Phonak TX-300V Wide Area Transmitter


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Phonak TX-300V Wide Area Transmitter – £1410.00

Phonak TX-300V Wide Area Transmitter with 19″ Rack Mount  – £1512.00

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Phonak TX-300V Wide Area Transmitter – £1175.00

Phonak TX-300V Wide Area Transmitter with 19″ Rack Mount  – £1260.00

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Product Code for TX-300V = 116-1938

Product Code for 19″ Rack Mount = 116-1940

The high power TX-300V transmitter from Phonak is the ideal transmitter to cover large areas such as auditoriums, lecture rooms, houses of worship, town halls, theatres, universities, sports venues, shopping malls, railway stations or other public places.

The TX-300V is compatible with Phonak Mylink+ Dynamic FM receivers. For people who may struggle to hear audio signals at distance, they can now enjoy education, lectures, movies, public meetings, plays or religious services. This additional emitting power increases the operating range far beyond any personal transmitters.

For those with hearing loss , Phonak offers the universal MyLink+ FM receiver which is compatible to most hearing instruments. The audio transmitted from the TX-300V is received by the Mylink+ and then transmitted via the ‘T’ position (telecoil or loop) program of the hearing aid direct into the ear.

For people without hearing instruments, the use of MyLink+ with a set of 2.5mm headphones is recommended.

The TX-300V covers all Phonak FM frequencies. Twenty frequencies and the transmission strength per frequency are freely programmable. We can pre-program that for you. You can lock the frequency you want to select by pressing and holding the ‘up’ button for 3 seconds if you wish.

Individual line inputs for connection to a public address system and microphone inputs as well as Automatic Gain Control are supported. Included in the delivery are a power supply, a dipole antenna, a wall-mounting assembly and an antenna cable. Please use the existing coax cable provided for the antenna, if you wish to use a longer length for instance please consult us first. A 19″ rack mount kit for one or two TX-300V transmitters is available as an option for an extra £85 ex VAT. Technical data

N.B. NOT compatible with Phonak Roger equipment.

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