Phonak DECT II Wireless Cordless Phone – £178.00 inc VAT

N.B. This product MAY be eligible for supply to UK customers as a Zero Rated VAT product, please read this page carefully before choosing whether to pay for your purchase at Zero Rate of VAT or including VAT from the drop down box above. If you feel you are eligible for Zero Rate of VAT for this product you MUST provide us with a declaration before we can ship the product, not doing so will delay shipment. (If for personal use UK customers may be able to purchase ex VAT at £148.33)

This product is available to UK customers only.

This cordless phone looks like a regular phone, but is actually much more powerful, transmitting sound to both your Phonak wireless compatible hearing aids simultaneously, reducing noise and maximizing understanding – speaking on the phone is now VERY clear!

The phone includes a booster mode for those moments when you are not wearing your hearing aids, and thanks to the wireless streaming, you can hold the phone in a regular manner.

Family members without a hearing loss can use the cordless phone just like a regular phone.

Suitable for Phonak Venture and Belong wireless hearing aids (but NOT Audeo B-Direct). N.B. The older Phonak Core, Spice and Quest range of hearing aids use a different version of this product and the versions are NOT interchangeable, please click here if you want to order the DECT CP1 version of this product.

Product features;

  • Demo mode to test compatibility.
  • Unpack and use: no fitting required.
  • Optimized vibrating and ringtone alert.
  • Hands-free option.
  • Range up to 300 m.
  • Direct dial button for urgent number.
  • Also suitable for people with normal hearing.
  • Phone book (up to 300 entries).
  • Caller identification (CLIP).
  • Low radiation (Eco).
  • Alarm clock function.

Need more than one Phonak DECT II? If you purchase multiple phones to use in different locations around your house you can either plug each one into a separate telephone wall socket on the same line, or if unavailable in certain areas of your house you can pair up to 6 handsets to a single base unit. This allows some of the phones to be based and operate in a room where no BT telephone socket is available.

NB. The Phonak DECT II does not need to be paired to your Phonak hearing aids for it to work, you just need to make sure your Phonak hearing aids are wireless compatible from the Venture and Belong range. Petite models and CIC’s will not be compatible with the DECT II.

Phonak Venture and Belong hearing aids include Audeo V and B, Virto V and B, Naida V and B and Bolero V and B.

For NHS supplied Phonak wireless hearing aids if you are wearing Phonak Venture (Sky V or Nathos Auto) you are safe to order Phonak DECT II, and for older Phonak NHS hearing aids from the Core, Spice or Quest ranges you need to click here for the alternative compatible DECT CP1 version of this product.

NB. The Phonak DECT II phone is currently compatible in these countries; UK, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Leichenstein, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and USA. If you want to use this equipment outside these countries please do not purchase without clarification from us first.