Phonak MyLink+ Dynamic FM Receiver – 50% off!


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Phonak Mylink+ Dynamic FM Receiver – £105.00 – 50% off Retail Price!

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Phonak MyLink+ Universal inductive neckloop receiver – this receiver works with Dynamic FM transmitters suck as Phonak Smartlink+, Zoomlink+ and EasyLink+ (all now unavailable), and also the still current Phonak TX-300V mains powered transmitter, often used as a wide range transmitter in public places.

N.B. NOT compatible with Phonak Roger equipment.

The Phonak MyLink+ Dynamic FM receiver can be used by both hearing aid wearers and non-hearing aid wearers. Hearing aid wearers use the Mylink+ in conjunction with one of the above transmitters along with switching their hearing aids to the ‘T’ telecoil (loop) program on their hearing aids, whereas non hearing aid wearers wishing to make use of this product use a headset instead.

The Mylink+ used in conjunction with a TX-300V transmitter can be used on museum tours, at zoos, auditoriums and around other public places. With a headset, MyLink+ becomes a wireless headset for people without hearing instruments while hearing aid wearers simply switch on the ‘T’ setting on their hearing aids.

Typically we would set the Mylink+ to channel 02, please advise if you require a different channel before we ship or if you are unsure – please ask!

If you are unsure about anything else please contact us.