What Transmitters and When? 2017-01-16T07:50:38+00:00


There are two main parts to Radio Aid System – the Transmitter and the Receiver.

In the majority of cases the main (primary) transmitter we supply to work with Roger receivers in a Phonak Roger system is the Phonak Roger Pen.

It is a very versatile piece of technology and is fantastic for personal use and in small groups, if you intend to use the equipment in an educational setting the most appropriate Roger transmitter may be different, or if you want it all to work in larger groups this may change also.

Our recommendation is that a single Roger Pen is absolutely fine in one to one situations and in small groups, also a round table of up to 8-10 people perhaps,  and to reduce the numbers down a little with severe / profound hearing loss.

Then you might want to consider adding extra Roger transmitters to the mix, in a meeting scenario around a table you might add Phonak Roger Clip-on Mics to be used by the chairman of the meeting (maybe other key people as well), and you keep hold of the Pen to control what you emphasise in the meeting along with the Clip-on Mic (s).

***Please note – using 2 pens in a network does not give any benefit over using a Pen and a Clip-on Mic, the first (primary) Pen (the one that is switched on first) retains its automatic microphone modal behaviour but a secondary Pen in a network stays in ‘lanyard mode’ ie behaves in the same way as a Clip-on Mic – which is a lower priced device.

For larger meetings (say in a corporate environment) it may be more appropriate to consider the Phonak Roger Table Mic which works really well for larger groups. Depending on the area to be covered dictates the number of Table Mics required.