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Conversor HD (Transmitter and Receiver) – £389.00 ex VAT – £466.80 inc VAT

Conversor HD Plus (Conversor HD and TV Transmitter – £419.00 ex VAT – £502.80 inc VAT

Conversor TV Pro (TV Transmitter and Conversor Receiver) – £212.50 ex VAT – £255.00 inc VAT

Conversor HD Kit (Conversor HD and Extra Receiver) – £519 ex VAT – £622.80 inc VAT

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Conversor HD helps you to hear better than hearing aids alone in difficult or noisy environments such as a restaurant, meeting place or conference or lecture hall. Conversor HD can be thought of as a companion device to use in conjunction with your hearing aids to boost their performance.

The beauty of Conversor HD is that it is simple to use and very easy to set up, all you need is to have a telecoil (loop) program enabled on your hearing aids and it works straight out of the box.

Conversor HD replaces the older Conversor Pro with enhanced performance, the new HD Microphone brings a new digital microphone technology which actively cancels background noise.

Conversor HD helps you to focus on the speaker’s voice and reduce the effects of room acoustics and background noise. With Conversor HD, your desired sounds are clearer and more intelligible so you can feel free to take a more active part in everyday situations.

Conversor HD can also be used with headphones or earphones as well as loop enabled hearing aids.

Conversor HD can be used as a remote microphone system in lectures or at church, also to connect to your laptop or mobile device.

Conversor HD has a long transmitting range, you can be up to 40 metres (120 feet) from the speaker indoors and over twice that distance outdoors.

Conversor HD is a versatile wireless FM assistive listening device that provides enhanced sound level and clarity for hard of hearing users. Consisting of a powerful handheld or free-standing HD microphone and a lightweight pendant receiver that is worn around the neck, Conversor HD is easy to use.

Conversor HD can be used both to channel one particular sound source, such as a speaker, and also surrounding voices if needed-particularly useful in group scenarios.

Conversor HD Plus can help you to hear better when listening to the TV as well as the other benefits as above. Purchase the Conversor HD Plus bundle which contains a transmitter, receiver and TV transmitter.

If you only need to hear the TV better you can save some money and purchase the Conversor TV Pro, a TV transmitter and a Conversor receiver.

Two of you want to listen to the one person or sound source? Purchase the Conversor HD Kit which contains a transmitter and two receivers.

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