Phonak Roger table Mic II in meetings at work
Phonak Roger Table Mic II is a wireless microphone especially designed for people with hearing loss who participate in larger meetings around a table.

Whereas a Phonak Roger Pen or Roger Select are more than appropriate and capable of dealing with smaller gatherings in noise and around a table, once that table size increases then Roger Pen and Roger Select become less appropriate and we start to consider Phonak Roger Table Mic II.

Phonak Roger Table Mic II for full participation in meetings

Roger Table Mic II is a desk microphone used in the workplace primarily and for various types and sizes of meetings. It selects the person who is talking and switches automatically between the meeting participants. Several Roger Table Mic II can be connected to create a network, making it ideal for large meeting configurations. It can also transmit the sound of multimedia e.g. computer.

Full speech clarity

Roger Table Mic II features MultiBeam Technology, an innovative Roger microphone technology from Phonak. By utilising multiple microphones, beams are created in six directions to cover 360°. The signal-to-noise ratio for all six direction is calculated and the beam with the best clarity is automatically selected. Providing exceptional speech understanding in group conversations such as in noisy meetings at work.

Designed for ease of use in all meetings

Phonak Roger Table Mic II is fully automatic – which makes it very easy to use. You simply switch it on and let it do its thing. With a battery life of 16 hours it will last a full working day. In a large meeting with several participants, multiple Roger Table Mic II can be simultaneously connected for optimal listening results.

It transmits the signal to your hearing aids through a Roger receiver into your hearing aids. You can use it with other Roger transmitters too, like say a Phonak Roger Pen or Phonak Roger Select. They can all work together in a network of Roger transmitters.

There are different types of Roger receivers. The most popular ones attach directly to your hearing aid, BAHA or cochlear implant speech processor. For almost every hearing instrument and processor there is a compatible Roger receiver.

Other Roger receiver setups include Phonak Roger Mylink, a lower cost neckloop device, and combinations that can be used with various manufacturers own brand streamer devices too.

For more information on how to use the Phonak Roger Table Mic II please watch our video.

Remote Control for fine adjustment

Choose the way you hear in large meetings – some meetings are noisier than others. The adjustable pick-up range when using the Table Mic II Remote Control allows you to adapt your listening comfort and choose the way you hear with the provided remote control. Select a broad pick-up range for little background noise, or a more focused pick-up range when background noise is present.

In summary

We hope this short article has answered all your key questions on the Phonak Roger Table Mic II. If you have any wider questions or thoughts on how Phonak Roger works as a communication device our Laymand Guide to Roger page sets out in straightforward terms how it all works and sits together.

We have a product page on the website that goes into more detail on Phonak Roger Table Mic II.

You can buy the Phonak Roger Table Mic II straight from this page. If you are using the equipment for personal use only and are a UK resident you may be entitled to a VAT free purchase. Personally using in your job role does not count! Details are on the product page.

We are also easily available to help generally with any Phonak Roger Table Mic II or general Phonak Roger questions should you need us our Contact Page.