How FM Hearing Systems is dealing with COVID-19

The Steps We Are Taking To Keep You Safe

As a company we take the health and well being of our clients very seriously. From very early on in the coronavirus outbreak the government declared that local audiology clinics like ours were classed as an ‘essential service’ and we have been urged to keep the doors open to ensure we continue to look after the needs of our clients and general public with hearing problems.

We have stayed open as an organisation throughout the coronavirus pandemic (including through past and future localised spikes in transmission rates). We take extra safety and hygiene precautions to make sure we keep everyone safe. We are open through the second national UK lockdown, meeting and exceeding industry guidelines to keep clients safe. More details below.

Accessories by Post

As an organisation we only supply to UK addresses and do not ship outside of the UK.

Repairs and Adjustments of Equipment

We are dealing with repairs mostly by post at present to minimise contact and to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus. For adjustments we ask you to bear with us while the situation becomes more normalised. There is no ‘walk-in’ service without an appointment at our clinic at present, any visitors MUST be screened via our triage system before being allowed in.

We also have a drop-off service where you can deposit at our door and then wait in your car while we work on your equipment.

Please do not be offended by these inconvenient steps we are having to take, we are doing this to keep everyone safe within our industry guidelines.

If you wish to visit our clinic or have any queries regarding any equipment we have or will be supplying please contact us in the first instance for details.

Most Recent Guidance

We receive regular updated guidance from a collection of the main audiology advisory bodies in the UK (BSHAA, BSA, BAA and AIHHP) on how to interact with our clients at less than social distance in a safe manner, minimising risk and satisfying infection control procedures.

The guidance has substantial input from the Infection Prevention Society and draws much content from WHO research (World Health Organisation), Public Health England, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, NICE and ENT UK.

This guidance is aimed at practitioners working within audiology who hold a professional registration with HCPC, RCCP, AHCS, those normally working in the field of audiology alongside qualified/registered professionals, and those currently on an accredited training programme.

The latest version of the guidance document can be found here.

We do hope you understand why we have these extra measures in place. We are working under instructions from organisations with great credibility and our intention is to do our best to look after the interests of our clients as best we can in these difficult times.

Click here for some useful Covid-19 information from the NHS website.