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Hear Better at Work

The modern workplace is a complicated listening environment. With its open plan spaces, lively conversations, group meetings, taking telephone calls, and the background hub-bub, it is particularly challenging for employees with a hearing loss. No matter how difficult the listening situation however, to excel in your role you need to overcome these issues and perform.

A Radio Aid System will help you rise to the challenge. This technology adds another level of hearing comprehension to that offered by hearing aids alone, reducing the surrounding noise, overcoming the problems of reverberation and hearing distant speech, and bringing you just the sounds you want to hear.

The result is vastly improved speech understanding, less stress and greater results for you and your employer. If you want to hear your work colleagues more clearly, even at distance and with background noise present, to hear well in meetings, and to hear on the telephone, this equipment offers great benefits. We can supply equipment tailored to telephone use including a package for those that need to wear a headset.

Access to Work Scheme (AtW)

3-Easy-StepsYou may be able to apply for at least partial funding towards a Radio Aid System, and your employer may contribute too. There is a government grant scheme available called Access to Work (AtW) that could help you.

Access to Work grant is available for equipment to help you do your job, and how much you get depends on your circumstances. It is only available in England, Scotland and Wales.

Any money you get doesn’t have to be paid back and won’t affect any other benefits you may be receiving, and there is no set amount for an Access to Work grant. How much you get depends on your circumstances.

If you decide to apply for Access to Work assistance, once you have contacted your regional Access to Work team (contact details are at the bottom of this page) they will arrange an assessment, usually in your workplace, to decide what equipment if any is appropriate for your needs.

Recommendations will be suggested to address your needs, if that recommendation is partly or wholly Radio Aids in some format we may well be suggested as a supplier as we are a main supplier of this type of equipment in the UK with (we think) the best technical know-how and tech support available. (There are usually three suppliers suggested).

You may already be at the stage where you have been recommended equipment by an Access to Work assessor and are at the point where you have had written confirmation that your claim has been accepted.

If you feel we are the right supplier to satisfy your requirements getting hold of the equipment is very simple, it takes just Three Easy Steps!

Step1Contact us in the first instance to let us know you want us to help. You can phone us if you like, but regardless we need a follow up email with contact details of the company or organisation you work for (or your own company details if self employed).

Ideally we need the name of the person dealing with the Access to Work claim, a contact telephone number and email if possible, and the name of the person the equipment is to be supplied for.

We obviously need to know the type of equipment requested and a little detail about the hearing aids the equipment is to be paired with to ensure compatibility and that we supply the correct accessories needed to make the equipment work together.

Step2Ordering, purchasing and shipment of the equipment can now proceed.

Your company / organisation usually pays us for the equipment in total and reclaims back any funds due from you for your contribution (this can vary), and any funds due from the Access to Work Scheme. Access to Work tend to be very efficient at processing claims, they are usually settled within a few weeks.

Your company / organisation may purchase the equipment directly from our website via our secure payment method, that would usually be via a company credit card. (See ‘Online Shop‘ tab above). More usually your finance department would raise a purchase order.

Step3On receipt of funds via either our Online Shop on this website, or a satisfactory purchase order received by your company / organisation, we can start to prepare your order.

For equipment we supply regularly we often carry stock in house, but even if we need to order some of the equipment in a delay of a day or two is the most we normally expect.

As soon as we have all the items in your order to hand, checked and packed, we can send the goods to your workplace.

When we send your order we always confirm by email and ship free of charge by Royal Mail Special Delivery as an insured tracked service (to arrive before 1pm the following business day). We email you the tracking number so you can track the order yourself.

Three Easy Steps! From ordering the equipment to us shipping the goods typically we look at a timescale of 2-4 business days, sometimes faster!

Below is some information on eligibility to the Access to Work Scheme you may find useful.

Eligibility for Access to Work Scheme.

You must be 16 or over and either in a paid job or self-employed, or unemployed and about to start a job or a work trial. Your hearing disability must affect your ability to do a job, to start a new job, to reduce absence from work or to stay in work.

To find out if you are suitable for the scheme and apply for an AtW grant have a look at this page.

One thing our customers often tell us that it is difficult to know which transmitter to choose, which receivers are most appropriate to the transmitter, and whether the whole product mix is appropriate for the wearers needs.

To that end and help you out we have selected a few different popular bundles of products that go well together. Click here to be taken to a bundles page which will give you some guidance and inspiration! As ever, if you are unsure just ask us for help.

Radio Aids can help in all these situations;

Children and Young Adults
In the Workplace
For Busy Lifestyles