Phonak Roger Streamer Bundles

A lot of hearing aids available now are wireless compatible and can use something generically called a ‘streamer’. In some instances (not all) they have an audio interface with three little sockets called a europlug. You can plug a Roger X universal receiver into this socket, and with the combination of a Roger Pen, a Roger X and a streamer you have an alternative way of using Phonak Roger with hearing aids to ear level Roger receivers or a Roger Mylink neckloop.

Take Home Point : A Roger streamer bundle or Roger Mylink is a good alternative if ear level receivers can’t be used, but wherever ear level receivers can be used, performance is paramount and finances permit, ear level receivers should be the preferred choice. A good alternative in between ear level and Mylink is a streamer bundle. We usually recommend in this order – Ear Level, Streamer Bundle, Mylink.

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