Have you heard of the Phonak Roger Pen but are not quite sure how it works or which situations are suitable for its use? If the answer is yes, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Here at FM Hearing Systems we often receive enquiries about the Phonak Roger Pen. As part of our commitment to outstanding customer service we thought we’d highlight some of key information points and benefits of it in a handy post.

What is a Phonak Roger Pen?

Phonak Roger Pen is a wireless microphone that is used in combination with your hearing aids. A Roger Pen effectively turbo charges your hearing aids! It helps you to hear and understand more speech in noise and over distance.

It also helps in reverberent acoustic environments where there are lots of hard surfaces or echo in the room. Phonak Roger Pen is useful to help you hear audio devices such as TV, radio, computers and phones. It’s the ideal solution for an all-inclusive listening experience.

How does a Roger Pen work?

It transmits the signal to your hearing aids through a Roger receiver into your hearing aids. You can use it with other Roger transmitters too, like say a Phonak Roger Select or Phonak Roger Table Mic II. They can work in a network of Roger transmitters.

There are different types of Roger receivers. The most popular ones attach directly to your hearing aid, BAHA or cochlear implant speech processor. For almost every hearing instrument and processor there is a compatible Roger receiver.

Other Roger receiver setups include Phonak Roger Mylink, a lower cost neckloop device, and combinations that can be used with various manufacturers own brand streamer devices too.

For more information on how to use the Phonak Roger Pen please watch our video.

Roger Pen Technology

Phonak Roger Pen has some very clever technology built into it. It has some sophisticated directional microphone technology that helps it to focus intuitively on the speech you want to hear at the expense of the noise around you. Even in heavy background noise. You control how directional it is by how you hold in naturally in your hand. It just works!

Phonak Roger pen and Roger Clip-on Mic

The Roger Pen has active noise suppression built in so it is always beavering away doing its thing in the background.

Phonak Roger Pen picks up sound remotely (somewhere over there) and inputs the audio DIRECTLY into your ears. It is very effective at overcoming the problems of hearing at distance. As a hearing aid wearer you are naturally at more of a disadvantage hearing speech at distance than someone with good natural hearing. Even with the best quality of hearing aids set up optimally.

This remote wireless direct audio streaming device also helps to overcome the reverberation, or echo, in more challenging listening environments.

You remotely and wirelessly stream audio directly into your ears via Phonak Roger Pen. This makes for a very efficient way to hear audio on your favourite devices. Listening to a YouTube clip on your PC is a breeze. Phone calls are so much more clear.

Which environments can a Roger Pen be used in?

The Roger Pen is an all-inclusive wireless accessory that can be used in all environments. Whether at work, at home or in a public place a Roger Pen helps you stay connected and hear conversations whatever the background noise may be.

As a company we supply a lot of Roger technology into the workplace. The workplace generally is a really challenging environment generally if you have a hearing loss. Have a read of our Phonak Roger Testimonials page, it gives some great examples of how Phonak Roger has helped others in their particular situations.

There are some really inspiring stories there!

What are the benefits of a Roger Pen?

Using it alongside your hearing aids or cochlear implants enables you fully understand and engage in one-one or group conversations in busy day to day situations. Reducing background noise, a Roger Pen automatically brings the speaker’s words directly to your ears without you even pressing a button.

With a Roger Pen you can enjoy calls again by connecting the Pen to your smartphone via Bluetooth, or to ensure you never miss a wrong turn again, you can also connect the Pen to your car’s GPS system to hear the directions directly in your hearing aids.

Small, lightweight and stylish, it’s no word of a lie that the Roger Pen has been carefully designed with discretion in mind. Simply place the Phonak Roger Pen in the situation where maximised hearing is needed and let it do the rest of the work!

In summary

We hope this short article has answered all your key questions on the Roger Pen. If you have any wider questions or thoughts on how Phonak Roger works as a communication device or interacts for instance with telephony our Laymand Guide to Roger page sets out in straightforward terms how it all works and sits together.

We have a product page on the website that goes into more detail on Phonak Roger Pen.

You can buy the Phonak Roger Pen straight from this page. If you are using the equipment for personal use only and are a UK resident you may be entitled to a VAT free purchase. Personally using in your job role does not count! Details are on the product page.

We are also easily available to help generally with any Phonak Roger Select or general Phonak Roger questions should you need us our Contact Page.