Take back your social life with Roger Select Microphone

Getting together with family and friends is what life’s all about but if you experience hearing loss, it can be a struggle to get involved in social situations as much as you’d like, especially in environments where several people are speaking.  Add a bit of background noise, laughing, clinking cutlery or music, and what should be an occasion to enjoy and remember can quickly become a thing of dread.

Common problems

  • being able to hear some but not all of the conversation
  • struggling to switch between speakers
  • having to ask people to repeat what’s been said
  • frustration, reduced confidence and even long term social withdrawal.

Well at FM Hearing Systems we think it’s time to take back your social life and with Roger Select you’ll be able to do just that!

About Roger Select

Roger Select is a versatile microphone that provides significantly improved hearing in busy social situations. It is available from FM Hearing Systems from Friday 27th April.


Roger Select, from leading hearing technology provider Phonak, incorporates wireless MultiBeam technology to pick up the voice of the speaker while reducing background noise.

It also features wideband Bluetooth for phone calls and can stream sound from TVs, music players and other electronic devices.

Friends and family can clip Roger Select to clothing or place it in the centre of the table, enabling you to make the most of every social situation.


  • Significantly improved hearing in noisy environments
  • Improved social confidence
  • Clearly hear the person speaking
  • Reduce distraction from background noise
  • Switches automatically between speakers
  • Option to control who to listen to if more than one person is talking

Ria from Northampton has already taken back control of her social life with other Roger devices from Phonak:

Phonak Roger has helped with hearing in background noise, meetings, phone calls, social group occasions and one to one communication. My Roger training from FM Hearing Systems was very helpful, I had a knowledgeable and empathetic trainer. Amanda was very patient and extremely thorough”.  – Ria S., Northampton

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