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Roger Upgrader software is available to offer the latest firmware for your Phonak Roger devices including bug fixes and enhancements made available for your All you need to do is download the Roger Upgrader by clicking the ‘download’ button to the right, save the file to your desktop, unzip and run the ‘setup’ file to install the Roger Upgrader. (This software is suitable for Windows PC’s running Windows 7 onward only, and not Mac).

Then, attach your Roger Pen / Clip-on Mic to one of the USB ports of your computer with the ‘USB to micro USB’ cable provided with your Roger transmitter. (Plug the micro USB into the micro USB port at the bottom of your Pen / Clip-on Mic).

Once everything is connected run Roger Upgrader and select ‘Automatic Upgrade’ and then ‘USB Devices-  Start Assistant’. It may take up to 5 minutes for the upgrade to complete, once the process is completed the software will inform you when done.

Roger New LED ColoursImportant – Please do not disconnect your device or switch your computer off while the firmware upgrade is in process.

For devices supplied pre 2015 Upgrading from the old firmware to the new will offer a number of key enhancements;

  • The LED indicator lights on the Roger Pen / Clip-on Mic will have changed as per the detail in the image to the right.
  • Bluetooth function will be much improved, it is more stable with the benefit of clearer audio quality when using bluetooth.
  • Roger Pen as a primary transmitter in a multi talker network (MTN) with multiple microphone transmitters will now work in an auto microphone mode (or manual mode if selected) as opposed to always being forced into a (super directional) lanyard mode in the MTN.

Roger New MTN FunctionalityN.B. Secondary Pens and Clip-on Mics in a MTN stay in lanyard mode regardless.

An example of how the new firmware changes the behaviour of multiple microphone transmitters in an MTN network would be as per the image to the left.

While a moderator presents using a secondary Roger Pen or Roger Clip-On Mic in lanyard mode, the primary Roger Pen can be placed in the middle of the table in omni microphone mode to hear the speech of the people around the table.

For devices supplied pre April 2016 Applying the latest firmware will enable compatibility with Roger Table Mic. Also changed is the behaviour of transmitters in a Multi Talk Network. Any transmitters in the network can take the Primary role.
The first transmitter switched on becomes the primary.
When the current primary is switched off automatically one of the secondary transmitters will be appointed the primary.

N.B. Transmitters running with the old firmware will not connect with transmitters running the new firmware. If you wish to use multiple transmitters in a network make sure they are all running the latest firmware for compatibility.

The process of upgrading the firmware on your devices is straightforward, but if you are unsure and need a little guidance please email us in the first instance to let us know you need our help and we will be pleased to help you complete the upgrade.