Phonak Roger Firmware Upgrade

Roger New MTN FunctionalityRoger Upgrader software is available to offer the latest firmware for your Phonak Roger devices including bug fixes and enhancements made available for your equipment. If your Phonak Roger Pen or PhonakRoger Clip-on Mic in particular was supplied before 2015 you might want to consider upgrading the firmware in the device, it’s a really simple process.

Please just follow this link Phonak Roger Firmware Upgrade to our firmware upgrade page where it shows you how to easily upgrade the firmware on your Phonak Roger Pen and Clip-on Mic.

The page lists the main areas where you will benefit from this free firmware upgrade to your Phonak Roger equipment, we feel the upgrade is really worth taking the time to implement and shouldn’t take more than about 5-10 minutes to do.

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