Roger Transmitters: What are the differences between each product?

The digital wireless Roger portfolio by Phonak truly excels in offering great benefits in difficult listening situations and unparalleled speech understanding in noise or over distance. The portfolio consists of a range of state-of-the-art wireless transmitters that assist hearing aids in picking up a voice of a speaker and wirelessly transmitting it to the listener, whatever the social situation!

With the full Roger Portfolio range available to purchase at FM Hearing Systems, we’d thought we’d help you understand the difference between the variety of Roger products we stock, so you can be assured you are purchasing the most suitable products for your needs.


Roger Pen

Reducing background noise, the Roger Pen is a stylish microphone that keeps you connected in one-on-one or group conversations in every social situation. Used with Roger receivers that are attached directly to hearing aids or cochlear implants, the Roger Pen provides full speech understanding and gives the user freedom to stay connected at home, work or in any leisure environment.

Featuring Bluetooth for mobile phone calling, the Roger Pen can also connect wirelessly to TV and landline telephones, computers, MP3 players, hifis etc.  Any device with an analogue audio output should be compatible with a Phonak Roger system.


Roger Clip-On-Mic

Having a one-to-one conversation in a loud social environment? The Roger Clip-On-Mic is the ideal solution for offering improved speech clarity in challenging listening environments. Simply clip the mic on to the conversation partner’s shirt or jacket and let the microphone do the rest to help you fully understand the conversation!


Roger Table Mic

A microphone dedicated for working adults who participate in various meetings, Roger Table Mic transmits clear speech directly to your hearing aids, allowing you to fully participate in the working environment. With a simple push of a button, you can connect your receiver to the microphone and let the microphone do the rest of the work! One Roger Table Mic is ideal for small meeting environments, whereas for larger meetings, it´s recommended that several Roger Table Mics are used, so that each participant receives a clear signal.


Roger Touchscreen Mic

Part of the Roger Education Portfolio, the Roger Touch Screen Mic ensures children with hearing loss can hear in the classroom. With classroom discussions directly transmitted to the child’s receivers, teachers can wear this microphone around their neck or place on a table so that speech from a group of students can be detected. Depending on its placement, the Roger Touchscreen Mic automatically switches from an individual talker to a small group interaction mode.



Roger Pass-Around Mic

The Phonak Roger Pass-Around Mic is designed to enhance classroom discussions so that not only teachers, but all students are heard clearly. With an appealing design it is the optimal size for kids and teens to hold and fully control.




Got all the information you need to work out which Roger product is most suitable for your needs? Visit our online shop to purchase your Roger Transmitter today, or for more assistance fill out our product questionnaire and a member of the team will be in touch.

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