Phonak Roger Select and Roger X (02 Band) Bundle



Phonak Roger Select / 2 x Roger X (02 Band) including Audio Shoes – £1944.00

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Product Code = PRSXNP02

One of our most popular combinations of Phonak Roger products, brought together into a simple bundle for ease of ordering. (N.B. this bundles specifies a pair of 02 band receivers which are highly recommended for educational settings for maximum compatibility with existing equipment in schools. If used in the home environment only with no educational element 03 band may be more suitable, if unsure ask for details). If you require this bundle with a single receiver and DAI shoe please order the products as individual items. If you’re not sure ask us and we will email you the links.

This bundle is suitable for most behind the ear hearing aids (BTE) including most NHS hearing aids, regardless of brand. This package is a very discreet solution with no neck loop. (Example Phonak Roger Mylink). The use of ear level receivers means a very tidy solution with the added enhanced benefit of audio from the Roger transmitter going directly into the wearers hearing aids. This enables the best possible sound quality with reduced possibility of interference.

Roger Select is an ideal transmitter for older children and adults who need to link into various types of modern technology. The Roger Select is Bluetooth enabled and so links perfectly with mobile phones. It also includes automatically adjusting microphone settings that are great for dealing with background noise, in school, in meetings and speaking to people at a distance.

Phonak Roger X is a universal ear level Dynamic FM receiver. It is compatible with virtually all hearing instrument brands and models. It has a standard direct input europlug interface. This package also includes audio shoes to make the Roger X compatible with the wearers hearing aids.

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