Universal or Integrated Receivers? 2017-01-16T07:52:47+00:00

questionThere are two main parts to Radio Aid System – the Transmitter and the Receiver.

The transmitter would typically be a Phonak Roger Pen. The receiver could be a neckworn device such as a Phonak Roger MyLink which receives what the Pen transmits and then sends the audio via telecoil (loop) into the hearing aids.

Mostly, though, people use ear level receivers, particularly when wearing ‘behind the ear’ hearing aids, which clip discreetly to the bottom of the hearing aids.

Phonak Roger ear level receivers can be universal (ie. they work in conjunction with any brand of hearing aid) or integrated (they are specially designed to work with specific Phonak ‘behind the ear’ hearing aids, matching in design with Phonak hearing aids in colour etc).

If the hearing aid wearer is using any brand of hearing aid but Phonak the choice of receiver needs to be ‘Universal’, if the wearer is using Phonak hearing aids the alternatives are Integrated or Universal.

The image to the left shows firstly a Phonak hearing aid with an integrated receiver attached, and then a Phonak hearing aid with a DAI shoe (used with all different brands of hearing aids as an interface to connect to Roger X receivers) and a Roger X receiver.

Top Tip for Phonak hearing aid wearers – integrated receivers are a little more elegant for sure, but it is worth considering how long you will be using your present Phonak hearing aids. If it is reasonably likely within a few years the hearing aids will be changed for a different model (Phonak or other brand), a universal receiver such as a Phonak Roger X may be a better option.

A Roger X can be used on a future model of hearing aid with only the minimal cost of an audio shoe (currently £20.00). This means the whole system can be used on any new hearing aids without the expense of new receivers.

Also it’s worth noting that the integrated receivers can be colour coded to your Phonak hearing aids, but the Roger X always only comes in the one colour – silver.

The best way to frame the choice between universal and integrated receivers is that it’s a straight choice between practicality and cosmetics….

Certainly worth some consideration!