FM Hearing Systems’ UK training team receiving a warm welcome at Sonova House to receive our training, accreditation and Approved Status as Phonak Roger Suppliers and Workplace Trainers.

Nobody in the UK can match the in depth technical and compatibility knowledge, experience and problem solving skills we hold within our team.

We are a fantastically friendly and approachable bunch too!

At Sonova House we sat round the table and analysed in partnership with the Swiss manufacturer Phonak the best way forward to deliver the new Phonak Direct experience to clients all over the UK wearing the latest Phonak Marvel hearing aids.

Our ultimate aim is always to ensure people with hearing loss in the UK workplace have the best technology and solutions at their fingertips to meet need and to HEAR BETTER!

Experiencing hearing loss should NOT mean you feel at a disadvantage. Help is at hand.

We work very closely with the Access to Work government scheme which provides funding for equipment to ensure you can perform at your best at work regardless of hearing loss.

Within our technical and training team we have audiologists, workplace assessors, hearing aid and cochlear implant wearers. We KNOW what we do makes a HUGE difference to peoples lives – that is what seriously drives our PASSION!