Roger™ Table Mic ΙΙ – Helping You Overcome Workplace Limitations

Over recent weeks you may have seen a variety of posts we have put out on social media about Roger™ Table Mic’s successor Roger™ Table Mic ΙΙ. Since this fantastic new product is available to purchase from FM Hearing Systems very soon (from the 18th May 2018 to be exact), we thought we’d give you a heads up on this new wireless transmitter and the benefits it brings!

For those with hearing loss, hearing and understanding the whole conversation in a busy workplace environment can be a difficult challenge. Even with the latest hearing aid technology, large group conversations may be difficult to follow without extra support from a wireless transmitter.

Roger™ Table Mic II is a wireless microphone specially designed for clients with hearing loss who participate in various meetings. Featuring new MultiBeam technology, the table mic uses multiple microphones to cover a 360 listening radius to provide outstanding speech understanding in group conversations or meetings in the workplace.

No matter how small or large the meeting/group conversation may be, a Roger™ Table Mic II transmitter can be used for optimal listening results. This fantastic microphone also has the ability to transmit the sound of multimedia devices, making it suitable for conference and skype calls. If you regularly participate in large meetings, it´s recommended that you connect several Roger Table Mics so that each participant gets the signal clearly and all angles of the room are covered.

Designed to last 16 hours without recharging, Roger™ Table Mic II can be used throughout the full working day without you having to worry about the operating time. Simply switch it on as and when it is needed and let this ground-breaking product do the rest of the work!

If you require any more information on Roger Table Mic II, or would like to place an order please click here, or get in touch with our friendly team today on 01535 279285.







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