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Below is a useful tool that allows you to compare the performance of the latest Phonak Roger technology to its predecessor Phonak Dynamic FM, to standard FM systems still supplied by some companies, and with no wireless help at all.

You can adjust the parameters to see how effective each technology is in different situations. Increase the ambient noise slider to see how increased background noise affects performance, you can adjust the volume of the speakers voice to see how prominent (or not) their voice is in the noise, and also simulate how distance affects how well you can hear with the different technologies.

You can select each technology and how it performs by clicking the relevant radio button in the bottom right hand corner and mute the sound by clicking on the speaker in that corner too.



And there’s more!

Phonak Roger Infographic

Were you aware that in certain situations, even with severe hearing loss, and when used in a certain way, Phonak Roger can give you a VERY distinct advantage over the people around you with normal hearing?!

Sounds crazy doesn’t it but it’s true, see the infographic to the left, click the image for it to open to a bigger image in a new window.

Basically, the louder the background noise the better the Roger advantage with hearing aids compared to the next person with normal hearing, no hearing aids and no Phonak Roger!

There is a caveat – Phonak Roger in relative quiet in its directional mode will stretch quite a long way across a room, it’s really clever how the technology works.

However, when it starts to become more noisy it becomes more important for the sound source you want to hear to be closer to the microphone array of the Roger Pen.

If you want the Roger pen to pick out a voice across the other side of a long room with lots of noise in between, forget about it!

But…. get that Roger pen near to the sound source and it will wirelessly transmit direct into your hearing aids the speech you want to hear, at the expense of the background noise you definitely don’t want to hear, all the while enhancing and processing.

Like all assistive devices that deal with hearing loss (including hearing aids) Phonak Roger has certain limitations, but our advice is to learn and understand what the limitations are and minimise them, realise the strengths, and make sure you make the most of those strengths.

If you do that you will be blown away with what Phonak Roger can offer and what a difference it can make to hearing quality and general speech understanding in noise.

If you need any help with the comparison tool or clarification on the above please get in touch, we hope you find it all useful.