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Roger bridges the understanding gap

Today’s hearing aid technology does an excellent job of improving speech understanding. However, even the most sophisticated hearing aids have limitations – especially in noisy places, reverberant environments, or at a distance. In such cases, a solution is needed to boost performance and bridge the understanding gap. This is where the Roger digital wireless portfolio truly excels.

The Roger portfolio consists of a variety of microphones and receivers that function by picking up the voice of a speaker and wirelessly transmitting it to the listener while reducing background noise. You can clearly hear speech in challenging acoustic environments, making hearing a pleasure.

Roger technology can help you enjoy crystal clear communications, without the stress and confusion that background noise brings. Roger will integrate with the majority of brands and models of hearing aids, including BAHA’s and cochlear implants.

Roger in Education

The modern classroom can be a challenging listening environment. It is also a place where successful communication is key in order to succeed.

When affected by hearing loss, you become a master at finding ways around difficult hearing situations. This can be time consuming, emotionally demanding and often limits your ability to fully participate and engage with your classmates.

Roger wireless microphones can be used together with modern hearing aids, a solution that boosts performance and makes it easier to interact in the classroom.

Roger helps to overcome such issues as below and more;

Small Discussions

Large Discussions

Lecturer Presenting

Small meetings can be overwhelming for students wearing hearing aids. Place a transmitter on the table and hear your classmates clearly.
In a large group discussion you might need more than one transmitter on the table, you can use a number of transmitters all working together in a network.
Lecturers often stand at a distance from the audience. When the presenter wears a transmitter that works smoothly with other transmitters in a network.

One on one conversation in noise

Phone calls


When surrounded by distracting noise, the most effective approach is to hang a transmitter around your classmate’s neck or clip it to their lapel or collar.
Making calls is a challenge for people affected by hearing loss. By connecting Roger to your phone by bluetooth or cable you can hear calls directly through your hearing aids.
Technology like video conferencing and webinars are often used in distance learning. Roger makes hearing all audio easy. Connect Roger using the audio cable to bring sounds to your ears.

Find out all about the different Phonak Roger products that can help on this page. If you would like guidance on the best possible mix of compatible Roger devices to match to your particular hearing aid brand and model and your specific situation complete our product guidance questionnaire and we’ll email back very quickly with the best mix of products and prices. Here is a brochure to download.

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