Phonak Roger Pen Call Centre Bundle



Phonak Roger Pen Call Centre Bundle – £1332.20

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You are working in an environment where you need to use a headset. If you are wearing hearing aids and find wearing a headset uncomfortable, and also finding it difficult to hear phone conversations – the Phonak Roger Pen Call Centre Bundle is the solution.

This bundle is designed for the most common telephone headset configuration – a workplace telephone that connects to a corded headset with an RJ9 connection. You can usually use your existing headset as long as the RJ9 is present and add the Roger Call Centre Bundle to it for super clear telephone conversations. We recommend that you use your existing headset to maintain compatibility with your telephony, a monaural (single sided) headset is fine. If your work telephone setup is different from the above don’t worry, contact us for advice.

The sound quality you will hear using this bundle will be far superior and more comfortable than wearing a headset in the traditional way. Simple to set up and easy to use – we supply you with everything you need to get going. The bundle is very discreet, much more so than other alternatives on the market.

  • Using the bundle hands free phone calls are so much clearer
  • This bundle works away from the phone too, hearing in meetings around a table is far easier
  • Hearing people’s voices around the workplace when background noise is present is better
  • Reverberation and distance from the sound source are no longer a problem

Phonak Roger presents a cleaned up audio signal (reducing background sounds substantially) direct into both your ears. This very clever and sophisticated method of improving your ability to hear in a difficult listening environment can make a huge difference to how well you cope in the workplace

With the Phonak Roger Call Centre Bundle there are no additional wires and no neckloops. The very neat Roger Pen really does look just like a pen, the only thing it doesn’t do is write! It transmits high quality audio wirelessly direct to both your hearing aids via some miniature Roger X receivers that attach to the bottom of your BTE (behind the ear) hearing aids (and not through the earpiece of your headset). These products along with some audio shoes and a phone adapter complete the package.

Before ordering this system please ensure you use a headset with an RJ9 connector, if unsure please ask!

N.B. We are occasionally asked to supply this bundle with a collar mike rather than the configuration we suggest, after thoroughly testing this option we do not recommend this. The collar mikes currently available are about three times the weight compared to using the configuration we suggest. Particularly for all day use this can be uncomfortable, and our thoughts are that the more additional pieces of equipment you introduce into the mix the more potential there is for incompatibility.We have also had reports of quality issues with the collar mikes being offered with this bundle.

Onsite Setup and Training Pack – The equipment we supply is quite straight forward to get set up and running, however, sometimes an on site visit is required. If that is the case we can offer on site set up and training, our fee covers up to a half day of our expert’s time to spend with you. (It is unlikely you would need all that time but if you do our expert is available to spend the time to ensure you are up and running and fully confident) – click here for details.

If you are unsure about anything else please contact us.