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Today’s hearing aids have improved immensely from what was around even a few short years ago, the technology available has come on in leaps and bounds, there is no doubt about it. However, even the best hearing aid technology has limits.

The things that are most difficult for hearing aids to cope with are background noise, reverberant environments and hearing speech at distance, particularly when there is competing noise / speech present.

All three things are technically difficult for hearing aid technology to address well, sure there have been improvements over the last few years in particular, but even the best hearing aids around can struggle with these types of situations.

3-Easy-StepsHere is where Radio Aids can plug the gap. FM and DM technology in the most challenging listening environments can make poor hearing aids perform better and good hearing aids perform great!

If you are an existing hearing aid wearer and want to turbo charge your hearing aids to maximise their performance you should consider our great tedchnology.

So how do I buy this equipment?

Step1Contact us in the first instance to let us know you want us to help. You can phone us for advice if you like, but email is better because you can give us all the detail we need to offer the best advice.

Useful information you can provide us with includes what brand and model of hearing aids you are wearing.

If you already definitely know what equipment you want to buy you can move straight onto step 2 and order the products.

Step2Browse on our website to the equipment you wish to purchase, select ‘Click to Buy’ and you will be taken through the secure payment process. You will have a choice of paying by credit or debit card, or alternatively PayPal if you prefer.

On receipt of your funds we can start to prepare your order.

For equipment we supply regularly we often carry stock in house, but even if we need to order some of the equipment in a delay of a day or two is the most we normally expect.

Step3As soon as we have all the items in your order to hand, checked and packed, we can send the goods straight to your doorstep.

When we send your order we always confirm by email and ship free of charge by Royal Mail Special Delivery as an insured tracked service (to arrive before 1pm the following business day). We email you the tracking number so you can track the order yourself.

Three Easy Steps! From ordering the equipment to us shipping the goods typically we look at a timescale of 2-4 business days, sometimes faster!

One thing our customers often tell us that it is difficult to know which transmitter to choose, which receivers are most approriate to the transmitter, and whether the whole product mix is appropriate for the wearers needs.

To that end and help you out we have selected a few different popular bundles of products that go well together. Click here to be taken to a bundles page which will give you some guidance and inspiration! As ever, if you are unsure just ask us for help.

Radio Aids can help in all these situations;

Children and Young Adults
In the Workplace
For Busy Lifestyles