Introducing Roger Select and Roger Table Mic ΙΙ

We are delighted to announce that Phonak’s latest innovative Roger Pen solutions, Roger Select and Roger Table Mic ΙΙ, are available to purchase from FM Hearing Systems from Friday 27th April (Roger Select) and Friday 18th May (Roger Table Mic ΙΙ).

Both integrated with MultiBeam Technology (MBT), these revolutionary products are specifically designed to help boost your hearing performance and keep you at the heart of the conversation.

Setting a new benchmark for improved speech understanding in group conversations, MultiBeam Technology utilises various microphones in six different directions to ensure you capture the conversations that matter the most.

We all know it can be difficult to capture a whole conversation in social environments, such as a noisy restaurant, where multiple conversations are taking place at once. However, with Roger Select, you can be rest assured you won’t miss out. The versatile microphone which uses MBT, automatically selects the person who is talking and seamlessly switches from one person to another when the direction of the conversation changes. Regardless of where the voice is coming from, you have the control to stay fully connected to all the conversations that are happening around you!

The evolution of Roger Table Mic which for many years now has been a popular choice for FM Hearing Systems customers, Roger Table Mic ΙΙ is Phonak’s latest wireless hearing accessory that has been specifically designed to transmit clear sound to your hearing aids in small or large meetings.

The integration of MBT in Roger Table Mic ΙΙ brings you to the heart of the conversation in meeting environments where you are required to communicate, contribute and participate.  Simply place the Table Mic in the centre of the table and enjoy clear sound transmitted directly to your hearing aid!

The countdown has started for both of these ground-breaking wireless accessories to be available to purchase from FM Hearing Systems. Prior to their availability, if you would like more information on how Roger Select and Roger Table Mic ΙΙ can improve your hearing in noisy situations, simply get in touch with a member of our friendly team today on 01535 279285.

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