as to help create the most natural sound environment along with the best possible hearing quality.

  • FM and DM hearing systems operate as effectively in sunlight as they do indoors and can transmit through solid objects.
  • They can often work straight out of the box with no programming and are very much ‘plug and play’.
  • They help in noisy school, workplace and social environments, in the car and many more areas.
  • They work together with your hearing aids to improve speech understanding immensely.
  • For more in depth information on how Radio Aids work and can help you click here

So what do we recommend?

Radio aid technology is a broad church, there is a vast range of products from various manufacturers, ranging from cheap and cheerful (translating often to mediocre audio quality) to products with a high build quality and relatively expensive to purchase (with an audio quality to match the price tag). Like most things in life, you get what you pay for!

As a supplier of the best technology at great prices we really don’t want to be involved in supplying products that we don’t believe to be of a high enough audio quality. We want to supply fantastic technology that really makes a difference, and with the lowest prices you’ll find in the UK. If you find a lower price than we offer please tell us!

Here’s the thing, hearing aids and assistive devices aren’t perfect! I’m sure that’s no surprise for you to hear, but just for the record, any assistive device to help you hear better, whether it’s a hearing aid, a wireless streamer, some kind of telecoil neckloop, right up to the best radio aid equipment available, nothing will offer perfection. However, if you buy the better quality products you can rightly expect the better quality results. When it comes to the ‘cheap and cheerful’ products we’d rather other companies supplied them to be honest!

What we don’t supply;

There are some products out there that are ‘ok’ if you’re on a limited budget that can be purchased elsewhere. The Action on Hearing Loss web shop is good for these type of devices, such as Sonido and MiniTech Personal Listeners, Conversor Pro, Sarabec Crescendo and a miriad of telecoil neckloops. If you do want us to supply these devices just ask, but to be honest we’d rather encourage you to purchase the higher quality (and more expensive) devices with superior audio quality (if your budget permits of course). Whatever we supply we’ll always do our best to keep the prices as keen as we can.

We don’t supply FM Genie, an own label product manufactured and supplied by Connevans. It’s not actually a bad product and was good in its time, but it has seen better days in our opinion. Technology moves on, there has been a lot of innovation over the last few years leaving FM Genie behind. The newer technology available today looks a lot better, is easier to use and offers superior performance.

What we do supply;

We are BIG fans of Phonak Roger, we think it’s the bees knees. it’s very hard to beat this product in most ways, it looks great, it’s easy to use and the performance is superb. Phonak have a massive market share of the FM and DM Radio Aid systems supplied in the UK and worldwide, and there is reason for that, their technology is very good. If you consider the balance of performance and value for money Phonak Roger is hard to beat. Independent testing has shown marked improvements on existing FM technology. Roger’s new DM technology promises 54% improvement in noise compared to older FM technology and 35% improvement to Phonak’s own much admired Dynamic FM technology. Check this out.

We also really like Comfort Digisystem which has fantastic build quality and some really innovative solutions in their armoury, although it is easily the most expensive radio aid solution on the market. We also supply the Amigo system by hearing aid manufacturer Oticon, and Comfort Contego.

So what qualifies us to be able to make judgements on quality?

At FM Hearing Systems we have a strong audiological background, our managing director is a (still practicing) independent hearing aid audiologist regularly involved with the supply, set up and care of hearing aids from all brands available in the UK, and on a daily basis is involved with the private sector and NHS supplied hearing aids. Some of our key people are cochlear implant and hearing aid wearers and personally test the equipment we supply. We are also heavily involved in the worldwide supply of all brands of hearing aid accessories through our sister website HAB.

In the field of radio aid technology we are uniquely qualified in the UK, no other supplier has the breadth of knowledge and experience across the related disciplines that we have. Right through the organisation there is a strong inter-connection with many individuals involved in the advising of, assessing of and supplying of assistive devices to the hard of hearing public, with experience of the best radio aid technology, streamers, remote controls etc. available to revolutionize lives. We aren’t interested in mediocre, and ‘that will do’ certainly ‘won’t do’. We pursue excellence, and we expect the best of ourselves in what we do. The products we supply and your expectations of us and what we do should be the same.

Radio Aids can help in all these situations;

Children and Young Adults
In the Workplace
For Busy Lifestyles
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Curtis A

Website is exceptionally easy to navigate. Ordered two Phonak CP1 phones which are no longer made and was a real struggle trying to locate. Ordered through FM Hearing Systems and they arrived the very next day. Very please with the service - will use again.


Quick replies to emails regarding equiment and once ordered the equipment arrived the next day

Mohamed A

Very happy with their service, as all my emails requesting information or assistance is attended to very promptly.

Gerald W

Excellent service and advice over the phone Thoroughly recommend and will use again

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Fast efficient service would recommend to everyone.

Linda D

FM Hearing Systems made me happy by refunding the cost of an unnecessary piece of equipment that my assessor said I would need, and sending the small optical cable that I actually did need. No fuss, no quibble, just first class service, as always. The team is a credit to the company. Thanks you all of you 🙂

Gerald W

Excellent service and advice I thoroughly recommend this organisation

David B

Exceeding expectations when it comes to customer service. Gill is a diamond!

Keith S

Well, I haven’t had my repair back yet but I’ve been dealing with you for 4 years now and the service is second to none. Pail answers queries out of hours always, not that I encourage that for a happy marriage!

Alan D

It is being used by our Grand daughter in school, she is very pleased with the results. She found it easy to set up and was able to tell her teachers how to use it.


Got what I ordered the next day. Good service, good advice and good price

Cerri D

Fast efficient service and staff are always knowledgeable and helpful 🙂 Thank you


Quick and efficient service. Thank you

Peter S

Nothing's to much trouble for them.

Cerri D

Fast courteous service...i have always found everyone I've spoken to in the company very helpful. Thank you 🙂

Donna F

Fantastic customer services and brilliant advice before purchase with no pressure to buy.

Donna F

Excellent advice before purchase. Fast delivery. Excellent customer service with no pressure to buy just good clear advice on all products

Linda D

When I called, Shaun was very helpful in pointing me at the specific piece of equipment that I required. My order was placed later on Tuesday afternoon and it arrived on Thursday morning. I had a follow-up e-mail to inform me that my order was received, another whenit was packaged and despatched. FM Hearing couldnot have been more helpful and efficient. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is in need of auxilliary equipment for hearing aids.

Donna F

Fantastic advice before purchase. Very quick delivery arrived within 2 days of ordering. Would highly recommend.

Lorraine S

Once I had contacted the company by email, I had an almost immediate response and it was on a Saturday which is pretty exceptional! The equipment has not been set up by my audiologist yet but the service and personal contact from FM Hearing Systems is very good indeed

Peter F

Superlative servcie. Nothing is ever too much trouble. the repair on my Roger Pen was turned around within days. Only issue is that the MicroUSB connection is a weak point.