Phonak Roger Accessories

Phonak Roger can be thought of as a general communication device. Great technology that turbo charges the performance of hearing aids, improving hearing aids in areas where they have limitations. Typically helping with issues such as hearing at distance. Helping where reverberation is an issue. The ever present issue of hearing when in noise.

In these areas Phonak Roger can be a massive help.

What comes in the box?

If you had not thought of it before Phonak Roger can also be a great help when interfacing with other audio devices. Equipment like TV, mobile phones, radios, landline telephony and many other devices.

To interface with other audio devices you need a range of Roger accessories. When we supply a Phonak Roger system it comes already supplied with a number of accessories to help with connecting to other devices.

Typically there will be a charging cable. If available there will be a docking station that can act as a charging dock as well as a means to connect to other audio devices. You will also often find some kind of case or pouch to carry your valuable equipment.

You will find a variety of cables to connect the Roger transmitter to various audio devices. A lanyard and lapel clip is present if appropriate for the device (if the device is designed to be worn). A remote control will be present if the device has one available.

You can order extra accessories to top up what is supplied

Phonak Roger Select Docking StationIt is often useful to be able to order extra accessories. Examples of why you might want to duplicate accessories already supplied with the equipment are as follows;

  • Extra docking station to use with a second TV. Perhaps a docking station for home as well as at work
  • Extra cables to connect to a multitude of devices you may want to use with Phonak Roger
  • An extra charging cable for the car or another location
  • You might at some point lose or damage a cable or other accessory

What else do we supply to work with Roger that is not in the box?

Other accessories that we supply very regularly to add functionality to Roger are;

DAI (Audio) Shoes – DAI shoes are a necessary interface between a hearing aid and an ear level Roger X universal receiver. There are many variations of DAI shoes based on the different brands, sizes and shapes of hearing aids we come across.

Selection of DAI ShoesAudio Splitter – Our audio splitter takes 2 audio inputs and allows fast switching between the two audio sources. This device might be used by a receptionist that needs to quickly move between phone calls and audio files on a computer without manually disconnecting and reconnection cables.

Phone Adapter – There really is no better way to hear a phone call than when the audio from the call streams wirelessly direct into your hearing aids. It is a fantastically efficient way to hear phone calls. The phone adapter allows this to happen.

It turns your hearing aids into a high quality pair of wireless earpieces matched to your hearing loss. N.B. your telephony (handset or headset) needs to be corded as opposed to cordless for this device to work.

USB Headset Conversion Pack – A different solution is needed for those using a USB headset with Skype type telephony, and we have the answer. Offering the same quality of result as the phone adapter but in a different format.

We do supply other accessories to use with your Phonak Roger system, some of them we list on our Phonak Roger Accessories page and others bespoke and as required. If you can’t see the accessories you need please contact us and we’ll try to guide and help as best we can.

For a more in depth view of the whole Phonak Roger range check out our Laymans Guide to Phonak Roger Systems. If you would like to re-visit our post about Phonak Roger transmitters then click here. For the post on the Phonak Roger Receivers click here.