In November 2018 the Swiss manufacturer Phonak released a brand new product – Phonak Audeo M – based on Marvel technology. Phonak have since released additional variations of Marvel technology after the launch date, namely Phonak Bolero M and as of March 2020 Phonak Naida M and Phonak Virto Black.

Roger Direct

A major feature of Phonak Marvel hearing aids was made available via a firmware upgrade in November 2019 – Roger Direct. Direct audio streaming from a Phonak Roger transmitter straight into Phonak Marvel hearing aids. No external Roger Mylink neckloop, streaming device or ear level Roger X receiver.

Until Roger Direct all these other methods add a little extra bulk and affected cosmetics to one degree or another. A couple of added benefits of Roger Direct to Phonak Marvel are an increased transmitting range from transmitter to hearing aid, over double at 50m in ideal conditions! Also improved battery consumption has been achieved.

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So how does Phonak Marvel and Roger Direct work together?

A common misconception around Phonak Marvel and Roger Direct connectivity is that a quick firmware upgrade of Phonak Marvel hearing aids will automatically and at no cost enable you to stream a Phonak Roger transmitter straight into Marvel hearing aids. No physical receiver, no extra cost – but not true!

To use Marvel with Phonak Roger equipment you either need to have at least one standard Roger transmitter (like a Roger Pen or Roger Select) and two Roger X 03 band receivers


a Roger IN transmitter. Examples of a Roger IN transmitter include Roger Pen IN and Roger Select IN.

(A Roger IN transmitter holds the equivalent of 2x Roger X receivers within itself, and costs virtually the same as the cost of a standard Roger transmitter and 2x Roger X 03 band receivers).

  • To enable Roger Direct streaming you need to ask your audiologist to upgrade the firmware on your Phonak Marvel hearing aids. (If this has not already been done and you were supplied with Marvel hearing aids before November 2019).
  • If your hearing aids were supplied after this date you are very likely to be running firmware new enough for this not to be an issue. Your hearing professional will need to be using Phonak Target fitting software v6.1 or later to upgrade the firmware for Roger Direct.
  • If there is any doubt at all that your Marvel hearing aids are running on a new enough firmware version to enable Roger Direct all you need to do is ask your audiologist to connect your aids to their laptop and Target fitting software, it will automatically prompt them to upgrade the firmware version if one is available before they can do anything else.
  • The next step is to ask your hearing professional or accredited trainer to do one of two things;

Option 1).

Use a special programmer to transfer the Roger X 03 band receivers into your Marvel hearing aids. This converts Marvel to hearing aids AND combined Roger receivers. (No external additions or neckloops to receive audio from a Roger transmitter).

Option 2).

Use a Roger IN transmitter to transfer a Roger X (an IN transmitter holds 2 Roger X 03 band) to each hearing aid.

Which Roger Direct option is best for a Phonak Marvel hearing aid wearer?

Most people wear a hearing aid in both ears, but sometimes there’s a reason why you would only wear a single hearing aid. Examples;

  • A total loss of hearing on one side with some hearing on the other.
  • Normal level of hearing on one side and some hearing loss on the other side.
  • Loss of hearing in both ears but a preference to only assist one side. (*We don’t particularly understand this idea, it seems to us like having poor eyesight in both eyes and using a monocle instead of spectacles, but we occasionally come across it!).

If you are only wearing a single hearing aid and use a Roger IN transmitter then you are paying for a receiver that you would not even use, increasing the cost unnecessarily. The best option when you wear a single hearing aid is Option 1 above (a standard Roger transmitter and a single Roger X 03 Band).

If you wear a pair of Phonak Marvel hearing aids then there isn’t much difference between Option 1 above and Option 2 from a price point of view and also the way it all functions. However, there are some things to take into consideration as below.

Point 1 – What happens if you need to replace your hearing aids for any reason, perhaps losing them, damaging them beyond repair, or simply want to upgrade. With Option 2 you are limiting yourself to one brand and type of hearing aid, that would be Phonak Marvel. It’s a great hearing aid no doubt, we think it is one of the best on the market at this time and a great choice. However, who knows what hearing aid technology you will want to wear down the line and what is available. Maybe Phonak again, but maybe a different brand or model. Who actually knows what is new and around the corner?

Point 2 – If you already have a Roger transmitter you can use that so the only additional cost is the price of a Roger X 03 band receiver for each Marvel hearing aid. You may also already have some Roger X receivers, if the serial numbers start with a number higher than 1744 then they can also be used in the process as per Option 1, saving you even more money!

Our Roger Direct opinion for what it’s worth!

With Option 1 you have more flexibility to be able to move the transmitter and receivers to a different brand if you so wish. Option 1 can be fitted to many different brands and models of hearing aids, BAHA’s and Cochlear Implants, whereas with Option 2 you will limit your options to Phonak Marvel hearing aids going forward. This may not be an issue you are particularly worried about.

N.B. With both options you still need to involve an Accredited Hearing Professional (possibly your audiologist) or Approved Phonak Roger Certified Trainer who can transfer a Roger X into your Phonak Marvel hearing aids.

At FM Hearing Systems and our sister organisation HAB Hearing all our Hearing Aid Audiologists and On Site Phonak Roger Trainers are qualified, approved, certified and competent to perform this function.

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Finding all this confusing? I’m not surprised! If unsure we can help, just ask!